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ScTabControl Class Reference

#include <tabcont.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScTabControl (vcl::Window *pParent, ScViewData *pData)
virtual void dispose () override
virtual ~ScTabControl () override
void UpdateInputContext ()
void UpdateStatus ()
void SetSheetLayoutRTL (bool bSheetRTL)
void SwitchToPageId (sal_uInt16 nId)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TabBar
 TabBar (vcl::Window *pParent, WinBits nWinStyle)
virtual ~TabBar () override
virtual void MouseMove (const MouseEvent &rMEvt) override
virtual void Paint (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &rRect) override
virtual void Resize () override
virtual void RequestHelp (const HelpEvent &rHEvt) override
virtual void StateChanged (StateChangedType nStateChange) override
virtual void DataChanged (const DataChangedEvent &rDCEvt) override
virtual bool PreNotify (NotifyEvent &rNEvt) override
virtual void DoubleClick ()
void Split ()
virtual void ActivatePage ()
virtual bool DeactivatePage ()
virtual void InsertPage (sal_uInt16 nPageId, const OUString &rText, TabBarPageBits nBits=TabBarPageBits::NONE, sal_uInt16 nPos=TabBar::APPEND)
void RemovePage (sal_uInt16 nPageId)
void MovePage (sal_uInt16 nPageId, sal_uInt16 nNewPos)
Color GetTabBgColor (sal_uInt16 nPageId) const
void SetTabBgColor (sal_uInt16 nPageId, const Color &aTabBgColor)
void Clear ()
bool IsPageEnabled (sal_uInt16 nPageId) const
void SetPageBits (sal_uInt16 nPageId, TabBarPageBits nBits)
TabBarPageBits GetPageBits (sal_uInt16 nPageId) const
sal_uInt16 GetPageCount () const
sal_uInt16 GetPageId (sal_uInt16 nPos) const
sal_uInt16 GetPagePos (sal_uInt16 nPageId) const
sal_uInt16 GetCurPagePos () const
sal_uInt16 GetPageId (const Point &rPos) const
tools::Rectangle GetPageRect (sal_uInt16 nPageId) const
tools::Rectangle GetPageArea () const
void SetCurPageId (sal_uInt16 nPageId)
sal_uInt16 GetCurPageId () const
void SetFirstPageId (sal_uInt16 nPageId)
void MakeVisible (sal_uInt16 nPageId)
void SelectPage (sal_uInt16 nPageId, bool bSelect)
sal_uInt16 GetSelectPageCount () const
bool IsPageSelected (sal_uInt16 nPageId) const
void SetProtectionSymbol (sal_uInt16 nPageId, bool bProtection)
void SetMaxPageWidth (tools::Long nMaxWidth)
void EnableEditMode ()
bool StartEditMode (sal_uInt16 nPageId)
void EndEditMode (bool bCancel=false)
void SetEditText (const OUString &rText)
const OUString & GetEditText () const
bool IsInEditMode () const
bool IsEditModeCanceled () const
sal_uInt16 GetEditPageId () const
void SetMirrored (bool bMirrored)
bool IsMirrored () const
void SetEffectiveRTL (bool bRTL)
bool IsEffectiveRTL () const
bool StartDrag (const CommandEvent &rCEvt, vcl::Region &rRegion)
sal_uInt16 ShowDropPos (const Point &rPos)
void HideDropPos ()
void SwitchPage (const Point &rPos)
void EndSwitchPage ()
virtual void SetPageText (sal_uInt16 nPageId, const OUString &rText)
OUString GetPageText (sal_uInt16 nPageId) const
OUString GetHelpText (sal_uInt16 nPageId) const
tools::Long GetSplitSize () const
void SetStyle (WinBits nStyle)
WinBits GetStyle () const
void SetScrollAlwaysEnabled (bool bScrollAlwaysEnabled)
Size CalcWindowSizePixel () const
void SetSelectHdl (const Link< TabBar *, void > &rLink)
void SetSplitHdl (const Link< TabBar *, void > &rLink)
void SetScrollAreaContextHdl (const Link< const CommandEvent &, void > &rLink)
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > CreateAccessible () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from DropTargetHelper
 DropTargetHelper (vcl::Window *pWindow)
 DropTargetHelper (const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::dnd::XDropTarget > &rxDropTarget)
void dispose ()
virtual ~DropTargetHelper ()
bool IsDropFormatSupported (SotClipboardFormatId nFormat) const
const DataFlavorExVectorGetDataFlavorExVector () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DragSourceHelper
 DragSourceHelper (vcl::Window *pWindow)
void dispose ()
virtual ~DragSourceHelper ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Select () override
virtual void Command (const CommandEvent &rCEvt) override
virtual void MouseButtonDown (const MouseEvent &rMEvt) override
virtual void MouseButtonUp (const MouseEvent &rMEvt) override
virtual sal_Int8 AcceptDrop (const AcceptDropEvent &rEvt) override
virtual sal_Int8 ExecuteDrop (const ExecuteDropEvent &rEvt) override
virtual void StartDrag (sal_Int8 nAction, const Point &rPosPixel) override
virtual bool StartRenaming () override
virtual TabBarAllowRenamingReturnCode AllowRenaming () override
virtual void EndRenaming () override
virtual void Mirror () override
virtual void AddTabClick () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TabBar
OUString GetAuxiliaryText (sal_uInt16 nPageId) const
void SetAuxiliaryText (sal_uInt16 nPageId, const OUString &rText)

Private Member Functions

void DoDrag ()
sal_uInt16 GetMaxId () const
SCTAB GetPrivatDropPos (const Point &rPos)
 DECL_LINK (ShowPageList, const CommandEvent &, void)

Private Attributes

sal_uInt16 nMouseClickPageId
sal_uInt16 nSelPageIdByMouse
 Last page ID after mouse button down/up. More...
bool bErrorShown
 Selected page ID, if selected with mouse. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from TabBar
static const sal_uInt16 APPEND
static const sal_uInt16 PAGE_NOT_FOUND

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file tabcont.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScTabControl::ScTabControl ( vcl::Window pParent,
ScViewData pData 
ScTabControl::~ScTabControl ( )

Definition at line 122 of file tabcont.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

sal_Int8 ScTabControl::AcceptDrop ( const AcceptDropEvent rEvt)
void ScTabControl::AddTabClick ( )
TabBarAllowRenamingReturnCode ScTabControl::AllowRenaming ( )
void ScTabControl::Command ( const CommandEvent rCEvt)
ScTabControl::DECL_LINK ( ShowPageList  ,
const CommandEvent ,
void ScTabControl::dispose ( void  )

Reimplemented from TabBar.

Definition at line 127 of file tabcont.cxx.

References DragSourceHelper::dispose(), TabBar::dispose(), and DropTargetHelper::dispose().

void ScTabControl::DoDrag ( )
void ScTabControl::EndRenaming ( )

Reimplemented from TabBar.

Definition at line 644 of file tabcont.cxx.

References ScTabView::ActiveGrabFocus(), ScViewData::GetView(), and pViewData.

sal_Int8 ScTabControl::ExecuteDrop ( const ExecuteDropEvent rEvt)
sal_uInt16 ScTabControl::GetMaxId ( ) const

Definition at line 134 of file tabcont.cxx.

References TabBar::GetPageCount(), and TabBar::GetPageId().

Referenced by SwitchToPageId(), and UpdateStatus().

SCTAB ScTabControl::GetPrivatDropPos ( const Point rPos)
void ScTabControl::Mirror ( )
void ScTabControl::MouseButtonDown ( const MouseEvent rMEvt)
void ScTabControl::MouseButtonUp ( const MouseEvent rMEvt)
void ScTabControl::Select ( )
void ScTabControl::SetSheetLayoutRTL ( bool  bSheetRTL)

Definition at line 407 of file tabcont.cxx.

References nSelPageIdByMouse, TabBar::PAGE_NOT_FOUND, and TabBar::SetEffectiveRTL().

Referenced by ScTabView::DoResize().

void ScTabControl::StartDrag ( sal_Int8  nAction,
const Point rPosPixel 

Reimplemented from DragSourceHelper.

Definition at line 466 of file tabcont.cxx.

References DoDrag(), ScModule::IsFormulaMode(), ScModule::IsModalMode(), SC_MOD, and TabBar::StartDrag().

bool ScTabControl::StartRenaming ( )

Reimplemented from TabBar.

Definition at line 597 of file tabcont.cxx.

References ScViewData::GetDocument(), ScDocument::IsDocEditable(), and pViewData.

void ScTabControl::SwitchToPageId ( sal_uInt16  nId)
void ScTabControl::UpdateInputContext ( )
void ScTabControl::UpdateStatus ( )

Member Data Documentation

bool ScTabControl::bErrorShown

Selected page ID, if selected with mouse.

Definition at line 37 of file tabcont.hxx.

Referenced by AllowRenaming().

sal_uInt16 ScTabControl::nMouseClickPageId

Definition at line 35 of file tabcont.hxx.

Referenced by MouseButtonDown(), MouseButtonUp(), and Select().

sal_uInt16 ScTabControl::nSelPageIdByMouse

Last page ID after mouse button down/up.

Definition at line 36 of file tabcont.hxx.

Referenced by Mirror(), Select(), and SetSheetLayoutRTL().

ScViewData* ScTabControl::pViewData

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