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ScXMLConditionHelper Namespace Reference


void parseCondition (ScXMLConditionParseResult &rParseResult, const OUString &rAttribute, sal_Int32 nStartIndex)
 Parses the next condition in a 'condition' attribute value of e.g. More...
OUString getExpression (const sal_Unicode *&rpcString, const sal_Unicode *pcEnd, sal_Unicode cEndChar)

Function Documentation

OUString ScXMLConditionHelper::getExpression ( const sal_Unicode *&  rpcString,
const sal_Unicode pcEnd,
sal_Unicode  cEndChar 

Definition at line 612 of file XMLConverter.cxx.

Referenced by ScCondFormatHelper::GetExpression(), and parseCondition().

void ScXMLConditionHelper::parseCondition ( ScXMLConditionParseResult rParseResult,
const OUString &  rAttribute,
sal_Int32  nStartIndex