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XMLDetectiveContext.hxx File Reference
#include <detfunc.hxx>
#include <detdata.hxx>
#include "importcontext.hxx"
#include <list>
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struct  ScMyImpDetectiveObj
struct  ScMyImpDetectiveOp
class  ScMyImpDetectiveOpArray
class  ScXMLDetectiveContext
class  ScXMLDetectiveHighlightedContext
class  ScXMLDetectiveOperationContext


namespace  sax_fastparser


typedef ::std::vector< ScMyImpDetectiveObjScMyImpDetectiveObjVec
typedef ::std::list< ScMyImpDetectiveOpScMyImpDetectiveOpList

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typedef ::std::vector< ScMyImpDetectiveObj > ScMyImpDetectiveObjVec

Definition at line 39 of file XMLDetectiveContext.hxx.

◆ ScMyImpDetectiveOpList

Definition at line 56 of file XMLDetectiveContext.hxx.