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vcl::TrueTypeFont Class Referencefinal

#include <sft.hxx>

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struct  TTFontTable_

Public Member Functions

 TrueTypeFont (const char *pFileName=nullptr, const FontCharMapRef xCharMap=nullptr)
 ~TrueTypeFont () override
SFErrCodes open (sal_uInt32 facenum)
bool hasTable (sal_uInt32 ord) const override
const sal_uInt8table (sal_uInt32 ord, sal_uInt32 &size) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from vcl::AbstractTrueTypeFont
 AbstractTrueTypeFont (const char *fileName=nullptr, const FontCharMapRef xCharMap=nullptr)
virtual ~AbstractTrueTypeFont ()
SFErrCodes initialize ()
std::string const & fileName () const
sal_uInt32 glyphCount () const
sal_uInt32 glyphOffset (sal_uInt32 glyphID) const
sal_uInt32 horzMetricCount () const
sal_uInt32 vertMetricCount () const
sal_uInt32 unitsPerEm () const
bool IsMicrosoftSymbolEncoded () const
virtual bool hasTable (sal_uInt32 ord) const =0
virtual const sal_uInt8table (sal_uInt32 ord, sal_uInt32 &size) const =0

Public Attributes

sal_Int32 fsize
sal_uInt32 ntables
- Public Attributes inherited from vcl::AbstractTrueTypeFont
OString psname
OString family
OUString ufamily
OString subfamily
OUString usubfamily

Private Attributes

std::array< struct TTFontTable_, NUM_TAGSm_aTableList

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from vcl::AbstractTrueTypeFont
SFErrCodes indexGlyphData ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 728 of file sft.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TrueTypeFont()

vcl::TrueTypeFont::TrueTypeFont ( const char *  pFileName = nullptr,
const FontCharMapRef  xCharMap = nullptr 

Definition at line 1242 of file sft.cxx.

◆ ~TrueTypeFont()

vcl::TrueTypeFont::~TrueTypeFont ( )

Definition at line 1250 of file sft.cxx.

References vcl::AbstractTrueTypeFont::fileName(), fsize, and ptr.

Member Function Documentation

◆ hasTable()

bool vcl::TrueTypeFont::hasTable ( sal_uInt32  ord) const

Implements vcl::AbstractTrueTypeFont.

Definition at line 748 of file sft.hxx.

References m_aTableList.

Referenced by open().

◆ open()

SFErrCodes vcl::TrueTypeFont::open ( sal_uInt32  facenum)

◆ table()

const sal_uInt8 * vcl::TrueTypeFont::table ( sal_uInt32  ord,
sal_uInt32 &  size 
) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ fsize

sal_Int32 vcl::TrueTypeFont::fsize

◆ m_aTableList

std::array<struct TTFontTable_, NUM_TAGS> vcl::TrueTypeFont::m_aTableList

Definition at line 736 of file sft.hxx.

Referenced by hasTable(), open(), and table().

◆ ntables

sal_uInt32 vcl::TrueTypeFont::ntables

Definition at line 741 of file sft.hxx.

Referenced by open().

◆ ptr

sal_uInt8* vcl::TrueTypeFont::ptr

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