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FormulaTemplate Class Reference

#include <TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 FormulaTemplate (ScDocument *pDoc)
void setTemplate (const OUString &aTemplate)
void setTemplate (const char *aTemplate)
const OUString & getTemplate ()
void autoReplaceRange (const OUString &aVariable, const ScRange &rRange)
void autoReplaceAddress (const OUString &aVariable, ScAddress const &aAddress)
void autoReplaceUses3D (bool bUse3D)
void applyRange (std::u16string_view aVariable, const ScRange &aRange, bool b3D=true)
void applyRangeList (std::u16string_view aVariable, const ScRangeList &aRangeList, sal_Unicode cDelimiter)
void applyAddress (std::u16string_view aVariable, const ScAddress &aAddress, bool b3D=true)
void applyString (std::u16string_view aVariable, std::u16string_view aValue)
void applyNumber (std::u16string_view aVariable, sal_Int32 aValue)

Private Types

typedef std::map< OUString, ScRangeRangeReplacementMap
typedef std::map< OUString, ScAddressAddressReplacementMap

Private Attributes

OUString mTemplate
bool mbUse3D
AddressReplacementMap mAddressReplacementMap
RangeReplacementMap mRangeReplacementMap

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ AddressReplacementMap

Definition at line 27 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

◆ RangeReplacementMap

Definition at line 26 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FormulaTemplate()

FormulaTemplate::FormulaTemplate ( ScDocument pDoc)

Definition at line 24 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ applyAddress()

void FormulaTemplate::applyAddress ( std::u16string_view  aVariable,
const ScAddress aAddress,
bool  b3D = true 

◆ applyNumber()

void FormulaTemplate::applyNumber ( std::u16string_view  aVariable,
sal_Int32  aValue 

◆ applyRange()

void FormulaTemplate::applyRange ( std::u16string_view  aVariable,
const ScRange aRange,
bool  b3D = true 

◆ applyRangeList()

void FormulaTemplate::applyRangeList ( std::u16string_view  aVariable,
const ScRangeList aRangeList,
sal_Unicode  cDelimiter 

◆ applyString()

void FormulaTemplate::applyString ( std::u16string_view  aVariable,
std::u16string_view  aValue 

◆ autoReplaceAddress()

void FormulaTemplate::autoReplaceAddress ( const OUString &  aVariable,
ScAddress const &  aAddress 

◆ autoReplaceRange()

void FormulaTemplate::autoReplaceRange ( const OUString &  aVariable,
const ScRange rRange 

◆ autoReplaceUses3D()

void FormulaTemplate::autoReplaceUses3D ( bool  bUse3D)

◆ getTemplate()

const OUString & FormulaTemplate::getTemplate ( )

◆ setTemplate() [1/2]

void FormulaTemplate::setTemplate ( const char *  aTemplate)

Definition at line 34 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.cxx.

References mTemplate.

◆ setTemplate() [2/2]

void FormulaTemplate::setTemplate ( const OUString &  aTemplate)

Member Data Documentation

◆ mAddressReplacementMap

AddressReplacementMap FormulaTemplate::mAddressReplacementMap

Definition at line 29 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Referenced by autoReplaceAddress(), and getTemplate().

◆ mbUse3D

bool FormulaTemplate::mbUse3D

Definition at line 24 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Referenced by autoReplaceUses3D(), and getTemplate().

◆ mpDoc

ScDocument* FormulaTemplate::mpDoc

Definition at line 23 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Referenced by applyAddress(), applyRange(), and applyRangeList().

◆ mRangeReplacementMap

RangeReplacementMap FormulaTemplate::mRangeReplacementMap

Definition at line 30 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Referenced by autoReplaceRange(), and getTemplate().

◆ mTemplate

OUString FormulaTemplate::mTemplate

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