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SwTableCellInfo::Impl Struct Reference
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Public Types

typedef o3tl::sorted_vector< const SwTableBox * > TableBoxes_t

Public Member Functions

 Impl ()
void setTable (const SwTable *pTable)
const SwCellFramegetCellFrame () const
const SwFramegetNextFrameInTable (const SwFrame *pFrame)
const SwCellFramegetNextCellFrame (const SwFrame *pFrame)
const SwCellFramegetNextTableBoxsCellFrame (const SwFrame *pFrame)
bool getNext ()

Public Attributes

const SwTablem_pTable
const SwCellFramem_pCellFrame
const SwTabFramem_pTabFrame
TableBoxes_t m_HandledTableBoxes

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3041 of file swtable.cxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ TableBoxes_t

Definition at line 3046 of file swtable.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Impl()

SwTableCellInfo::Impl::Impl ( )

Definition at line 3050 of file swtable.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCellFrame()

const SwCellFrame * SwTableCellInfo::Impl::getCellFrame ( ) const

Definition at line 3064 of file swtable.cxx.

References m_pCellFrame.

◆ getNext()

bool SwTableCellInfo::Impl::getNext ( )

Definition at line 3143 of file swtable.cxx.

References getNextTableBoxsCellFrame().

◆ getNextCellFrame()

const SwCellFrame * SwTableCellInfo::Impl::getNextCellFrame ( const SwFrame pFrame)

Definition at line 3103 of file swtable.cxx.

References SwFrame::IsCellFrame().

◆ getNextFrameInTable()

const SwFrame * SwTableCellInfo::Impl::getNextFrameInTable ( const SwFrame pFrame)

◆ getNextTableBoxsCellFrame()

const SwCellFrame * SwTableCellInfo::Impl::getNextTableBoxsCellFrame ( const SwFrame pFrame)

Definition at line 3119 of file swtable.cxx.

References SwCellFrame::GetTabBox().

Referenced by getNext().

◆ setTable()

void SwTableCellInfo::Impl::setTable ( const SwTable pTable)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_HandledTableBoxes

TableBoxes_t SwTableCellInfo::Impl::m_HandledTableBoxes

Definition at line 3047 of file swtable.cxx.

◆ m_pCellFrame

const SwCellFrame* SwTableCellInfo::Impl::m_pCellFrame

Definition at line 3044 of file swtable.cxx.

Referenced by getCellFrame().

◆ m_pTabFrame

const SwTabFrame* SwTableCellInfo::Impl::m_pTabFrame

Definition at line 3045 of file swtable.cxx.

Referenced by getNextFrameInTable(), and setTable().

◆ m_pTable

const SwTable* SwTableCellInfo::Impl::m_pTable

Definition at line 3043 of file swtable.cxx.

Referenced by setTable().

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