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oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter Class Reference

#include <pagesettings.hxx>

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struct  HFHelperData

Public Member Functions

 PageSettingsConverter (const WorkbookHelper &rHelper)
virtual ~PageSettingsConverter () override
void writePageSettingsProperties (PropertySet &rPropSet, const PageSettingsModel &rModel, WorksheetType eSheetType)
 Writes all properties to the passed property set of a page style object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from oox::xls::WorkbookHelper
 WorkbookHelper (WorkbookGlobals &rBookGlob)
virtual ~WorkbookHelper ()
 WorkbookHelper (WorkbookHelper const &)=default
 WorkbookHelper (WorkbookHelper &&)=default
WorkbookHelperoperator= (WorkbookHelper const &)=delete
WorkbookHelperoperator= (WorkbookHelper &&)=delete
::oox::core::FilterBasegetBaseFilter () const
 Returns the base filter object (base class of all filters). More...
SegmentProgressBargetProgressBar () const
 Returns the filter progress bar. More...
sal_Int16 getCurrentSheetIndex () const
 Returns the index of the current Calc sheet, if filter currently processes a sheet. More...
bool isGeneratorKnownGood () const
 Returns true when reading a file generated by a known good generator. More...
bool hasCalculatedFormulaCells () const
 Returns true if any formula cell is calculated. More...
void setCalculatedFormulaCells ()
 Set if any formula cell is calculated. More...
void setVbaProjectStorage (const StorageRef &rxVbaPrjStrg)
 Sets the VBA project storage used to import VBA source code and forms. More...
void setCurrentSheetIndex (SCTAB nSheet)
 Sets the index of the current Calc sheet, if filter currently processes a sheet. More...
void finalizeWorkbookImport ()
 Final conversion after importing the workbook. More...
void useInternalChartDataTable (bool bInternal)
ScDocumentgetScDocument ()
const ScDocumentgetScDocument () const
ScDocumentImportgetDocImport ()
const ScDocumentImportgetDocImport () const
ScEditEngineDefaultergetEditEngine () const
const css::uno::Reference< css::sheet::XSpreadsheetDocument > & getDocument () const
 Returns a reference to the source/target spreadsheet document model. More...
css::uno::Reference< css::sheet::XSpreadsheet > getSheetFromDoc (sal_Int32 nSheet) const
 Returns a reference to the specified spreadsheet in the document model. More...
css::uno::Reference< css::sheet::XSpreadsheet > getSheetFromDoc (const OUString &rSheet) const
 Returns a reference to the specified spreadsheet in the document model. More...
css::uno::Reference< css::table::XCellRange > getCellRangeFromDoc (const ScRange &rRange) const
 Returns the XCellRange interface for the passed cell range address. More...
css::uno::Reference< css::container::XNameContainer > getCellStyleFamily () const
 Returns the cell styles container from the Calc document. More...
css::uno::Reference< css::style::XStyle > getStyleObject (const OUString &rStyleName, bool bPageStyle) const
 Returns the specified cell or page style from the Calc document. More...
RangeDataRet createNamedRangeObject (OUString &orName, sal_Int32 nIndex, sal_Int32 nNameFlags, bool bHidden) const
 Creates and returns a defined name on-the-fly in the Calc document. More...
RangeDataRet createLocalNamedRangeObject (OUString &orName, sal_Int32 nIndex, sal_Int32 nNameFlags, sal_Int32 nTab, bool bHidden) const
 Creates and returns a defined name on-the-fly in the sheet. More...
css::uno::Reference< css::sheet::XDatabaseRange > createDatabaseRangeObject (OUString &orName, const ScRange &rRangeAddr) const
 Creates and returns a database range on-the-fly in the Calc document. More...
css::uno::Reference< css::sheet::XDatabaseRange > createUnnamedDatabaseRangeObject (const ScRange &rRangeAddr) const
 Creates and returns an unnamed database range on-the-fly in the Calc document. More...
ScDBDatafindDatabaseRangeByIndex (sal_uInt16 nIndex) const
 Finds the (already existing) database range of the given formula token index. More...
css::uno::Reference< css::style::XStyle > createStyleObject (OUString &orStyleName, bool bPageStyle) const
 Creates and returns a object for cells or pages. More...
FormulaBuffergetFormulaBuffer () const
WorkbookSettingsgetWorkbookSettings () const
 Returns the global workbook settings object. More...
ViewSettingsgetViewSettings () const
 Returns the workbook and sheet view settings object. More...
WorksheetBuffergetWorksheets () const
 Returns the worksheet buffer containing sheet names and properties. More...
ThemeBuffergetTheme () const
 Returns the office theme object read from the theme substorage. More...
StylesBuffergetStyles () const
 Returns all cell formatting objects read from the styles substream. More...
SharedStringsBuffergetSharedStrings () const
 Returns the shared strings read from the shared strings substream. More...
ExternalLinkBuffergetExternalLinks () const
 Returns the external links read from the external links substream. More...
DefinedNamesBuffergetDefinedNames () const
 Returns the defined names read from the workbook globals. More...
TableBuffergetTables () const
 Returns the tables collection (equivalent to Calc's database ranges). More...
ScenarioBuffergetScenarios () const
 Returns the scenarios collection. More...
ConnectionsBuffergetConnections () const
 Returns the collection of external data connections. More...
PivotCacheBuffergetPivotCaches () const
 Returns the collection of pivot caches. More...
PivotTableBuffergetPivotTables () const
 Returns the collection of pivot tables. More...
FormulaParsergetFormulaParser () const
 Returns a shared import formula parser (import filter only!). More...
FormulaParsercreateFormulaParser () const
 Returns an unshared import formula parser (import filter only!). More...
UnitConvertergetUnitConverter () const
 Returns the measurement unit converter. More...
AddressConvertergetAddressConverter () const
 Returns the converter for string to cell address/range conversion. More...
oox::drawingml::chart::ChartConvertergetChartConverter () const
 Returns the chart object converter. More...
PageSettingsConvertergetPageSettingsConverter () const
 Returns the page and print settings converter. More...
::oox::core::XmlFilterBasegetOoxFilter () const
 Returns the base OOXML/BIFF12 filter object. More...
bool importOoxFragment (const rtl::Reference< oox::core::FragmentHandler > &rxHandler)
 Imports a fragment using the passed fragment handler, which contains the full path to the fragment stream. More...
bool importOoxFragment (const rtl::Reference< oox::core::FragmentHandler > &rxHandler, oox::core::FastParser &rParser)
rtl_TextEncoding getTextEncoding () const
 Returns the text encoding used to import/export byte strings. More...

Private Types

typedef ::std::unique_ptr< HeaderFooterParserHeaderFooterParserPtr

Private Member Functions

void convertHeaderFooterData (PropertySet &rPropSet, HFHelperData &orHFData, const OUString &rOddContent, const OUString &rEvenContent, const OUString &rFirstContent, bool bUseEvenContent, bool bUseFirstContent, double fPageMargin, double fContentMargin)
sal_Int32 writeHeaderFooter (PropertySet &rPropSet, sal_Int32 nPropId, const OUString &rContent)

Private Attributes

HeaderFooterParserPtr mxHFParser
HFHelperData maHeaderData
HFHelperData maFooterData

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from oox::xls::WorkbookHelper
typedef std::pair< ScRangeData *, bool > RangeDataRet
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from oox::xls::WorkbookHelper
static WorkbookGlobalsRef constructGlobals (ExcelFilter &rFilter)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 132 of file pagesettings.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ HeaderFooterParserPtr

Definition at line 178 of file pagesettings.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PageSettingsConverter()

oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::PageSettingsConverter ( const WorkbookHelper rHelper)

Definition at line 891 of file pagesettings.cxx.

◆ ~PageSettingsConverter()

oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::~PageSettingsConverter ( )

Definition at line 899 of file pagesettings.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ convertHeaderFooterData()

void oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::convertHeaderFooterData ( PropertySet rPropSet,
HFHelperData orHFData,
const OUString &  rOddContent,
const OUString &  rEvenContent,
const OUString &  rFirstContent,
bool  bUseEvenContent,
bool  bUseFirstContent,
double  fPageMargin,
double  fContentMargin 

◆ writeHeaderFooter()

sal_Int32 oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::writeHeaderFooter ( PropertySet rPropSet,
sal_Int32  nPropId,
const OUString &  rContent 

◆ writePageSettingsProperties()

void oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::writePageSettingsProperties ( PropertySet rPropSet,
const PageSettingsModel rModel,
WorksheetType  eSheetType 

Writes all properties to the passed property set of a page style object.

Definition at line 903 of file pagesettings.cxx.

References oox::xls::Chart, o3tl::convert(), convertHeaderFooterData(), msfilter::util::PaperSizeConv::getApiSizeForMSPaperSizeIndex(), o3tl::in, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::maEvenFooter, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::maEvenHeader, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::maFirstFooter, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::maFirstHeader, maFooterData, maHeaderData, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::maOddFooter, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::maOddHeader, oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::HFHelperData::mbDynamicHeight, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mbFitToPages, oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::HFHelperData::mbHasContent, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mbHorCenter, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mbPrintGrid, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mbPrintHeadings, oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::HFHelperData::mbShareFirst, oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::HFHelperData::mbShareOddEven, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mbUseEvenHF, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mbUseFirstHF, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mbUseFirstPage, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mbValidSettings, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mbVerCenter, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mfBottomMargin, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mfFooterMargin, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mfHeaderMargin, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mfLeftMargin, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mfRightMargin, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mfTopMargin, o3tl::mm100, oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::HFHelperData::mnBodyDist, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mnCellComments, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mnFirstPage, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mnFitToHeight, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mnFitToWidth, msfilter::util::ApiPaperSize::mnHeight, oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::HFHelperData::mnHeight, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mnOrientation, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mnPageOrder, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mnPaperHeight, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mnPaperSize, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mnPaperWidth, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mnScale, msfilter::util::ApiPaperSize::mnWidth, oox::xls::PageSettingsModel::mxGraphic, PROP_BackGraphic, PROP_BackGraphicLocation, PROP_BottomMargin, PROP_CenterHorizontally, PROP_CenterVertically, PROP_FirstPageNumber, PROP_FooterBodyDistance, PROP_FooterHeight, PROP_FooterIsDynamicHeight, PROP_HeaderBodyDistance, PROP_HeaderHeight, PROP_HeaderIsDynamicHeight, PROP_IsLandscape, PROP_LeftMargin, PROP_PageScale, PROP_PrintAnnotations, PROP_PrintDownFirst, PROP_PrintGrid, PROP_PrintHeaders, PROP_RightMargin, PROP_ScaleToPages, PROP_ScaleToPagesX, PROP_ScaleToPagesY, PROP_TopMargin, oox::PropertySet::setProperties(), oox::PropertySet::setProperty(), and oox::PropertyMap::setProperty().

Referenced by oox::xls::PageSettings::finalizeImport().

Member Data Documentation

◆ maFooterData

HFHelperData oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::maFooterData

Definition at line 181 of file pagesettings.hxx.

Referenced by writePageSettingsProperties().

◆ maHeaderData

HFHelperData oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::maHeaderData

Definition at line 180 of file pagesettings.hxx.

Referenced by writePageSettingsProperties().

◆ mxHFParser

HeaderFooterParserPtr oox::xls::PageSettingsConverter::mxHFParser

Definition at line 179 of file pagesettings.hxx.

Referenced by writeHeaderFooter().

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