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SwTextAdjuster Class Reference

#include <itrtxt.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

void CalcAdjLine (SwLineLayout *pCurr)
void GetAdjusted () const
void CalcDropAdjust ()
void CalcDropRepaint ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwTextMargin
 SwTextMargin (SwTextFrame *pTextFrame, SwTextSizeInfo *pTextSizeInf)
SwTwips GetLeftMargin () const
SwTwips Left () const
SwTwips Right () const
SwTwips FirstLeft () const
SwTwips CurrWidth () const
SwTwips GetLineStart () const
SwTwips GetLineEnd () const
Point GetTopLeft () const
bool IsOneBlock () const
bool IsLastBlock () const
bool IsLastCenter () const
SvxAdjust GetAdjust () const
sal_uInt16 GetLineWidth () const
SwTwips GetLeftMin () const
bool HasNegFirst () const
SwTwips GetTabLeft () const
sal_uInt16 GetDropLines () const
void SetDropLines (const sal_uInt16 nNew)
sal_uInt16 GetDropLeft () const
sal_uInt16 GetDropHeight () const
void SetDropHeight (const sal_uInt16 nNew)
sal_uInt16 GetDropDescent () const
void SetDropDescent (const sal_uInt16 nNew)
void DropInit ()
TextFrameIndex GetTextStart () const
TextFrameIndex GetTextEnd () const
SwTextSizeInfoGetInfo ()
const SwTextSizeInfoGetInfo () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwTextIter
 SwTextIter (SwTextFrame *pTextFrame, SwTextInfo *pTextInf)
const SwLineLayoutGetCurr () const
const SwLineLayoutGetNext () const
const SwLineLayoutGetPrev ()
TextFrameIndex GetLength () const
sal_Int32 GetLineNr () const
TextFrameIndex GetStart () const
TextFrameIndex GetEnd () const
SwTwips Y () const
SwTwips RegStart () const
sal_uInt16 RegDiff () const
bool IsRegisterOn () const
SwTextInfoGetInfo ()
const SwTextInfoGetInfo () const
void Top ()
void Bottom ()
const SwLineLayoutNext ()
const SwLineLayoutPrev ()
const SwLineLayoutNextLine ()
const SwLineLayoutPrevLine ()
const SwLineLayoutGetNextLine () const
const SwLineLayoutGetPrevLine ()
void CharToLine (TextFrameIndex)
void TwipsToLine (const SwTwips)
void TruncLines (bool bNoteFollow=false)
SwTwips GetLineHeight () const
void CalcAscentAndHeight (SwTwips &rAscent, SwTwips &rHeight) const
bool IsFirstTextLine () const
bool IsParaLine () const
const SwLineInfoGetLineInfo () const
SwTwips GetFirstPos () const
bool SeekAndChg (SwTextSizeInfo &rInf)
bool SeekAndChgBefore (SwTextSizeInfo &rInf)
bool SeekStartAndChg (SwTextSizeInfo &rInf, const bool bPara=false)
SwTextFrameGetTextFrame ()
const SwTextFrameGetTextFrame () const
void CntHyphens (sal_uInt8 &nEndCnt, sal_uInt8 &nMidCnt) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwAttrIter
 SwAttrIter (SwTextNode &rTextNode, SwScriptInfo &rScrInf, SwTextFrame const *const pFrame=nullptr)
 All subclasses of this always have a SwTextFrame passed to the constructor, but SwAttrIter itself may be created without a SwTextFrame in certain special cases via this ctor here. More...
virtual ~SwAttrIter ()
SwRedlineItrGetRedln ()
TextFrameIndex GetNextAttr () const
bool Seek (TextFrameIndex nPos)
 Enables the attributes used at char pos nPos in the logical font. More...
bool IsSymbol (TextFrameIndex nPos)
bool SeekAndChgAttrIter (TextFrameIndex nPos, OutputDevice *pOut)
 Executes ChgPhysFnt if Seek() returns true and change font to merge character border with neighbours. More...
bool SeekStartAndChgAttrIter (OutputDevice *pOut, const bool bParaFont)
bool MaybeHasHints () const
SwTextAttrGetAttr (TextFrameIndex nPos) const
 Returns the attribute for a position. More...
SwFontGetFnt ()
const SwFontGetFnt () const
sal_uInt8 GetPropFont () const
void SetPropFont (const sal_uInt8 nNew)
SwAttrHandlerGetAttrHandler ()

Protected Member Functions

 SwTextAdjuster (SwTextNode const *pTextNode)
void CalcNewBlock (SwLineLayout *pCurr, const SwLinePortion *pStopAt, SwTwips nReal=0, bool bSkipKashida=false)
SwTwips CalcKanaAdj (SwLineLayout *pCurr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwTextMargin
void Right (const SwTwips nNew)
void CtorInitTextMargin (SwTextFrame *pFrame, SwTextSizeInfo *pInf)
 SwTextMargin (SwTextNode const *pTextNode)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwTextIter
SwLineLayoutGetPrev_ ()
void Init ()
void CtorInitTextIter (SwTextFrame *pFrame, SwTextInfo *pInf)
 SwTextIter (SwTextNode const *pTextNode)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwAttrIter
void Chg (SwTextAttr const *pHt)
void Rst (SwTextAttr const *pHt)
void CtorInitAttrIter (SwTextNode &rTextNode, SwScriptInfo &rScrInf, SwTextFrame const *pFrame=nullptr)
 SwAttrIter (SwTextNode const *pTextNode)

Private Member Functions

void CalcFlyAdjust (SwLineLayout *pCurr)
void FormatBlock ()
SwMarginPortionCalcRightMargin (SwLineLayout *pCurr, SwTwips nReal=0)
SwFlyPortionCalcFlyPortion (const tools::Long nRealWidth, const SwRect &rCurrRect)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SwTextIter
SwLineInfo m_aLineInf
SwTwips m_nFrameStart
SwTwips m_nY
SwTwips m_nRegStart
TextFrameIndex m_nStart
sal_uInt16 m_nRegDiff
sal_Int32 m_nLineNr
bool m_bPrev: 1
bool m_bRegisterOn: 1
bool m_bOneBlock: 1
bool m_bLastBlock: 1
bool m_bLastCenter: 1
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwAttrIter
SwAttrHandler m_aAttrHandler

Detailed Description

Definition at line 223 of file itrtxt.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwTextAdjuster()

SwTextAdjuster::SwTextAdjuster ( SwTextNode const *  pTextNode)

Definition at line 239 of file itrtxt.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CalcAdjLine()

void SwTextAdjuster::CalcAdjLine ( SwLineLayout pCurr)

◆ CalcDropAdjust()

void SwTextAdjuster::CalcDropAdjust ( )

◆ CalcDropRepaint()

void SwTextAdjuster::CalcDropRepaint ( )

◆ CalcFlyAdjust()

void SwTextAdjuster::CalcFlyAdjust ( SwLineLayout pCurr)

◆ CalcFlyPortion()

SwFlyPortion * SwTextAdjuster::CalcFlyPortion ( const tools::Long  nRealWidth,
const SwRect rCurrRect 

◆ CalcKanaAdj()

SwTwips SwTextAdjuster::CalcKanaAdj ( SwLineLayout pCurr)

◆ CalcNewBlock()

void SwTextAdjuster::CalcNewBlock ( SwLineLayout pCurr,
const SwLinePortion pStopAt,
SwTwips  nReal = 0,
bool  bSkipKashida = false 

◆ CalcRightMargin()

SwMarginPortion * SwTextAdjuster::CalcRightMargin ( SwLineLayout pCurr,
SwTwips  nReal = 0 

◆ FormatBlock()

void SwTextAdjuster::FormatBlock ( )

◆ GetAdjusted()

void SwTextAdjuster::GetAdjusted ( ) const

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