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FormulaTemplate Class Reference

#include <TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 FormulaTemplate (ScDocument *pDoc)
void setTemplate (const OUString &aTemplate)
void setTemplate (const char *aTemplate)
const OUString & getTemplate ()
void autoReplaceRange (const OUString &aVariable, const ScRange &rRange)
void autoReplaceAddress (const OUString &aVariable, ScAddress const &aAddress)
void autoReplaceUses3D (bool bUse3D)
void applyRange (std::u16string_view aVariable, const ScRange &aRange, bool b3D=true)
void applyRangeList (std::u16string_view aVariable, const ScRangeList &aRangeList, sal_Unicode cDelimiter)
void applyAddress (std::u16string_view aVariable, const ScAddress &aAddress, bool b3D=true)
void applyString (std::u16string_view aVariable, std::u16string_view aValue)
void applyNumber (std::u16string_view aVariable, sal_Int32 aValue)

Private Types

typedef std::map< OUString, ScRangeRangeReplacementMap
typedef std::map< OUString, ScAddressAddressReplacementMap

Private Attributes

OUString mTemplate
bool mbUse3D
AddressReplacementMap mAddressReplacementMap
RangeReplacementMap mRangeReplacementMap

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 27 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Definition at line 26 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FormulaTemplate::FormulaTemplate ( ScDocument pDoc)

Definition at line 24 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void FormulaTemplate::applyAddress ( std::u16string_view  aVariable,
const ScAddress aAddress,
bool  b3D = true 
void FormulaTemplate::applyNumber ( std::u16string_view  aVariable,
sal_Int32  aValue 
void FormulaTemplate::applyRange ( std::u16string_view  aVariable,
const ScRange aRange,
bool  b3D = true 
void FormulaTemplate::applyRangeList ( std::u16string_view  aVariable,
const ScRangeList aRangeList,
sal_Unicode  cDelimiter 
void FormulaTemplate::applyString ( std::u16string_view  aVariable,
std::u16string_view  aValue 
void FormulaTemplate::autoReplaceAddress ( const OUString &  aVariable,
ScAddress const &  aAddress 
void FormulaTemplate::autoReplaceRange ( const OUString &  aVariable,
const ScRange rRange 
void FormulaTemplate::autoReplaceUses3D ( bool  bUse3D)
const OUString & FormulaTemplate::getTemplate ( )
void FormulaTemplate::setTemplate ( const OUString &  aTemplate)
void FormulaTemplate::setTemplate ( const char *  aTemplate)

Definition at line 34 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.cxx.

References mTemplate.

Member Data Documentation

AddressReplacementMap FormulaTemplate::mAddressReplacementMap

Definition at line 29 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Referenced by autoReplaceAddress(), and getTemplate().

bool FormulaTemplate::mbUse3D

Definition at line 24 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Referenced by getTemplate().

ScDocument* FormulaTemplate::mpDoc

Definition at line 23 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Referenced by applyAddress(), applyRange(), and applyRangeList().

RangeReplacementMap FormulaTemplate::mRangeReplacementMap

Definition at line 30 of file TableFillingAndNavigationTools.hxx.

Referenced by autoReplaceRange(), and getTemplate().

OUString FormulaTemplate::mTemplate

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