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SwSbxValue Class Referencefinal

#include <calc.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwSbxValue (tools::Long n=0)
 SwSbxValue (const double &rD)
bool GetBool () const
double GetDouble () const
SwSbxValueMakeDouble ()
bool IsVoidValue () const
void SetVoidValue (bool bSet)
bool IsDBvalue () const
void SetDBvalue (bool bSet)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SbxValue
 SbxValue ()
 SbxValue (SbxDataType)
 SbxValue (const SbxValue &)
SbxValueoperator= (const SbxValue &)
virtual void Clear () override
virtual bool IsFixed () const override
bool IsInteger () const
bool IsLong () const
bool IsDouble () const
bool IsString () const
bool IsCurrency () const
bool IsObject () const
bool IsBool () const
bool IsErr () const
bool IsEmpty () const
bool IsNull () const
bool IsNumeric () const
bool IsNumericRTL () const
bool ImpIsNumeric (bool bOnlyIntntl) const
virtual SbxDataType GetType () const override
SbxDataType GetFullType () const
bool SetType (SbxDataType)
bool Get (SbxValues &) const
const SbxValuesGetValues_Impl () const
bool Put (const SbxValues &)
SbxValuesdata ()
sal_Unicode GetChar () const
sal_Int16 GetInteger () const
sal_Int32 GetLong () const
sal_Int64 GetInt64 () const
sal_uInt64 GetUInt64 () const
sal_Int64 GetCurrency () const
SbxDecimalGetDecimal () const
float GetSingle () const
double GetDouble () const
double GetDate () const
bool GetBool () const
const OUString & GetCoreString () const
OUString GetOUString () const
SbxBaseGetObject () const
sal_uInt8 GetByte () const
sal_uInt16 GetUShort () const
sal_uInt32 GetULong () const
bool PutInteger (sal_Int16)
bool PutLong (sal_Int32)
bool PutSingle (float)
bool PutDouble (double)
void PutDate (double)
bool PutBool (bool)
void PutErr (sal_uInt16)
void PutStringExt (const OUString &)
bool PutInt64 (sal_Int64)
bool PutUInt64 (sal_uInt64)
bool PutString (const OUString &)
bool PutChar (sal_Unicode)
bool PutByte (sal_uInt8)
bool PutUShort (sal_uInt16)
bool PutULong (sal_uInt32)
bool PutEmpty ()
void PutNull ()
void PutDecimal (css::bridge::oleautomation::Decimal const &rAutomationDec)
bool PutDecimal (SbxDecimal *pDecimal)
void fillAutomationDecimal (css::bridge::oleautomation::Decimal &rAutomationDec) const
bool PutCurrency (sal_Int64)
bool PutObject (SbxBase *)
bool Convert (SbxDataType)
bool Compute (SbxOperator, const SbxValue &)
bool Compare (SbxOperator, const SbxValue &) const
bool Scan (const OUString &, sal_uInt16 *)
void Format (OUString &, const OUString *=nullptr) const
bool operator<= (const SbxValue &) const
bool operator>= (const SbxValue &) const
SbxValueoperator*= (const SbxValue &)
SbxValueoperator/= (const SbxValue &)
SbxValueoperator+= (const SbxValue &)
SbxValueoperator-= (const SbxValue &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SbxBase
void SetFlags (SbxFlagBits n)
SbxFlagBits GetFlags () const
void SetFlag (SbxFlagBits n)
void ResetFlag (SbxFlagBits n)
bool IsSet (SbxFlagBits n) const
bool IsReset (SbxFlagBits n) const
bool CanRead () const
bool CanWrite () const
bool IsModified () const
bool IsHidden () const
bool IsVisible () const
virtual bool IsFixed () const
virtual void SetModified (bool)
virtual SbxDataType GetType () const
virtual void Clear ()=0
std::pair< bool, sal_uInt32 > Store (SvStream &)
virtual bool LoadCompleted ()

Private Attributes

bool m_bVoid
bool m_bDBvalue

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SbxValue
static ErrCode ScanNumIntnl (const OUString &rSrc, double &nVal, bool bSingle=false)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SbxBase
static SbxBaseRef Load (SvStream &)
static ErrCode const & GetError ()
static OUString const & GetErrorMsg ()
static void SetError (ErrCode)
static void SetError (ErrCode, const OUString &)
static bool IsError ()
static void ResetError ()
static void AddFactory (SbxFactory *)
static void RemoveFactory (SbxFactory const *)
static SbxBaseRef Create (sal_uInt16, sal_uInt32)
static SbxObjectRef CreateObject (const OUString &)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SbxValue
virtual void Broadcast (SfxHintId)
virtual ~SbxValue () override
virtual bool LoadData (SvStream &, sal_uInt16) override
virtual std::pair< bool, sal_uInt32 > StoreData (SvStream &) const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SbxBase
 SbxBase ()
 SbxBase (const SbxBase &)
SbxBaseoperator= (const SbxBase &)
virtual ~SbxBase () override
virtual sal_uInt16 GetVersion () const=0
virtual sal_uInt16 GetSbxId () const=0
- Protected Attributes inherited from SbxValue
SbxValues aData
OUString aPic
OUString aToolString
- Protected Attributes inherited from SbxBase
SbxFlagBits nFlags

Detailed Description

Definition at line 114 of file calc.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwSbxValue() [1/2]

SwSbxValue::SwSbxValue ( tools::Long  n = 0)

Definition at line 120 of file calc.hxx.

References n, and SbxValue::PutLong().

◆ SwSbxValue() [2/2]

SwSbxValue::SwSbxValue ( const double &  rD)

Definition at line 121 of file calc.hxx.

References SbxValue::PutDouble().

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBool()

bool SwSbxValue::GetBool ( ) const

◆ GetDouble()

double SwSbxValue::GetDouble ( ) const

◆ IsDBvalue()

bool SwSbxValue::IsDBvalue ( ) const

Definition at line 130 of file calc.hxx.

References m_bDBvalue.

Referenced by SwCalc::VarLook().

◆ IsVoidValue()

bool SwSbxValue::IsVoidValue ( ) const

Definition at line 127 of file calc.hxx.

References m_bVoid.

Referenced by SwCalc::PrimFunc(), and sw::DocumentFieldsManager::UpdateExpFieldsImpl().

◆ MakeDouble()

SwSbxValue & SwSbxValue::MakeDouble ( )

Definition at line 1487 of file calc.cxx.

References GetDouble(), SbxValue::GetType(), SbxValue::PutDouble(), and SbxSTRING.

Referenced by SwCalc::Term().

◆ SetDBvalue()

void SwSbxValue::SetDBvalue ( bool  bSet)

Definition at line 131 of file calc.hxx.

References m_bDBvalue.

Referenced by SwDBManager::FillCalcWithMergeData().

◆ SetVoidValue()

void SwSbxValue::SetVoidValue ( bool  bSet)

Definition at line 128 of file calc.hxx.

References m_bVoid.

Referenced by SwCalc::VarLook().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bDBvalue

bool SwSbxValue::m_bDBvalue

Definition at line 117 of file calc.hxx.

Referenced by IsDBvalue(), and SetDBvalue().

◆ m_bVoid

bool SwSbxValue::m_bVoid

Definition at line 116 of file calc.hxx.

Referenced by IsVoidValue(), and SetVoidValue().

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