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mvsave.hxx File Reference
#include <vcl/keycod.hxx>
#include <IDocumentMarkAccess.hxx>
#include <vector>
#include <deque>
#include <o3tl/typed_flags_set.hxx>
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class  sw::mark::SaveBookmark
class  sw::mark::ContentIdxStore
 Takes care of storing relevant attributes of an SwTextNode before split, then restore them on the new node. More...
struct  o3tl::typed_flags< sw::mark::RestoreMode >
struct  SaveFly
 data structure to temporarily hold fly anchor positions relative to some location. More...
class  SwDataChanged
class  ZSortFly
 Helper to copy paragraph-bound Flys. More...
class  SwTableNumFormatMerge
class  SaveRedlEndPosForRestore




typedef std::deque< SaveFlySaveFlyArr


enum  sw::mark::RestoreMode {
  sw::mark::RestoreMode::Flys = 1,
  sw::mark::RestoreMode::NonFlys = 2,
  sw::mark::RestoreMode::All = 3


void DelBookmarks (const SwNodeIndex &rStt, const SwNodeIndex &rEnd, std::vector< ::sw::mark::SaveBookmark > *SaveBkmk=nullptr, const SwIndex *pSttIdx=nullptr, const SwIndex *pEndIdx=nullptr)
void RestFlyInRange (SaveFlyArr &rArr, const SwPosition &rSttIdx, const SwNodeIndex *pInsPos)
void SaveFlyInRange (const SwNodeRange &rRg, SaveFlyArr &rArr)
void SaveFlyInRange (const SwPaM &rPam, const SwPosition &rInsPos, SaveFlyArr &rArr, bool bMoveAllFlys)
void DelFlyInRange (const SwNodeIndex &rMkNdIdx, const SwNodeIndex &rPtNdIdx, SwIndex const *pMkIdx=nullptr, SwIndex const *pPtIdx=nullptr)
 Delete and move all Flys at the paragraph, that are within the selection. More...
void PaMCorrAbs (const SwPaM &rRange, const SwPosition &rNewPos)
 Function declarations so that everything below the CursorShell can move the Cursor once in a while. More...
void PaMCorrRel (const SwNodeIndex &rOldNode, const SwPosition &rNewPos, const sal_Int32 nOffset=0)
 Sets all PaMs in OldNode to relative Pos. More...

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::deque< SaveFly > SaveFlyArr

Definition at line 116 of file mvsave.hxx.

Function Documentation

void DelBookmarks ( const SwNodeIndex rStt,
const SwNodeIndex rEnd,
std::vector< ::sw::mark::SaveBookmark > *  SaveBkmk = nullptr,
const SwIndex pSttIdx = nullptr,
const SwIndex pEndIdx = nullptr 
void DelFlyInRange ( const SwNodeIndex rMkNdIdx,
const SwNodeIndex rPtNdIdx,
SwIndex const *const  pMkIdx,
SwIndex const *const  pPtIdx 
void PaMCorrAbs ( const SwPaM rRange,
const SwPosition rNewPos 
void PaMCorrRel ( const SwNodeIndex rOldNode,
const SwPosition rNewPos,
const sal_Int32  nOffset = 0 
void RestFlyInRange ( SaveFlyArr rArr,
const SwPosition rSttIdx,
const SwNodeIndex pInsPos 
void SaveFlyInRange ( const SwNodeRange rRg,
SaveFlyArr rArr 
void SaveFlyInRange ( const SwPaM rPam,
const SwPosition rInsPos,
SaveFlyArr rArr,
bool  bMoveAllFlys