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FontSubsetInfo Class Referencefinal

#include <fontsubset.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 FontSubsetInfo ()
 ~FontSubsetInfo ()
void LoadFont (FontType eInFontType, const unsigned char *pFontBytes, int nByteLength)
void LoadFont (vcl::TrueTypeFont *pSftTrueTypeFont)
bool CreateFontSubset (FontType nOutFontTypeMask, SvStream *pOutFile, const char *pOutFontName, const sal_GlyphId *pGlyphIds, const sal_uInt8 *pEncodedIds, int nReqGlyphCount)

Public Attributes

OUString m_aPSName
int m_nAscent
 all metrics in PS font units More...
int m_nDescent
int m_nCapHeight
tools::Rectangle m_aFontBBox
FontType m_nFontType
 font-type of subset result More...
bool m_bFilled

Private Member Functions

bool CreateFontSubsetFromCff ()
bool CreateFontSubsetFromSfnt ()

Private Attributes

unsigned const char * mpInFontBytes
int mnInByteLength
FontType meInFontType
 allowed mask of input font-types More...
FontType mnReqFontTypeMask
 allowed subset-target font types More...
const char * mpReqFontName
const sal_GlyphIdmpReqGlyphIds
const sal_uInt8mpReqEncodedIds
int mnReqGlyphCount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file fontsubset.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FontSubsetInfo()

FontSubsetInfo::FontSubsetInfo ( )

Definition at line 27 of file fontsubset.cxx.

References NO_FONT.

◆ ~FontSubsetInfo()

FontSubsetInfo::~FontSubsetInfo ( )

Definition at line 46 of file fontsubset.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateFontSubset()

bool FontSubsetInfo::CreateFontSubset ( FontType  nOutFontTypeMask,
SvStream pOutFile,
const char *  pOutFontName,
const sal_GlyphId pGlyphIds,
const sal_uInt8 pEncodedIds,
int  nReqGlyphCount 

◆ CreateFontSubsetFromCff()

bool FontSubsetInfo::CreateFontSubsetFromCff ( )

◆ CreateFontSubsetFromSfnt()

bool FontSubsetInfo::CreateFontSubsetFromSfnt ( )

◆ LoadFont() [1/2]

void FontSubsetInfo::LoadFont ( FontType  eInFontType,
const unsigned char *  pFontBytes,
int  nByteLength 

Definition at line 51 of file fontsubset.cxx.

References meInFontType, mnInByteLength, mpInFontBytes, mpSftTTFont, and SAL_WARN_IF.

Referenced by CreateFontSubsetFromSfnt().

◆ LoadFont() [2/2]

void FontSubsetInfo::LoadFont ( vcl::TrueTypeFont pSftTrueTypeFont)

Definition at line 62 of file fontsubset.cxx.

References ANY_SFNT, meInFontType, mpInFontBytes, mpSftTTFont, and SAL_WARN_IF.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aFontBBox

tools::Rectangle FontSubsetInfo::m_aFontBBox

◆ m_aPSName

OUString FontSubsetInfo::m_aPSName

◆ m_bFilled

bool FontSubsetInfo::m_bFilled

Definition at line 73 of file fontsubset.hxx.

◆ m_nAscent

int FontSubsetInfo::m_nAscent

all metrics in PS font units

Definition at line 68 of file fontsubset.hxx.

Referenced by vcl::PDFWriterImpl::emitFontDescriptor(), and vcl::PDFWriterImpl::emitSystemFont().

◆ m_nCapHeight

int FontSubsetInfo::m_nCapHeight

◆ m_nDescent

int FontSubsetInfo::m_nDescent

◆ m_nFontType

FontType FontSubsetInfo::m_nFontType

font-type of subset result

Definition at line 72 of file fontsubset.hxx.

Referenced by vcl::PDFWriterImpl::emitFontDescriptor(), and vcl::PDFWriterImpl::emitFonts().

◆ meInFontType

FontType FontSubsetInfo::meInFontType

allowed mask of input font-types

Definition at line 79 of file fontsubset.hxx.

Referenced by CreateFontSubset(), and LoadFont().

◆ mnInByteLength

int FontSubsetInfo::mnInByteLength

Definition at line 78 of file fontsubset.hxx.

Referenced by CreateFontSubsetFromCff(), and LoadFont().

◆ mnReqFontTypeMask

FontType FontSubsetInfo::mnReqFontTypeMask

allowed subset-target font types

Definition at line 83 of file fontsubset.hxx.

Referenced by CreateFontSubset(), CreateFontSubsetFromCff(), and CreateFontSubsetFromSfnt().

◆ mnReqGlyphCount

int FontSubsetInfo::mnReqGlyphCount

◆ mpInFontBytes

unsigned const char* FontSubsetInfo::mpInFontBytes

Definition at line 77 of file fontsubset.hxx.

Referenced by CreateFontSubsetFromCff(), and LoadFont().

◆ mpOutFile

SvStream* FontSubsetInfo::mpOutFile

◆ mpReqEncodedIds

const sal_uInt8* FontSubsetInfo::mpReqEncodedIds

◆ mpReqFontName

const char* FontSubsetInfo::mpReqFontName

◆ mpReqGlyphIds

const sal_GlyphId* FontSubsetInfo::mpReqGlyphIds

◆ mpSftTTFont

vcl::TrueTypeFont* FontSubsetInfo::mpSftTTFont

Definition at line 80 of file fontsubset.hxx.

Referenced by CreateFontSubsetFromSfnt(), and LoadFont().

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