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ScViewUtil Class Reference

#include <viewutil.hxx>

Static Public Member Functions

static void ExecuteCharMap (const SvxFontItem &rOldFont, const ScTabViewShell &rShell)
static bool IsActionShown (const ScChangeAction &rAction, const ScChangeViewSettings &rSettings, ScDocument &rDocument)
static void PutItemScript (SfxItemSet &rShellSet, const SfxItemSet &rCoreSet, sal_uInt16 nWhichId, SvtScriptType nScript)
static LanguageType GetEffLanguage (ScDocument &rDoc, const ScAddress &rPos)
static TransliterationFlags GetTransliterationType (sal_uInt16 nSlotID)
static bool HasFiltered (const ScRange &rRange, const ScDocument &rDoc)
static bool FitToUnfilteredRows (ScRange &rRange, const ScDocument &rDoc, size_t nRows)
 Fit a range to cover nRows number of unfiltered rows. More...
static void UnmarkFiltered (ScMarkData &rMark, const ScDocument &rDoc)
static void HideDisabledSlot (SfxItemSet &rSet, SfxBindings &rBindings, sal_uInt16 nSlotId)
static bool IsFullScreen (const SfxViewShell &rViewShell)
 Returns true, if the passed view shell is in full screen mode. More...
static void SetFullScreen (const SfxViewShell &rViewShell, bool bSet)
 Enters or leaves full screen mode at the passed view shell. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file viewutil.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ExecuteCharMap()

void ScViewUtil::ExecuteCharMap ( const SvxFontItem rOldFont,
const ScTabViewShell rShell 

◆ FitToUnfilteredRows()

bool ScViewUtil::FitToUnfilteredRows ( ScRange rRange,
const ScDocument rDoc,
size_t  nRows 

Fit a range to cover nRows number of unfiltered rows.

<TRUE> if the resulting range covers nRows unfiltered rows.

Definition at line 257 of file viewutil.cxx.

References ScRange::aEnd, ScRange::aStart, ScDocument::CountNonFilteredRows(), ScDocument::LastNonFilteredRow(), ScDocument::MaxRow(), nCount, ScAddress::Row(), ScAddress::SetRow(), ScAddress::Tab(), and ScDocument::ValidRow().

Referenced by ScViewFunc::PasteFromClip(), and ScViewFunc::PasteMultiRangesFromClip().

◆ GetEffLanguage()

LanguageType ScViewUtil::GetEffLanguage ( ScDocument rDoc,
const ScAddress rPos 

◆ GetTransliterationType()

TransliterationFlags ScViewUtil::GetTransliterationType ( sal_uInt16  nSlotID)

◆ HasFiltered()

bool ScViewUtil::HasFiltered ( const ScRange rRange,
const ScDocument rDoc 

◆ HideDisabledSlot()

void ScViewUtil::HideDisabledSlot ( SfxItemSet rSet,
SfxBindings rBindings,
sal_uInt16  nSlotId 

◆ IsActionShown()

bool ScViewUtil::IsActionShown ( const ScChangeAction rAction,
const ScChangeViewSettings rSettings,
ScDocument rDocument 

◆ IsFullScreen()

bool ScViewUtil::IsFullScreen ( const SfxViewShell rViewShell)

◆ PutItemScript()

void ScViewUtil::PutItemScript ( SfxItemSet rShellSet,
const SfxItemSet rCoreSet,
sal_uInt16  nWhichId,
SvtScriptType  nScript 

◆ SetFullScreen()

void ScViewUtil::SetFullScreen ( const SfxViewShell rViewShell,
bool  bSet 

Enters or leaves full screen mode at the passed view shell.

Definition at line 343 of file viewutil.cxx.

References SfxDispatcher::ExecuteList(), SfxShell::GetDispatcher(), and IsFullScreen().

Referenced by ScCellShell::Execute(), and ScPreviewShell::Execute().

◆ UnmarkFiltered()

void ScViewUtil::UnmarkFiltered ( ScMarkData rMark,
const ScDocument rDoc 

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