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inputwin.cxx File Reference
#include <sal/config.h>
#include <sal/log.hxx>
#include <osl/diagnose.h>
#include <comphelper/string.hxx>
#include <o3tl/safeint.hxx>
#include <officecfg/Office/Common.hxx>
#include <tools/gen.hxx>
#include <sfx2/objface.hxx>
#include <sfx2/viewfrm.hxx>
#include <sfx2/dispatch.hxx>
#include <svx/ruler.hxx>
#include <svl/stritem.hxx>
#include <vcl/event.hxx>
#include <vcl/weldutils.hxx>
#include <swtypes.hxx>
#include <cmdid.h>
#include <swmodule.hxx>
#include <wrtsh.hxx>
#include <view.hxx>
#include <inputwin.hxx>
#include <fldbas.hxx>
#include <fldmgr.hxx>
#include <frmfmt.hxx>
#include <cellatr.hxx>
#include <edtwin.hxx>
#include <helpids.h>
#include <strings.hrc>
#include <bitmaps.hlst>
#include <pam.hxx>
#include <swundo.hxx>
#include <IDocumentContentOperations.hxx>
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constexpr ToolBoxItemId ED_POS (2)
constexpr ToolBoxItemId ED_FORMULA (3)
constexpr ToolBoxItemId FN_FORMULA_CALC (FN_FORMAT+156)
constexpr ToolBoxItemId FN_FORMULA_CANCEL (FN_FORMAT+157)
constexpr ToolBoxItemId FN_FORMULA_APPLY (FN_FORMAT+158)
 IMPL_LINK (PosEdit, KeyInputHdl, const KeyEvent &, rKEvt, bool)
 IMPL_LINK_NOARG (SwInputWindow, DropdownClickHdl, ToolBox *, void)
 IMPL_LINK (SwInputWindow, SelTableCellsNotify, SwWrtShell &, rCaller, void)
 IMPL_LINK_NOARG (SwInputWindow, ModifyHdl, weld::Entry &, void)
 IMPL_LINK (InputEdit, KeyInputHdl, const KeyEvent &, rEvent, bool)
 IMPL_LINK_NOARG (InputEdit, ActivateHdl, weld::Entry &, bool)


const sal_Unicode CH_LRE = 0x202a
const sal_Unicode CH_PDF = 0x202c

Function Documentation

constexpr ToolBoxItemId ED_FORMULA ( )
constexpr ToolBoxItemId ED_POS ( )
constexpr ToolBoxItemId FN_FORMULA_APPLY ( FN_FORMAT+  158)
constexpr ToolBoxItemId FN_FORMULA_CALC ( FN_FORMAT+  156)
constexpr ToolBoxItemId FN_FORMULA_CANCEL ( FN_FORMAT+  157)
IMPL_LINK ( PosEdit  ,
KeyInputHdl  ,
const KeyEvent ,
rKEvt  ,

Definition at line 66 of file inputwin.cxx.

IMPL_LINK ( SwInputWindow  ,
SelTableCellsNotify  ,
SwWrtShell ,
rCaller  ,
IMPL_LINK ( InputEdit  ,
KeyInputHdl  ,
const KeyEvent ,
rEvent  ,

Definition at line 478 of file inputwin.cxx.

References KEY_ESCAPE, KEY_F2, KEY_RETURN, and m_xWidget.

IMPL_LINK_NOARG ( SwInputWindow  ,
DropdownClickHdl  ,
ToolBox ,
IMPL_LINK_NOARG ( SwInputWindow  ,
ModifyHdl  ,
weld::Entry ,

Definition at line 448 of file inputwin.cxx.

References CH_LRE, and CH_PDF.

IMPL_LINK_NOARG ( InputEdit  ,
ActivateHdl  ,
weld::Entry ,

Definition at line 494 of file inputwin.cxx.

Variable Documentation

const sal_Unicode CH_LRE = 0x202a

Definition at line 392 of file inputwin.cxx.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK(), and IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

const sal_Unicode CH_PDF = 0x202c

Definition at line 393 of file inputwin.cxx.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK(), and IMPL_LINK_NOARG().