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LotusToSc Class Reference

#include <lotform.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 LotusToSc (LotusContext &rContext, SvStream &aStr, svl::SharedStringPool &rSPool, rtl_TextEncoding eSrc, bool b)
virtual void Convert (std::unique_ptr< ScTokenArray > &rpErg, sal_Int32 &nRest) override
void Reset (const ScAddress &rEingPos)
void SetWK3 ()
LotusContextgetContext ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from LotusConverterBase
void Reset (const ScAddress &rEingPos)
virtual void Convert (std::unique_ptr< ScTokenArray > &rpErg, sal_Int32 &nRest)=0
bool good () const

Private Member Functions

void DoFunc (DefTokenId eOc, sal_uInt8 nCnt, const char *pExtName)
void LotusRelToScRel (sal_uInt16 nCol, sal_uInt16 nRow, ScSingleRefData &rSRD)
void ReadSRD (const ScDocument &rDoc, ScSingleRefData &rSRD, sal_uInt8 nFlags)
void ReadCRD (const ScDocument &rDoc, ScComplexRefData &rCRD, sal_uInt8 nFlags)
void IncToken (TokenId &rParam)
void DecToken (TokenId &rParam)
void NegToken (TokenId &rParam)
void Reset (const ScAddress &rEingPos)
void Reset ()

Static Private Member Functions

static FUNC_TYPE IndexToType (sal_uInt8)
static DefTokenId IndexToToken (sal_uInt8)
static FUNC_TYPE IndexToTypeWK123 (sal_uInt8)
static DefTokenId IndexToTokenWK123 (sal_uInt8)

Private Attributes

rtl_TextEncoding eSrcChar
TokenId nAddToken
TokenId nSubToken
TokenId n0Token
bool bWK3
bool bWK123

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from LotusConverterBase
void Ignore (const tools::Long nSeekRel)
void Read (sal_uInt8 &nByte)
void Read (sal_uInt16 &nUINT16)
void Read (sal_Int16 &nINT16)
void Read (double &fDouble)
void Read (sal_uInt32 &nUINT32)
 LotusConverterBase (SvStream &rStr, svl::SharedStringPool &rSPool)
virtual ~LotusConverterBase () override
void Reset ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ConverterBase
 ConverterBase (svl::SharedStringPool &rSPool)
virtual ~ConverterBase ()
void Reset ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from LotusConverterBase
sal_Int32 nBytesLeft
- Protected Attributes inherited from ConverterBase
TokenPool aPool
TokenStack aStack
ScAddress aEingPos

Detailed Description

Definition at line 59 of file lotform.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LotusToSc()

LotusToSc::LotusToSc ( LotusContext rContext,
SvStream aStr,
svl::SharedStringPool rSPool,
rtl_TextEncoding  eSrc,
bool  b 

Definition at line 378 of file lotform.cxx.

References bWK123, bWK3, eSrcChar, and m_rContext.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Convert()

void LotusToSc::Convert ( std::unique_ptr< ScTokenArray > &  rpErg,
sal_Int32 &  nRest 

Implements LotusConverterBase.

Definition at line 391 of file lotform.cxx.

References aBuffer, LotusConverterBase::aIn, ConverterBase::aPool, ConverterBase::aStack, bWK123, bWK3, ScSingleRefData::Col(), DoFunc(), eSrcChar, eType, RangeNameBufferWK3::FindAbs(), RangeNameBufferWK3::FindRel(), FT_Absnref, FT_Braces, FT_Const10Float, FT_ConstFloat, FT_ConstInt, FT_ConstString, FT_Cref, FT_Econstant, FT_Ecref, FT_Erref, FT_FuncFix0, FT_FuncFix1, FT_FuncFix2, FT_FuncFix3, FT_FuncFix4, FT_FuncVar, FT_Neg, FT_NOP, FT_NotImpl, FT_Nrref, FT_Op, FT_Range, FT_Return, FT_Rref, FT_Snum, FT_Splfunc, FT_Variable, TokenStack::Get(), GetAddInName(), LotusRangeList::GetIndex(), TokenPool::GetTokenArray(), ID_FAIL, LotusConverterBase::Ignore(), IndexToToken(), IndexToTokenWK123(), IndexToType(), IndexToTypeWK123(), ScComplexRefData::InitFlags(), LotusRelToScRel(), m_rContext, LotusContext::maRangeNames, LotusConverterBase::nBytesLeft, nId, nValue, ocBad, ocClose, ocNegSub, ocNoName, ocOpen, LotusContext::pRngNmBffWK3, LotusContext::rDoc, LotusConverterBase::Read(), ScfTools::read_zeroTerminated_uInt8s_ToOUString(), SvStream::ReadBytes(), ReadCRD(), ScfTools::ReadLongDouble(), ReadSRD(), ScComplexRefData::Ref1, ScComplexRefData::Ref2, SvStream::remainingSize(), ScSingleRefData::Row(), SAL_WARN, SAL_WARN_IF, SvStream::SeekRel(), ScSingleRefData::SetFlag3D(), ScSingleRefData::SetRelTab(), Snum32ToDouble(), SnumToDouble(), and TokenPool::Store().

Referenced by ImportLotus::Formulacell(), OP_Formula(), and OP_Formula123().

◆ DecToken()

void LotusToSc::DecToken ( TokenId rParam)

Definition at line 351 of file lotform.cxx.

References ConverterBase::aPool, nSubToken, ocOpen, and TokenPool::Store().

Referenced by DoFunc().

◆ DoFunc()

void LotusToSc::DoFunc ( DefTokenId  eOc,
sal_uInt8  nCnt,
const char *  pExtName 

◆ getContext()

LotusContext & LotusToSc::getContext ( )

◆ IncToken()

void LotusToSc::IncToken ( TokenId rParam)

Definition at line 345 of file lotform.cxx.

References ConverterBase::aPool, nAddToken, ocOpen, and TokenPool::Store().

Referenced by DoFunc().

◆ IndexToToken()

DefTokenId LotusToSc::IndexToToken ( sal_uInt8  nIndex)

◆ IndexToTokenWK123()

DefTokenId LotusToSc::IndexToTokenWK123 ( sal_uInt8  nIndex)

◆ IndexToType()

FUNC_TYPE LotusToSc::IndexToType ( sal_uInt8  nIndex)

◆ IndexToTypeWK123()

FUNC_TYPE LotusToSc::IndexToTypeWK123 ( sal_uInt8  nIndex)

◆ LotusRelToScRel()

void LotusToSc::LotusRelToScRel ( sal_uInt16  nCol,
sal_uInt16  nRow,
ScSingleRefData rSRD 

◆ NegToken()

void LotusToSc::NegToken ( TokenId rParam)

Definition at line 357 of file lotform.cxx.

References ConverterBase::aPool, ocClose, ocNegSub, ocOpen, and TokenPool::Store().

Referenced by DoFunc().

◆ ReadCRD()

void LotusToSc::ReadCRD ( const ScDocument rDoc,
ScComplexRefData rCRD,
sal_uInt8  nFlags 

Definition at line 100 of file lotform.hxx.

References ReadSRD(), ScComplexRefData::Ref1, and ScComplexRefData::Ref2.

Referenced by Convert().

◆ ReadSRD()

void LotusToSc::ReadSRD ( const ScDocument rDoc,
ScSingleRefData rSRD,
sal_uInt8  nFlags 

◆ Reset() [1/3]

void ConverterBase::Reset ( void  )

Definition at line 129 of file frmbase.cxx.

◆ Reset() [2/3]

void LotusToSc::Reset ( const ScAddress rEingPos)

◆ Reset() [3/3]

void LotusConverterBase::Reset ( const ScAddress rEingPos)

Definition at line 122 of file frmbase.cxx.

◆ SetWK3()

void LotusToSc::SetWK3 ( )

Definition at line 109 of file lotform.hxx.

References bWK3.

Referenced by ImportLotus::Formulacell().

Member Data Documentation

◆ bWK123

bool LotusToSc::bWK123

Definition at line 75 of file lotform.hxx.

Referenced by Convert(), and LotusToSc().

◆ bWK3

bool LotusToSc::bWK3

Definition at line 74 of file lotform.hxx.

Referenced by Convert(), LotusToSc(), and SetWK3().

◆ eSrcChar

rtl_TextEncoding LotusToSc::eSrcChar

Definition at line 63 of file lotform.hxx.

Referenced by Convert(), DoFunc(), and LotusToSc().

◆ m_rContext

LotusContext& LotusToSc::m_rContext

Definition at line 62 of file lotform.hxx.

Referenced by Convert(), getContext(), and LotusRelToScRel().

◆ n0Token

TokenId LotusToSc::n0Token

Definition at line 66 of file lotform.hxx.

Referenced by DoFunc(), and Reset().

◆ nAddToken

TokenId LotusToSc::nAddToken

Definition at line 64 of file lotform.hxx.

Referenced by IncToken(), and Reset().

◆ nSubToken

TokenId LotusToSc::nSubToken

Definition at line 65 of file lotform.hxx.

Referenced by DecToken(), and Reset().

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