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excdefs.hxx File Reference
#include <sal/types.h>
#include <rtl/ustring.hxx>
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#define EXC_SCEN_MAXCELL   32
#define EXC_CHTR_OP_COLFLAG   0x0001
#define EXC_CHTR_OP_DELFLAG   0x0002
#define EXC_CHTR_OP_INSROW   0x0000
#define EXC_CHTR_OP_MOVE   0x0004
#define EXC_CHTR_OP_INSTAB   0x0005
#define EXC_CHTR_OP_CELL   0x0008
#define EXC_CHTR_OP_FORMAT   0x000B
#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_MASK   0x0007
#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_EMPTY   0x0000
#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_RK   0x0001
#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_DOUBLE   0x0002
#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_STRING   0x0003
#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_BOOL   0x0004
#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_FORMULA   0x0005
#define EXC_CHTR_NOTHING   0x0000
#define EXC_CHTR_ACCEPT   0x0001
#define EXC_CHTR_REJECT   0x0003


const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_AND = 0x0000
const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_OR = 0x0001
const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_ANDORMASK = 0x0003
const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_SIMPLE1 = 0x0004
const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_SIMPLE2 = 0x0008
const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_TOP10 = 0x0010
const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_TOP10TOP = 0x0020
const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_TOP10PERC = 0x0040
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_NOTUSED = 0x00
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_RK = 0x02
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_DOUBLE = 0x04
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_STRING = 0x06
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_BOOLERR = 0x08
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_INVALID = 0x0A
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_EMPTY = 0x0C
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_NOTEMPTY = 0x0E
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_NONE = 0x00
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_LESS = 0x01
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_EQUAL = 0x02
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_LESSEQUAL = 0x03
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_GREATER = 0x04
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_NOTEQUAL = 0x05
const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_GREATEREQUAL = 0x06
constexpr OUStringLiteral EXC_STREAM_USERNAMES = u"User Names"
constexpr OUStringLiteral EXC_STREAM_REVLOG = u"Revision Log"

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#define EXC_CHTR_ACCEPT   0x0001

Definition at line 90 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_NOTHING   0x0000

Definition at line 89 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_OP_CELL   0x0008

Definition at line 74 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_OP_COLFLAG   0x0001

Definition at line 66 of file excdefs.hxx.



Definition at line 71 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_OP_DELFLAG   0x0002

Definition at line 67 of file excdefs.hxx.



Definition at line 70 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_OP_FORMAT   0x000B

Definition at line 75 of file excdefs.hxx.



Definition at line 69 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_OP_INSROW   0x0000

Definition at line 68 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_OP_INSTAB   0x0005

Definition at line 73 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_OP_MOVE   0x0004

Definition at line 72 of file excdefs.hxx.



Definition at line 76 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_REJECT   0x0003

Definition at line 91 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_BOOL   0x0004

Definition at line 85 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_DOUBLE   0x0002

Definition at line 83 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_EMPTY   0x0000

Definition at line 81 of file excdefs.hxx.



Definition at line 80 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_FORMULA   0x0005

Definition at line 86 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_MASK   0x0007

Definition at line 79 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_RK   0x0001

Definition at line 82 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_CHTR_TYPE_STRING   0x0003

Definition at line 84 of file excdefs.hxx.


#define EXC_SCEN_MAXCELL   32

Definition at line 58 of file excdefs.hxx.

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const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_AND = 0x0000

Definition at line 28 of file excdefs.hxx.

Referenced by XclExpAutofilter::AddCondition(), and XclExpAutofilter::SaveXml().


const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_ANDORMASK = 0x0003

Definition at line 30 of file excdefs.hxx.

Referenced by XclImpAutoFilterData::ReadAutoFilter(), and XclExpAutofilter::SaveXml().


const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_OR = 0x0001

Definition at line 29 of file excdefs.hxx.

Referenced by XclExpAutofilter::AddCondition().


const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_SIMPLE1 = 0x0004


const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_SIMPLE2 = 0x0008


const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_TOP10 = 0x0010


const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_TOP10PERC = 0x0040


const sal_uInt16 EXC_AFFLAG_TOP10TOP = 0x0020


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_EQUAL = 0x02


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_GREATER = 0x04


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_GREATEREQUAL = 0x06


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_LESS = 0x01


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_LESSEQUAL = 0x03


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_NONE = 0x00

Definition at line 48 of file excdefs.hxx.

Referenced by XclExpAutofilter::AddEntry(), and lcl_GetOperator().


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFOPER_NOTEQUAL = 0x05


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_BOOLERR = 0x08

Definition at line 42 of file excdefs.hxx.

Referenced by XclImpAutoFilterData::ReadAutoFilter().


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_DOUBLE = 0x04

Definition at line 40 of file excdefs.hxx.

Referenced by XclImpAutoFilterData::ReadAutoFilter().


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_EMPTY = 0x0C

Definition at line 44 of file excdefs.hxx.

Referenced by XclExpAutofilter::AddEntry(), and XclImpAutoFilterData::ReadAutoFilter().


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_INVALID = 0x0A

Definition at line 43 of file excdefs.hxx.


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_NOTEMPTY = 0x0E

Definition at line 45 of file excdefs.hxx.

Referenced by XclExpAutofilter::AddEntry(), and XclImpAutoFilterData::ReadAutoFilter().


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_NOTUSED = 0x00

Definition at line 38 of file excdefs.hxx.

Referenced by ExcFilterCondition::IsEmpty().


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_RK = 0x02

Definition at line 39 of file excdefs.hxx.

Referenced by XclImpAutoFilterData::ReadAutoFilter().


const sal_uInt8 EXC_AFTYPE_STRING = 0x06


constexpr OUStringLiteral EXC_STREAM_REVLOG = u"Revision Log"

Definition at line 63 of file excdefs.hxx.

Referenced by XclExpChangeTrack::Write(), and XclImpChangeTrack::XclImpChangeTrack().


constexpr OUStringLiteral EXC_STREAM_USERNAMES = u"User Names"