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ScNotesChildren Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ScNotesChildren (ScPreviewShell *pViewShell, ScAccessibleDocumentPagePreview *pAccDoc)
 ~ScNotesChildren ()
void Init (const tools::Rectangle &rVisRect, sal_Int32 nOffset)
sal_Int32 GetChildrenCount () const
uno::Reference< XAccessible > GetChild (sal_Int32 nIndex) const
uno::Reference< XAccessible > GetAt (const awt::Point &rPoint) const
void DataChanged (const tools::Rectangle &rVisRect)

Private Types

typedef std::vector< ScAccNote > ScAccNotes

Private Member Functions

::accessibility::AccessibleTextHelperCreateTextHelper (const OUString &rString, const tools::Rectangle &rVisRect, const ScAddress &aCellPos, bool bMarkNote, sal_Int32 nChildOffset) const
sal_Int32 AddNotes (const ScPreviewLocationData &rData, const tools::Rectangle &rVisRect, bool bMark, ScAccNotes &rNotes)
sal_Int32 CheckChanges (const ScPreviewLocationData &rData, const tools::Rectangle &rVisRect, bool bMark, ScAccNotes &rOldNotes, ScAccNotes &rNewNotes, ScXAccVector &rOldParas, ScXAccVector &rNewParas)
ScDocumentGetDocument () const

Static Private Member Functions

static sal_Int8 CompareCell (const ScAddress &aCell1, const ScAddress &aCell2)
static void CollectChildren (const ScAccNote &rNote, ScXAccVector &rVector)

Private Attributes

ScAccNotes maNotes
ScAccNotes maMarks
sal_Int32 mnParagraphs
sal_Int32 mnOffset

Detailed Description

Definition at line 86 of file AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ScAccNotes

typedef std::vector<ScAccNote> ScNotesChildren::ScAccNotes

Definition at line 102 of file AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScNotesChildren()

ScNotesChildren::ScNotesChildren ( ScPreviewShell pViewShell,
ScAccessibleDocumentPagePreview pAccDoc 

Definition at line 120 of file AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx.

◆ ~ScNotesChildren()

ScNotesChildren::~ScNotesChildren ( )

Definition at line 128 of file AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx.

References i, maMarks, and maNotes.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddNotes()

sal_Int32 ScNotesChildren::AddNotes ( const ScPreviewLocationData rData,
const tools::Rectangle rVisRect,
bool  bMark,
ScAccNotes rNotes 

◆ CheckChanges()

sal_Int32 ScNotesChildren::CheckChanges ( const ScPreviewLocationData rData,
const tools::Rectangle rVisRect,
bool  bMark,
ScAccNotes rOldNotes,
ScAccNotes rNewNotes,
ScXAccVector rOldParas,
ScXAccVector rNewParas 

◆ CollectChildren()

void ScNotesChildren::CollectChildren ( const ScAccNote &  rNote,
ScXAccVector rVector 

Definition at line 322 of file AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx.

References i.

Referenced by CheckChanges().

◆ CompareCell()

sal_Int8 ScNotesChildren::CompareCell ( const ScAddress aCell1,
const ScAddress aCell2 

Definition at line 308 of file AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx.

References ScAddress::Col(), ScAddress::Row(), and ScAddress::Tab().

Referenced by CheckChanges().

◆ CreateTextHelper()

accessibility::AccessibleTextHelper * ScNotesChildren::CreateTextHelper ( const OUString &  rString,
const tools::Rectangle rVisRect,
const ScAddress aCellPos,
bool  bMarkNote,
sal_Int32  nChildOffset 
) const

◆ DataChanged()

void ScNotesChildren::DataChanged ( const tools::Rectangle rVisRect)

◆ GetAt()

uno::Reference< XAccessible > ScNotesChildren::GetAt ( const awt::Point &  rPoint) const

◆ GetChild()

uno::Reference< XAccessible > ScNotesChildren::GetChild ( sal_Int32  nIndex) const

◆ GetChildrenCount()

sal_Int32 ScNotesChildren::GetChildrenCount ( ) const

Definition at line 93 of file AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx.

References mnParagraphs.

◆ GetDocument()

ScDocument * ScNotesChildren::GetDocument ( ) const

Definition at line 489 of file AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx.

References ScPreviewShell::GetDocument(), and mpViewShell.

Referenced by AddNotes(), and CheckChanges().

◆ Init()

void ScNotesChildren::Init ( const tools::Rectangle rVisRect,
sal_Int32  nOffset 

Member Data Documentation

◆ maMarks

ScAccNotes ScNotesChildren::maMarks

◆ maNotes

ScAccNotes ScNotesChildren::maNotes

◆ mnOffset

sal_Int32 ScNotesChildren::mnOffset

Definition at line 106 of file AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx.

Referenced by AddNotes(), CheckChanges(), GetAt(), GetChild(), and Init().

◆ mnParagraphs

sal_Int32 ScNotesChildren::mnParagraphs

Definition at line 105 of file AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx.

Referenced by DataChanged(), GetChild(), GetChildrenCount(), and Init().

◆ mpAccDoc

ScAccessibleDocumentPagePreview* ScNotesChildren::mpAccDoc

Definition at line 101 of file AccessibleDocumentPagePreview.cxx.

Referenced by CreateTextHelper(), and DataChanged().

◆ mpViewShell

ScPreviewShell* ScNotesChildren::mpViewShell

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