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XclExpChTrAction Class Referenceabstract

#include <XclExpChangeTrack.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 XclExpChTrAction (const ScChangeAction &rAction, const XclExpRoot &rRoot, const XclExpChTrTabIdBuffer &rTabIdBuffer, sal_uInt16 nNewOpCode=EXC_CHTR_OP_UNKNOWN)
virtual ~XclExpChTrAction () override
const OUString & GetUsername () const
const DateTimeGetDateTime () const
const XclExpChTrTabIdBufferGetTabIdBuffer () const
bool ForceInfoRecord () const
void SetIndex (sal_uInt32 &rIndex)
virtual void Save (XclExpStream &rStrm) override
 Writes the record header and calls WriteBody(). More...
virtual std::size_t GetLen () const override
XclExpChTrActionGetAddAction ()
sal_uInt32 GetActionNumber () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ExcRecord
virtual void SaveXml (XclExpXmlStream &rStrm) override
virtual sal_uInt16 GetNum () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from XclExpRecord
 XclExpRecord (sal_uInt16 nRecId=EXC_ID_UNKNOWN, std::size_t nRecSize=0)
 XclExpRecord (XclExpRecord const &)=default
virtual ~XclExpRecord () override
sal_uInt16 GetRecId () const
 Returns the current record ID. More...
std::size_t GetRecSize () const
 Returns the current record size prediction. More...
void SetRecId (sal_uInt16 nRecId)
 Sets a new record ID. More...
void SetRecSize (std::size_t nRecSize)
 Sets a new record size prediction. More...
void AddRecSize (std::size_t nRecSize)
 Adds a size value to the record size prediction. More...
void SetRecHeader (sal_uInt16 nRecId, std::size_t nRecSize)
 Sets record ID and size with one call. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XclExpRecordBase
 XclExpRecordBase ()
 XclExpRecordBase (XclExpRecordBase const &)
 XclExpRecordBase (XclExpRecordBase &&)
XclExpRecordBaseoperator= (XclExpRecordBase const &)
XclExpRecordBaseoperator= (XclExpRecordBase &&) noexcept
virtual ~XclExpRecordBase ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
 SimpleReferenceObject ()
void acquire ()
void release ()

Protected Member Functions

 XclExpChTrAction (const XclExpChTrAction &rCopy)
void SetAddAction (XclExpChTrAction *pAction)
void AddDependentContents (const ScChangeAction &rAction, const XclExpRoot &rRoot, const ScChangeTrack &rChangeTrack)
sal_uInt16 GetTabId (SCTAB nTabId) const
void WriteTabId (XclExpStream &rStrm, SCTAB nTabId) const
virtual void SaveCont (XclExpStream &rStrm) override
virtual void SaveActionData (XclExpStream &rStrm) const =0
virtual std::size_t GetActionByteCount () const =0
virtual void PrepareSaveAction (XclExpStream &rStrm) const
virtual void CompleteSaveAction (XclExpStream &rStrm) const
bool GetAccepted () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
virtual ~SimpleReferenceObject () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE

Static Protected Member Functions

static void Write2DAddress (XclExpStream &rStrm, const ScAddress &rAddress)
static void Write2DRange (XclExpStream &rStrm, const ScRange &rRange)
static std::size_t GetHeaderByteCount ()

Protected Attributes

const XclExpTabInforTabInfo
const XclExpChTrTabIdBufferrIdBuffer
sal_uInt32 nLength
sal_uInt16 nOpCode
bool bForceInfo
- Protected Attributes inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
oslInterlockedCount m_nCount

Private Attributes

OUString sUsername
DateTime aDateTime
sal_uInt32 nIndex
std::unique_ptr< XclExpChTrActionpAddAction
bool bAccepted

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
static voidoperator new (std::size_t nSize)
static voidoperator new (std::size_t nSize, std::nothrow_t const &rNothrow)
static void operator delete (void *pPtr)
static void operator delete (void *pPtr, std::nothrow_t const &rNothrow)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 340 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XclExpChTrAction::XclExpChTrAction ( const XclExpChTrAction rCopy)

Definition at line 635 of file XclExpChangeTrack.cxx.

References nIndex, and nLength.

XclExpChTrAction::XclExpChTrAction ( const ScChangeAction rAction,
const XclExpRoot rRoot,
const XclExpChTrTabIdBuffer rTabIdBuffer,
sal_uInt16  nNewOpCode = EXC_CHTR_OP_UNKNOWN 
XclExpChTrAction::~XclExpChTrAction ( )

Definition at line 668 of file XclExpChangeTrack.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void XclExpChTrAction::AddDependentContents ( const ScChangeAction rAction,
const XclExpRoot rRoot,
const ScChangeTrack rChangeTrack 
void XclExpChTrAction::CompleteSaveAction ( XclExpStream rStrm) const

Reimplemented in XclExpChTrMoveRange, and XclExpChTrInsert.

Definition at line 713 of file XclExpChangeTrack.cxx.

Referenced by Save().

bool XclExpChTrAction::ForceInfoRecord ( ) const

Definition at line 397 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

References bForceInfo.

Referenced by XclExpChangeTrack::XclExpChangeTrack().

bool XclExpChTrAction::GetAccepted ( ) const
virtual std::size_t XclExpChTrAction::GetActionByteCount ( ) const
protectedpure virtual
sal_uInt32 XclExpChTrAction::GetActionNumber ( ) const
XclExpChTrAction* XclExpChTrAction::GetAddAction ( )

Definition at line 406 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

References pAddAction.

Referenced by XclExpChTrInsert::SaveXml(), and XclExpChTrMoveRange::SaveXml().

const DateTime& XclExpChTrAction::GetDateTime ( ) const
static std::size_t XclExpChTrAction::GetHeaderByteCount ( )

Definition at line 372 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

Referenced by GetLen().

std::size_t XclExpChTrAction::GetLen ( ) const

Implements ExcRecord.

Definition at line 726 of file XclExpChangeTrack.cxx.

References GetActionByteCount(), and GetHeaderByteCount().

sal_uInt16 XclExpChTrAction::GetTabId ( SCTAB  nTabId) const
const XclExpChTrTabIdBuffer& XclExpChTrAction::GetTabIdBuffer ( ) const

Definition at line 396 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

References rIdBuffer.

Referenced by XclExpChangeTrack::XclExpChangeTrack().

const OUString& XclExpChTrAction::GetUsername ( ) const

Definition at line 394 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

References sUsername.

Referenced by XclExpChangeTrack::XclExpChangeTrack().

void XclExpChTrAction::PrepareSaveAction ( XclExpStream rStrm) const

Reimplemented in XclExpChTrMoveRange, and XclExpChTrInsert.

Definition at line 709 of file XclExpChangeTrack.cxx.

Referenced by Save().

void XclExpChTrAction::Save ( XclExpStream rStrm)

Writes the record header and calls WriteBody().

Reimplemented from ExcRecord.

Definition at line 717 of file XclExpChangeTrack.cxx.

References CompleteSaveAction(), pAddAction, PrepareSaveAction(), and ExcRecord::Save().

virtual void XclExpChTrAction::SaveActionData ( XclExpStream rStrm) const
protectedpure virtual
void XclExpChTrAction::SaveCont ( XclExpStream rStrm)
void XclExpChTrAction::SetAddAction ( XclExpChTrAction pAction)

Definition at line 672 of file XclExpChangeTrack.cxx.

References pAddAction.

Referenced by AddDependentContents(), and XclExpChTrInsert::XclExpChTrInsert().

void XclExpChTrAction::SetIndex ( sal_uInt32 &  rIndex)

Definition at line 694 of file XclExpChangeTrack.cxx.

References nIndex.

Referenced by XclExpChangeTrack::XclExpChangeTrack().

void XclExpChTrAction::Write2DAddress ( XclExpStream rStrm,
const ScAddress rAddress 

Definition at line 410 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

References ScAddress::Col(), and ScAddress::Row().

Referenced by XclExpChTrCellContent::SaveActionData().

void XclExpChTrAction::Write2DRange ( XclExpStream rStrm,
const ScRange rRange 
void XclExpChTrAction::WriteTabId ( XclExpStream rStrm,
SCTAB  nTabId 
) const

Member Data Documentation

DateTime XclExpChTrAction::aDateTime

Definition at line 344 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

Referenced by GetDateTime(), and XclExpChTrAction().

bool XclExpChTrAction::bAccepted

Definition at line 348 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

Referenced by GetAccepted(), and SaveCont().

bool XclExpChTrAction::bForceInfo
sal_uInt32 XclExpChTrAction::nIndex

Definition at line 345 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

Referenced by GetActionNumber(), SaveCont(), and SetIndex().

sal_uInt32 XclExpChTrAction::nLength
sal_uInt16 XclExpChTrAction::nOpCode
std::unique_ptr<XclExpChTrAction> XclExpChTrAction::pAddAction

Definition at line 347 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

Referenced by GetAddAction(), Save(), and SetAddAction().

const XclExpChTrTabIdBuffer& XclExpChTrAction::rIdBuffer
const XclExpTabInfo& XclExpChTrAction::rTabInfo

Definition at line 351 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

Referenced by GetTabId().

OUString XclExpChTrAction::sUsername

Definition at line 343 of file XclExpChangeTrack.hxx.

Referenced by GetUsername().

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