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ScOutputData::DrawEditParam Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 DrawEditParam (const ScPatternAttr *pPattern, const SfxItemSet *pCondSet, bool bCellIsValue)
bool readCellContent (const ScDocument *pDoc, bool bShowNullValues, bool bShowFormulas, bool bSyntaxMode, bool bUseStyleColor, bool bForceAutoColor, bool &rWrapFields)
void setPatternToEngine (bool bUseStyleColor)
void calcMargins (tools::Long &rTop, tools::Long &rLeft, tools::Long &rBottom, tools::Long &rRight, double nPPTX, double nPPTY) const
void calcPaperSize (Size &rPaperSize, const tools::Rectangle &rAlignRect, double nPPTX, double nPPTY) const
void getEngineSize (ScFieldEditEngine *pEngine, tools::Long &rWidth, tools::Long &rHeight) const
bool hasLineBreak () const
bool isHyperlinkCell () const
bool isVerticallyOriented () const
 When the text is vertically oriented, the text is either rotated 90 degrees to the right or 90 degrees to the left. More...
void calcStartPosForVertical (Point &rLogicStart, tools::Long nCellWidth, tools::Long nEngineWidth, tools::Long nTopM, const OutputDevice *pRefDevice)
 Calculate offset position for vertically oriented (either top-bottom or bottom-top orientation) text. More...
void setAlignmentToEngine ()
bool adjustHorAlignment (ScFieldEditEngine *pEngine)
void adjustForHyperlinkInPDF (Point aURLStart, const OutputDevice *pDev)

Public Attributes

SvxCellHorJustify meHorJustAttr
 alignment attribute More...
SvxCellHorJustify meHorJustContext
 context depending on attribute, content and direction More...
SvxCellHorJustify meHorJustResult
 result for EditEngine More...
SvxCellVerJustify meVerJust
SvxCellJustifyMethod meHorJustMethod
SvxCellJustifyMethod meVerJustMethod
SvxCellOrientation meOrient
tools::Long mnPosX
tools::Long mnPosY
tools::Long mnInitPosX
bool mbBreak:1
bool mbCellIsValue:1
bool mbAsianVertical:1
bool mbPixelToLogic:1
bool mbHyphenatorSet:1
ScRefCellValue maCell
const ScPatternAttrmpPattern
const SfxItemSetmpCondSet
const SfxItemSetmpPreviewFontSet
const ScPatternAttrmpOldPattern
const SfxItemSetmpOldCondSet
const SfxItemSetmpOldPreviewFontSet
const std::vector< editeng::MisspellRanges > * mpMisspellRanges

Detailed Description

Definition at line 113 of file output.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DrawEditParam()

ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::DrawEditParam ( const ScPatternAttr pPattern,
const SfxItemSet pCondSet,
bool  bCellIsValue 

Definition at line 2376 of file output2.cxx.

References Block, mnCellX, and mpPattern.

Member Function Documentation

◆ adjustForHyperlinkInPDF()

void ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::adjustForHyperlinkInPDF ( Point  aURLStart,
const OutputDevice pDev 

◆ adjustHorAlignment()

bool ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::adjustHorAlignment ( ScFieldEditEngine pEngine)

◆ calcMargins()

void ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::calcMargins ( tools::Long rTop,
tools::Long rLeft,
tools::Long rBottom,
tools::Long rRight,
double  nPPTX,
double  nPPTY 
) const

◆ calcPaperSize()

void ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::calcPaperSize ( Size rPaperSize,
const tools::Rectangle rAlignRect,
double  nPPTX,
double  nPPTY 
) const

◆ calcStartPosForVertical()

void ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::calcStartPosForVertical ( Point rLogicStart,
tools::Long  nCellWidth,
tools::Long  nEngineWidth,
tools::Long  nTopM,
const OutputDevice pRefDevice 

Calculate offset position for vertically oriented (either top-bottom or bottom-top orientation) text.

rLogicStartinitial position in pixels. When the call is finished, this parameter will store the new position.

Definition at line 2591 of file output2.cxx.

References Point::AdjustX(), Point::AdjustY(), Height, nCellWidth, and OutputDevice::PixelToLogic().

Referenced by ScOutputData::DrawEditBottomTop(), and ScOutputData::DrawEditTopBottom().

◆ getEngineSize()

void ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::getEngineSize ( ScFieldEditEngine pEngine,
tools::Long rWidth,
tools::Long rHeight 
) const

◆ hasLineBreak()

bool ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::hasLineBreak ( ) const

Definition at line 2573 of file output2.cxx.

Referenced by ScOutputData::DrawEditTopBottom().

◆ isHyperlinkCell()

bool ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::isHyperlinkCell ( ) const

Definition at line 2578 of file output2.cxx.


◆ isVerticallyOriented()

bool ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::isVerticallyOriented ( ) const

When the text is vertically oriented, the text is either rotated 90 degrees to the right or 90 degrees to the left.

Note that this is different from being vertically stacked.

Definition at line 2586 of file output2.cxx.

◆ readCellContent()

bool ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::readCellContent ( const ScDocument pDoc,
bool  bShowNullValues,
bool  bShowFormulas,
bool  bSyntaxMode,
bool  bUseStyleColor,
bool  bForceAutoColor,
bool &  rWrapFields 

◆ setAlignmentToEngine()

void ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::setAlignmentToEngine ( )

◆ setPatternToEngine()

void ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::setPatternToEngine ( bool  bUseStyleColor)

Member Data Documentation

◆ maCell

ScRefCellValue ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::maCell

◆ mbAsianVertical

bool ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mbAsianVertical

◆ mbBreak

bool ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mbBreak

◆ mbCellIsValue

bool ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mbCellIsValue

◆ mbHyphenatorSet

bool ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mbHyphenatorSet

Definition at line 134 of file output.hxx.

Referenced by ScOutputData::DrawEdit().

◆ mbPixelToLogic

bool ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mbPixelToLogic

◆ meHorJustAttr

SvxCellHorJustify ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::meHorJustAttr

◆ meHorJustContext

SvxCellHorJustify ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::meHorJustContext

◆ meHorJustMethod

SvxCellJustifyMethod ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::meHorJustMethod

Definition at line 120 of file output.hxx.

◆ meHorJustResult

SvxCellHorJustify ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::meHorJustResult

◆ meOrient

SvxCellOrientation ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::meOrient

◆ meVerJust

SvxCellVerJustify ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::meVerJust

◆ meVerJustMethod

SvxCellJustifyMethod ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::meVerJustMethod

Definition at line 121 of file output.hxx.

◆ mnArrY

SCSIZE ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mnArrY

◆ mnCellX

SCCOL ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mnCellX

◆ mnCellY

SCROW ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mnCellY

◆ mnInitPosX

tools::Long ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mnInitPosX

◆ mnPosX

tools::Long ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mnPosX

◆ mnPosY

tools::Long ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mnPosY

◆ mnX

SCCOL ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mnX

◆ mpCondSet

const SfxItemSet* ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mpCondSet

◆ mpEngine

ScFieldEditEngine* ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mpEngine

◆ mpMisspellRanges

const std::vector<editeng::MisspellRanges>* ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mpMisspellRanges

Definition at line 144 of file output.hxx.

Referenced by ScOutputData::DrawEdit().

◆ mpOldCondSet

const SfxItemSet* ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mpOldCondSet

Definition at line 141 of file output.hxx.

Referenced by ScOutputData::DrawEdit().

◆ mpOldPattern

const ScPatternAttr* ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mpOldPattern

Definition at line 140 of file output.hxx.

Referenced by ScOutputData::DrawEdit(), and ScOutputData::DrawEditStandard().

◆ mpOldPreviewFontSet

const SfxItemSet* ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mpOldPreviewFontSet

Definition at line 142 of file output.hxx.

Referenced by ScOutputData::DrawEdit().

◆ mpPattern

const ScPatternAttr* ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mpPattern

◆ mpPreviewFontSet

const SfxItemSet* ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mpPreviewFontSet

Definition at line 139 of file output.hxx.

Referenced by ScOutputData::DrawEdit().

◆ mpThisRowInfo

RowInfo* ScOutputData::DrawEditParam::mpThisRowInfo

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