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sw::mark::DateFieldmark Class Reference

Fieldmark representing a date form field. More...

#include <bookmrk.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 DateFieldmark (const SwPaM &rPaM)
virtual ~DateFieldmark () override
virtual void InitDoc (SwDoc &io_rDoc, sw::mark::InsertMode eMode, SwPosition const *pSepPos) override
virtual void ReleaseDoc (SwDoc &rDoc) override
virtual void ShowButton (SwEditWin *pEditWin) override
void SetPortionPaintAreaStart (const SwRect &rPortionPaintArea)
void SetPortionPaintAreaEnd (const SwRect &rPortionPaintArea)
virtual OUString GetContent () const override
virtual void ReplaceContent (const OUString &sNewContent) override
virtual std::pair< bool, double > GetCurrentDate () const override
virtual void SetCurrentDate (double fDate) override
virtual OUString GetDateInStandardDateFormat (double fDate) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::BroadcastingModify
virtual void CallSwClientNotify (const SfxHint &rHint) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwModify
 SwModify ()
void NotifyClients (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue, const SfxPoolItem *pNewValue)
void ModifyBroadcast (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue, const SfxPoolItem *pNewValue)
virtual ~SwModify () override
void Add (SwClient *pDepend)
SwClientRemove (SwClient *pDepend)
bool HasWriterListeners () const
virtual bool GetInfo (SfxPoolItem &) const override
void LockModify ()
void UnlockModify ()
void SetInCache (bool bNew)
void SetInSwFntCache (bool bNew)
void SetInDocDTOR ()
bool IsModifyLocked () const
bool IsInCache () const
bool IsInSwFntCache () const
void CheckCaching (const sal_uInt16 nWhich)
bool HasOnlyOneListener () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient ()
 SwClient (SwClient &&) noexcept
virtual ~SwClient () override
std::unique_ptr< sw::ModifyChangedHintCheckRegistration (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue)
virtual void ModifyNotification (const SfxPoolItem *pOldValue, const SfxPoolItem *pNewValue)
void SwClientNotifyCall (const SwModify &rModify, const SfxHint &rHint)
const SwModifyGetRegisteredIn () const
SwModifyGetRegisteredIn ()
void EndListeningAll ()
void StartListeningToSameModifyAs (const SwClient &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
bool IsLast () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::BroadcasterMixin
 BroadcasterMixin ()=default
 BroadcasterMixin (BroadcasterMixin const &)=default
BroadcasterMixinoperator= (const BroadcasterMixin &)
SvtBroadcasterGetNotifier ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::mark::FieldmarkWithDropDownButton
 FieldmarkWithDropDownButton (const SwPaM &rPaM)
virtual ~FieldmarkWithDropDownButton () override
virtual void HideButton ()
virtual void RemoveButton ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::mark::NonTextFieldmark
 NonTextFieldmark (const SwPaM &rPaM)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::mark::Fieldmark
 Fieldmark (const SwPaM &rPaM)
virtual OUString GetFieldname () const override
virtual OUString GetFieldHelptext () const override
virtual IFieldmark::parameter_map_tGetParameters () override
virtual const IFieldmark::parameter_map_tGetParameters () const override
virtual void SetFieldname (const OUString &aFieldname) override
virtual void SetFieldHelptext (const OUString &aFieldHelptext) override
void SetMarkStartPos (const SwPosition &rNewStartPos)
void SetMarkEndPos (const SwPosition &rNewEndPos)
virtual void Invalidate () override
virtual OUString ToString () const override
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::mark::MarkBase
virtual SwPositionGetMarkPos () const override
virtual const OUString & GetName () const override
virtual SwPositionGetOtherMarkPos () const override
virtual SwPositionGetMarkStart () const override
virtual SwPositionGetMarkEnd () const override
virtual bool IsCoveringPosition (const SwPosition &rPos) const override
virtual bool IsExpanded () const override
void SetName (const OUString &rName)
virtual void SetMarkPos (const SwPosition &rNewPos)
virtual void SetOtherMarkPos (const SwPosition &rNewPos)
virtual void ClearOtherMarkPos ()
virtual auto InvalidateFrames () -> void
void Swap ()
virtual ~MarkBase () override
const css::uno::WeakReference< css::text::XTextContent > & GetXBookmark () const
void SetXBookmark (css::uno::Reference< css::text::XTextContent > const &xBkmk)

Private Member Functions

OUString GetDateInCurrentDateFormat (double fDate) const
std::pair< bool, double > ParseCurrentDateParam () const
void InvalidateCurrentDateParam ()

Private Attributes

SwRect m_aPaintAreaStart
SwRect m_aPaintAreaEnd

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from sw::mark::IFieldmark
typedef std::map< OUString, css::uno::Any > parameter_map_t
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::mark::IDateFieldmark
 IDateFieldmark ()=default
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::mark::IFieldmark
 IFieldmark ()=default
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::mark::IMark
 IMark ()=default
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwClient
 SwClient (SwModify *pToRegisterIn)
SwModifyGetRegisteredInNonConst () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::WriterListener
 WriterListener ()
virtual ~WriterListener () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::mark::MarkBase
virtual void SwClientNotify (const SwModify &, const SfxHint &) override
 MarkBase (const SwPaM &rPaM, const OUString &rName)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::mark::MarkBase
static OUString GenerateNewName (const OUString &rPrefix)
- Protected Attributes inherited from sw::mark::FieldmarkWithDropDownButton
VclPtr< FormFieldButtonm_pButton
- Protected Attributes inherited from sw::mark::MarkBase
std::unique_ptr< SwPositionm_pPos1
std::unique_ptr< SwPositionm_pPos2
OUString m_aName
css::uno::WeakReference< css::text::XTextContent > m_wXBookmark

Detailed Description

Fieldmark representing a date form field.

Definition at line 304 of file bookmrk.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sw::mark::DateFieldmark::DateFieldmark ( const SwPaM rPaM)

Definition at line 773 of file bookmrk.cxx.

sw::mark::DateFieldmark::~DateFieldmark ( )

Definition at line 780 of file bookmrk.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

OUString sw::mark::DateFieldmark::GetContent ( ) const
std::pair< bool, double > sw::mark::DateFieldmark::GetCurrentDate ( ) const
OUString sw::mark::DateFieldmark::GetDateInCurrentDateFormat ( double  fDate) const
OUString sw::mark::DateFieldmark::GetDateInStandardDateFormat ( double  fDate) const
void sw::mark::DateFieldmark::InitDoc ( SwDoc io_rDoc,
sw::mark::InsertMode  eMode,
SwPosition const *  pSepPos 
void sw::mark::DateFieldmark::InvalidateCurrentDateParam ( )
std::pair< bool, double > sw::mark::DateFieldmark::ParseCurrentDateParam ( ) const
void sw::mark::DateFieldmark::ReleaseDoc ( SwDoc rDoc)
void sw::mark::DateFieldmark::ReplaceContent ( const OUString &  sNewContent)
void sw::mark::DateFieldmark::SetCurrentDate ( double  fDate)
void sw::mark::DateFieldmark::SetPortionPaintAreaEnd ( const SwRect rPortionPaintArea)
void sw::mark::DateFieldmark::SetPortionPaintAreaStart ( const SwRect rPortionPaintArea)
void sw::mark::DateFieldmark::ShowButton ( SwEditWin pEditWin)

Member Data Documentation

SwRect sw::mark::DateFieldmark::m_aPaintAreaEnd

Definition at line 335 of file bookmrk.hxx.

Referenced by SetPortionPaintAreaEnd(), and ShowButton().

SwRect sw::mark::DateFieldmark::m_aPaintAreaStart

Definition at line 334 of file bookmrk.hxx.

Referenced by SetPortionPaintAreaEnd(), SetPortionPaintAreaStart(), and ShowButton().

sw::DocumentContentOperationsManager* sw::mark::DateFieldmark::m_pDocumentContentOperationsManager

Definition at line 333 of file bookmrk.hxx.

Referenced by InitDoc(), and ReplaceContent().

SvNumberFormatter* sw::mark::DateFieldmark::m_pNumberFormatter

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