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SwTableField Class Referencefinal

#include <expfld.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwTableField (SwTableFieldType *, const OUString &rFormel, sal_uInt16 nSubType, sal_uLong nFormat)
virtual void SetValue (const double &rVal) override
virtual sal_uInt16 GetSubType () const override
virtual void SetSubType (sal_uInt16 nType) override
void ChgExpStr (const OUString &rStr)
void CalcField (SwTableCalcPara &rCalcPara)
virtual OUString GetFieldName () const override
 get name or content More...
virtual OUString GetPar2 () const override
 The formula. More...
virtual void SetPar2 (const OUString &rStr) override
virtual bool QueryValue (css::uno::Any &rVal, sal_uInt16 nWhich) const override
virtual bool PutValue (const css::uno::Any &rVal, sal_uInt16 nWhich) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwValueField
virtual ~SwValueField () override
virtual SwFieldTypeChgTyp (SwFieldType *) override
 Set a new type. More...
virtual void SetLanguage (LanguageType nLng) override
 set language of the format More...
SwDocGetDoc () const
virtual double GetValue () const
OUString ExpandValue (const double &rVal, sal_uInt32 nFormat, LanguageType nLng) const
void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwField
virtual ~SwField ()
 SwField (SwField const &)=default
 SwField (SwField &&)=default
SwFieldoperator= (SwField const &)=default
SwFieldoperator= (SwField &&)=default
SwFieldTypeGetTyp () const
OUString ExpandField (bool bCached, SwRootFrame const *pLayout) const
 expand the field. More...
std::unique_ptr< SwFieldCopyField () const
SwFieldIds Which () const
 ResId. More...
SwFieldTypesEnum GetTypeId () const
LanguageType GetLanguage () const
 Language at field position. More...
sal_uInt32 GetFormat () const
 Query parameters for dialog and for BASIC. More...
virtual OUString GetPar1 () const
virtual OUString GetFormula () const
void ChangeFormat (sal_uInt32 n)
virtual void SetPar1 (const OUString &rStr)
bool HasClickHdl () const
 Does the field possess an action on its ClickHandler? (e.g. INetFields, ...). More...
bool IsFixed () const
bool IsAutomaticLanguage () const
void SetAutomaticLanguage (bool const bSet)
virtual OUString GetDescription () const
bool IsClickable () const
 Is this field clickable? More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwTableFormula
virtual ~SwTableFormula ()
 SwTableFormula (SwTableFormula const &)=default
 SwTableFormula (SwTableFormula &&)=default
SwTableFormulaoperator= (SwTableFormula const &)=default
SwTableFormulaoperator= (SwTableFormula &&)=default
void PtrToBoxNm (const SwTable *pTable)
 create from the internal formula (for CORE) the external formula (for UI) More...
void BoxNmToPtr (const SwTable *pTable)
 create from the external formula the internal More...
void ToRelBoxNm (const SwTable *pTable)
 create from the external/internal formula the relative formula More...
void ToSplitMergeBoxNm (SwTableFormulaUpdate &rTableUpd)
 gets called before/after merging/splitting of tables More...
bool IsIntrnlName () const
NameType GetNameType () const
bool IsValid () const
void ChgValid (bool bNew)
const OUString & GetFormula () const
void SetFormula (const OUString &rNew)
void GetBoxesOfFormula (const SwTable &rTable, SwSelBoxes &rBoxes)
bool HasValidBoxes () const

Private Member Functions

virtual OUString ExpandImpl (SwRootFrame const *pLayout) const override
virtual std::unique_ptr< SwFieldCopy () const override
virtual const SwNodeGetNodeOfFormula () const override
 Search TextNode containing the field. More...
OUString GetCommand ()

Private Attributes

OUString m_sExpand
sal_uInt16 m_nSubType

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwValueField
static sal_uInt32 GetSystemFormat (SvNumberFormatter *pFormatter, sal_uInt32 nFormat)
 get format in office language More...
- Protected Types inherited from SwTableFormula
enum  NameType {
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwValueField
 SwValueField (SwValueFieldType *pFieldType, sal_uInt32 nFormat, LanguageType nLang=LANGUAGE_SYSTEM, const double fVal=0.0)
 SwValueField (const SwValueField &rField)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwField
void SetFormat (sal_uInt32 const nSet)
 SwField (SwFieldType *pTyp, sal_uInt32 nFormat=0, LanguageType nLang=LANGUAGE_SYSTEM, bool m_bUseFieldValueCache=true)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwTableFormula
 SwTableFormula (const OUString &rFormula)
OUString MakeFormula (SwTableCalcPara &rCalcPara) const
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SwTableFormula
static sal_uInt16 GetLnPosInTable (const SwTable &rTable, const SwTableBox *pBox)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwTableFormula
OUString m_sFormula
 current formula More...
NameType m_eNmType
 current display method More...
bool m_bValidValue
 true: recalculate formula More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 373 of file expfld.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwTableField::SwTableField ( SwTableFieldType pInitType,
const OUString &  rFormel,
sal_uInt16  nSubType,
sal_uLong  nFormat 

Definition at line 55 of file tblcalc.cxx.

References m_sExpand.

Referenced by Copy().

Member Function Documentation

void SwTableField::CalcField ( SwTableCalcPara rCalcPara)
void SwTableField::ChgExpStr ( const OUString &  rStr)

Definition at line 394 of file expfld.hxx.

Referenced by PutValue().

std::unique_ptr< SwField > SwTableField::Copy ( ) const
OUString SwTableField::ExpandImpl ( SwRootFrame const *  pLayout) const

Implements SwField.

Definition at line 102 of file tblcalc.cxx.

References GetCommand(), nsSwGetSetExpType::GSE_STRING, m_nSubType, m_sExpand, and nsSwExtendedSubType::SUB_CMD.

Referenced by QueryValue().

OUString SwTableField::GetCommand ( )
OUString SwTableField::GetFieldName ( ) const

get name or content

name or content.

Reimplemented from SwField.

Definition at line 74 of file tblcalc.cxx.

References GetCommand(), SwFieldType::GetName(), and SwField::GetTyp().

const SwNode * SwTableField::GetNodeOfFormula ( ) const

Search TextNode containing the field.

search TextNode containing this field

Implements SwTableFormula.

Definition at line 80 of file tblcalc.cxx.

References SwFieldType::FindFormatForField(), SwFormatField::GetTextField(), SwTextField::GetTextNode(), and SwField::GetTyp().

Referenced by GetCommand().

OUString SwTableField::GetPar2 ( ) const

The formula.

Reimplemented from SwField.

Definition at line 134 of file tblcalc.cxx.

References SwTableFormula::GetFormula().

sal_uInt16 SwTableField::GetSubType ( ) const

Reimplemented from SwField.

Definition at line 118 of file tblcalc.cxx.

References m_nSubType.

Referenced by sw::DocumentFieldsManager::UpdateTableFields().

bool SwTableField::PutValue ( const css::uno::Any &  rVal,
sal_uInt16  nWhich 
bool SwTableField::QueryValue ( css::uno::Any &  rVal,
sal_uInt16  nWhich 
) const
void SwTableField::SetPar2 ( const OUString &  rStr)

Reimplemented from SwField.

Definition at line 139 of file tblcalc.cxx.

References SwTableFormula::SetFormula().

void SwTableField::SetSubType ( sal_uInt16  nType)

Reimplemented from SwField.

Definition at line 123 of file tblcalc.cxx.

References m_nSubType.

void SwTableField::SetValue ( const double &  rVal)

Member Data Documentation

sal_uInt16 SwTableField::m_nSubType

Definition at line 376 of file expfld.hxx.

Referenced by Copy(), ExpandImpl(), GetSubType(), PutValue(), QueryValue(), and SetSubType().

OUString SwTableField::m_sExpand

Definition at line 375 of file expfld.hxx.

Referenced by Copy(), ExpandImpl(), QueryValue(), SetValue(), and SwTableField().

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