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WW8ListManager Class Reference

#include <ww8par.hxx>

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Public Types

enum  ListLevel {
  nMinLevel =1 ,
  nMaxLevel =9

Public Member Functions

 WW8ListManager (SvStream &rSt_, SwWW8ImplReader &rReader_)
SwNumRuleGetNumRuleForActivation (sal_uInt16 nLFOPosition, const sal_uInt8 nLevel, std::vector< sal_uInt8 > &rParaSprms, SwTextNode *pNode=nullptr)
SwNumRuleCreateNextRule (bool bSimple)
 ~WW8ListManager ()
SwNumRuleGetNumRule (size_t i)
size_t GetWW8LSTInfoNum () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SvxNumType GetSvxNumTypeFromMSONFC (sal_uInt16 nMSONFC)

Private Types

typedef std::unique_ptr< SfxItemSetWW8aISet[nMaxLevel]
typedef SwCharFormatWW8aCFormat[nMaxLevel]

Private Member Functions

SprmResult GrpprlHasSprm (sal_uInt16 nId, sal_uInt8 &rSprms, sal_uInt8 nLen)
WW8LSTInfoGetLSTByListId (sal_uInt32 nIdLst) const
bool ReadLVL (SwNumFormat &rNumFormat, std::unique_ptr< SfxItemSet > &rpItemSet, sal_uInt16 nLevelStyle, bool bSetStartNo, sal_uInt16 nLevel, ww::bytes &rParaSprms)
void AdjustLVL (sal_uInt8 nLevel, SwNumRule &rNumRule, WW8aISet const &rListItemSet, WW8aCFormat &aCharFormat, bool &bNewCharFormatCreated, const OUString &aPrefix=OUString())
void ImplDestroy ()
 WW8ListManager (const WW8ListManager &)=delete
WW8ListManageroperator= (const WW8ListManager &)=delete

Private Attributes

wwSprmParser maSprmParser
const WW8Fibm_rFib
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< WW8LSTInfo > > maLSTInfos
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< WW8LFOInfo > > m_LFOInfos
sal_uInt16 m_nUniqueList
sal_uInt16 m_nLastLFOPosition

Detailed Description

Definition at line 152 of file ww8par.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ WW8aCFormat

typedef SwCharFormat* WW8ListManager::WW8aCFormat[nMaxLevel]

Definition at line 187 of file ww8par.hxx.

◆ WW8aISet

typedef std::unique_ptr<SfxItemSet> WW8ListManager::WW8aISet[nMaxLevel]

Definition at line 185 of file ww8par.hxx.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ListLevel


Definition at line 157 of file ww8par.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WW8ListManager() [1/2]

WW8ListManager::WW8ListManager ( SvStream rSt_,
SwWW8ImplReader rReader_ 

◆ ~WW8ListManager()

WW8ListManager::~WW8ListManager ( )

Definition at line 1484 of file ww8par3.cxx.

References ImplDestroy(), and suppress_fun_call_w_exception.

◆ WW8ListManager() [2/2]

WW8ListManager::WW8ListManager ( const WW8ListManager )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AdjustLVL()

void WW8ListManager::AdjustLVL ( sal_uInt8  nLevel,
SwNumRule rNumRule,
WW8aISet const &  rListItemSet,
WW8aCFormat aCharFormat,
bool &  bNewCharFormatCreated,
const OUString &  aPrefix = OUString() 

◆ CreateNextRule()

SwNumRule * WW8ListManager::CreateNextRule ( bool  bSimple)

◆ GetLSTByListId()

WW8LSTInfo * WW8ListManager::GetLSTByListId ( sal_uInt32  nIdLst) const

Definition at line 483 of file ww8par3.cxx.

References maLSTInfos.

Referenced by GetNumRuleForActivation(), and WW8ListManager().

◆ GetNumRule()

SwNumRule * WW8ListManager::GetNumRule ( size_t  i)

Definition at line 1114 of file ww8par3.cxx.

References i, and maLSTInfos.

◆ GetNumRuleForActivation()

SwNumRule * WW8ListManager::GetNumRuleForActivation ( sal_uInt16  nLFOPosition,
const sal_uInt8  nLevel,
std::vector< sal_uInt8 > &  rParaSprms,
SwTextNode pNode = nullptr 

◆ GetSvxNumTypeFromMSONFC()

SvxNumType WW8ListManager::GetSvxNumTypeFromMSONFC ( sal_uInt16  nMSONFC)

◆ GetWW8LSTInfoNum()

size_t WW8ListManager::GetWW8LSTInfoNum ( ) const

Definition at line 165 of file ww8par.hxx.

References maLSTInfos.

◆ GrpprlHasSprm()

SprmResult WW8ListManager::GrpprlHasSprm ( sal_uInt16  nId,
sal_uInt8 rSprms,
sal_uInt8  nLen 

Definition at line 462 of file ww8par3.cxx.

References wwSprmParser::findSprmData(), maSprmParser, and nId.

Referenced by ReadLVL().

◆ ImplDestroy()

void WW8ListManager::ImplDestroy ( )

Definition at line 1457 of file ww8par3.cxx.

References SwDoc::DelNumRule(), m_LFOInfos, m_rDoc, and maLSTInfos.

Referenced by ~WW8ListManager().

◆ operator=()

WW8ListManager & WW8ListManager::operator= ( const WW8ListManager )

◆ ReadLVL()

bool WW8ListManager::ReadLVL ( SwNumFormat rNumFormat,
std::unique_ptr< SfxItemSet > &  rpItemSet,
sal_uInt16  nLevelStyle,
bool  bSetStartNo,
sal_uInt16  nLevel,
ww::bytes rParaSprms 

Definition at line 647 of file ww8par3.cxx.

References WW8SprmIter::advance(), ERRCODE_NONE, SwDoc::GetAttrPool(), SwWW8ImplReader::GetCurrentColl(), WW8SprmIter::GetCurrentId(), SvStream::GetError(), SvxNumberFormat::GetPositionAndSpaceMode(), WW8SprmIter::GetRemLen(), WW8SprmIter::GetSprms(), GetSvxNumTypeFromMSONFC(), SwWW8ImplReader::GetToggleAttrFlags(), SwWW8ImplReader::GetToggleBiDiAttrFlags(), comphelper::string::getTokenCount(), GrpprlHasSprm(), i, SwWW8ImplReader::ImportSprm(), SvxNumberFormat::LABEL_WIDTH_AND_POSITION, SvxNumberFormat::LISTTAB, m_rDoc, m_rReader, m_rSt, maSprmParser, nMaxLevel, SvxNumberFormat::NOTHING, SprmResult::nRemainingData, nType, SprmResult::pSprm, read_uInt16_PascalString(), SvStream::ReadBytes(), SvStream::ReadInt32(), SvStream::ReadUChar(), SAL_WARN, comphelper::string::sanitizeStringSurrogates(), SvStream::SeekRel(), SvxNumberFormat::SetAbsLSpace(), SvxNumberFormat::SetBulletChar(), SvxNumberFormat::SetCharTextDistance(), SwWW8ImplReader::SetCurrentItemSet(), SvxNumberFormat::SetFirstLineIndent(), SvxNumberFormat::SetFirstLineOffset(), SwNumFormat::SetGrfBulletCP(), SvxNumberFormat::SetIncludeUpperLevels(), SvxNumberFormat::SetIndentAt(), SvxNumberFormat::SetLabelFollowedBy(), SvxNumberFormat::SetListFormat(), SvxNumberFormat::SetListtabPos(), SwWW8ImplReader::SetNCurrentColl(), SvxNumberFormat::SetNumAdjust(), SvxNumberType::SetNumberingType(), SvxNumberFormat::SetStart(), SwWW8ImplReader::SetToggleAttrFlags(), SwWW8ImplReader::SetToggleBiDiAttrFlags(), SvxNumberFormat::SPACE, ww::stiNil, SVX_NUM_ARABIC, SVX_NUM_BITMAP, o3tl::temporary(), and NS_sprm::sprm< ispmd, fSpec, sgc, spra >::val.

Referenced by WW8ListManager().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_LFOInfos

std::vector<std::unique_ptr<WW8LFOInfo> > WW8ListManager::m_LFOInfos

Definition at line 175 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GetNumRuleForActivation(), ImplDestroy(), and WW8ListManager().

◆ m_nLastLFOPosition

sal_uInt16 WW8ListManager::m_nLastLFOPosition

Definition at line 197 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GetNumRuleForActivation().

◆ m_nUniqueList

sal_uInt16 WW8ListManager::m_nUniqueList

Definition at line 176 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by CreateNextRule().

◆ m_rDoc

SwDoc& WW8ListManager::m_rDoc

Definition at line 171 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by AdjustLVL(), CreateNextRule(), ImplDestroy(), ReadLVL(), and WW8ListManager().

◆ m_rFib

const WW8Fib& WW8ListManager::m_rFib

Definition at line 172 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by WW8ListManager().

◆ m_rReader

SwWW8ImplReader& WW8ListManager::m_rReader

Definition at line 170 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GetNumRuleForActivation(), ReadLVL(), and WW8ListManager().

◆ m_rSt

SvStream& WW8ListManager::m_rSt

Definition at line 173 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by ReadLVL(), and WW8ListManager().

◆ maLSTInfos

std::vector<std::unique_ptr<WW8LSTInfo> > WW8ListManager::maLSTInfos

Definition at line 174 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GetLSTByListId(), GetNumRule(), GetWW8LSTInfoNum(), ImplDestroy(), and WW8ListManager().

◆ maSprmParser

wwSprmParser WW8ListManager::maSprmParser

Definition at line 169 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GrpprlHasSprm(), and ReadLVL().

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