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SwMasterUsrPref Class Reference

#include <usrpref.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwMasterUsrPref (bool bWeb)
 ~SwMasterUsrPref ()
void SetUsrPref (const SwViewOption &rCopy)
void SetModified ()
void SetUpdateLinkMode (sal_Int32 nSet, bool bNoModify=false)
sal_Int32 GetUpdateLinkMode () const
void SetUpdateFields (bool bSet)
bool IsUpdateFields () const
SwFieldUpdateFlags GetFieldUpdateFlags () const
void SetFieldUpdateFlags (SwFieldUpdateFlags eSet)
void SetUpdateCharts (bool bSet)
bool IsUpdateCharts () const
FieldUnit GetMetric () const
void SetMetric (FieldUnit eSet, bool bNoModify=false)
bool IsHScrollMetric () const
FieldUnit GetHScrollMetric () const
void SetHScrollMetric (FieldUnit eSet)
bool IsVScrollMetric () const
FieldUnit GetVScrollMetric () const
void SetVScrollMetric (FieldUnit eSet)
bool IsApplyCharUnit () const
void SetApplyCharUnit (bool bSet, bool noModify=false)
sal_Int32 GetDefTabInMm100 () const
void SetDefTabInMm100 (sal_Int32 nSet, bool bNoModify=false)
bool IsSquaredPageMode () const
void SetDefaultPageMode (bool bVal, bool bNoModify=false)
bool IsAlignMathObjectsToBaseline () const
void SetAlignMathObjectsToBaseline (bool bVal, bool noModify=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwViewOption
 SwViewOption ()
 SwViewOption (const SwViewOption &)
 ~SwViewOption ()
void SetUIOptions (const SwViewOption &)
void SetColorConfig (const SwViewColors &rColorConfig)
const SwViewColorsGetColorConfig () const
void SetThemeName (const OUString &rThemeName)
OUString GetThemeName () const
bool IsIdle () const
void SetIdle (bool b) const
bool IsTab (bool bHard=false) const
void SetTab (bool b)
bool IsBlank (bool bHard=false) const
void SetBlank (bool b)
bool IsHardBlank () const
void SetHardBlank (bool b)
bool IsParagraph (bool bHard=false) const
void SetParagraph (bool b)
void SetShowBookmarks (bool const b)
bool IsShowBookmarks (bool const bHard=false) const
bool IsLineBreak (bool bHard=false) const
void SetLineBreak (bool b)
void SetPageBreak (bool b)
void SetColumnBreak (bool b)
bool IsSoftHyph () const
void SetSoftHyph (bool b)
bool IsFieldName () const
void SetFieldName (bool b)
bool IsPostIts () const
void SetPostIts (bool b)
bool IsResolvedPostIts () const
void SetResolvedPostIts (bool b)
void PaintPostIts (OutputDevice *pOut, const SwRect &rRect, bool bIsScript) const
bool IsShowInlineTooltips () const
void SetShowInlineTooltips (bool b)
bool IsShowChangesInMargin () const
void SetShowChangesInMargin (bool b)
bool IsShowChangesInMargin2 () const
void SetShowChangesInMargin2 (bool b)
bool IsUseHeaderFooterMenu () const
void SetUseHeaderFooterMenu (bool b)
bool IsShowOutlineContentVisibilityButton () const
void SetShowOutlineContentVisibilityButton (bool b)
bool IsTreatSubOutlineLevelsAsContent () const
void SetTreatSubOutlineLevelsAsContent (bool b)
bool IsShowHiddenChar (bool bHard=false) const
void SetShowHiddenChar (bool b)
bool IsShowHiddenField () const
void SetShowHiddenField (bool b)
bool IsGraphic () const
void SetGraphic (bool b)
bool IsPageBack () const
void SetPageBack (bool b)
bool IsTable () const
void SetTable (bool b)
bool IsDraw () const
void SetDraw (bool b)
bool IsControl () const
void SetControl (bool b)
bool IsSnap () const
void SetSnap (bool b)
void SetSnapSize (Size const &rSz)
const SizeGetSnapSize () const
bool IsGridVisible () const
void SetGridVisible (bool b)
bool IsOnlineSpell () const
void SetOnlineSpell (bool b)
bool IsViewMetaChars () const
void SetViewMetaChars (bool b)
bool IsSynchronize () const
void SetSynchronize (bool b)
bool IsCrossHair () const
void SetCrossHair (bool b)
bool IsBlackFont () const
void SetBlackFont (bool b)
bool IsShowHiddenPara () const
void SetShowHiddenPara (bool b)
bool IsSmoothScroll () const
void SetSmoothScroll (bool b)
bool IsCursorInProtectedArea () const
void SetCursorInProtectedArea (bool b)
bool IsPDFExport () const
void SetPDFExport (bool b)
bool IsPrinting () const
void SetPrinting (bool b)
void SetCore2Option (bool b, ViewOptCoreFlags2 f)
short GetDivisionX () const
void SetDivisionX (short n)
short GetDivisionY () const
void SetDivisionY (short n)
sal_uInt16 GetDocumentBorder () const
sal_uInt16 GetGapBetweenPages () const
sal_uInt8 GetPagePrevRow () const
void SetPagePrevRow (sal_uInt8 n)
sal_uInt8 GetPagePrevCol () const
void SetPagePrevCol (sal_uInt8 n)
bool IsReadonly () const
void SetReadonly (bool bSet)
bool IsSelectionInReadonly () const
void SetSelectionInReadonly (bool bSet)
bool IsFormView () const
void SetFormView (bool bSet)
bool getBrowseMode () const
void setBrowseMode (bool bSet)
bool IsPagePrevBookview () const
void SetPagePrevBookview (bool bSet)
bool IsViewLayoutBookMode () const
void SetViewLayoutBookMode (bool bNew)
sal_uInt16 GetViewLayoutColumns () const
void SetViewLayoutColumns (sal_uInt16 nNew)
bool IsHideWhitespaceMode () const
void SetHideWhitespaceMode (bool bMode)
bool CanHideWhitespace () const
 The rules that allow for hiding whitespace. More...
bool IsWhitespaceHidden () const
bool IsMultipageView () const
bool IsTest1 () const
bool IsTest2 () const
bool IsTest3 () const
bool IsTest4 () const
bool IsTest5 () const
bool IsTest6 () const
bool IsTest7 () const
bool IsTest8 () const
bool IsTest10 () const
sal_uInt16 GetZoom () const
void SetZoom (sal_uInt16 n)
SwViewOptionoperator= (const SwViewOption &rOpt)
bool IsEqualFlags (const SwViewOption &rOpt) const
bool operator== (const SwViewOption &rOpt) const
bool operator!= (const SwViewOption &rOpt) const
bool IsViewVScrollBar () const
bool IsViewHScrollBar () const
bool IsKeepRatio () const
bool IsGrfKeepZoom () const
bool IsShowContentTips () const
bool IsPrtFormat () const
bool IsShowScrollBarTips () const
SvxZoomType GetZoomType () const
sal_uInt8 GetTableDest () const
void SetViewVScrollBar (bool b)
void SetViewHScrollBar (bool b)
void SetKeepRatio (bool b)
void SetGrfKeepZoom (bool b)
void SetShowContentTips (bool b)
void SetPrtFormat (bool b)
void SetShowScrollBarTips (bool b)
void SetUIOption (bool b, ViewOptFlags2 f)
void SetZoomType (SvxZoomType eZoom_)
void SetTableDest (sal_uInt8 nNew)
const OUString & GetSymbolFont () const
void SetSymbolFont (const OUString &sSet)
const ColorGetRetoucheColor () const
void SetRetoucheColor (const Color &r)
bool IsViewAnyRuler () const
void SetViewAnyRuler (bool bSet)
bool IsViewHRuler (bool bDirect=false) const
void SetViewHRuler (bool b)
bool IsViewVRuler (bool bDirect=false) const
void SetViewVRuler (bool b)
bool IsShadowCursor () const
void SetShadowCursor (bool b)
bool IsVRulerRight () const
void SetVRulerRight (bool b)
bool IsStarOneSetting () const
void SetStarOneSetting (bool bSet)
bool IsPagePreview () const
void SetPagePreview (bool bSet)
SwFillMode GetShdwCursorFillMode () const
void SetShdwCursorFillMode (SwFillMode nMode)
bool IsShowPlaceHolderFields () const
void SetShowPlaceHolderFields (bool bSet)
const ColorGetDocColor () const
const ColorGetDocBoundariesColor () const
const ColorGetAppBackgroundColor () const
const ColorGetObjectBoundariesColor () const
const ColorGetTableBoundariesColor () const
const ColorGetIndexShadingsColor () const
const ColorGetLinksColor () const
const ColorGetVisitedLinksColor () const
const ColorGetTextGridColor () const
const ColorGetSpellColor () const
const ColorGetGrammarColor () const
const ColorGetSmarttagColor () const
const ColorGetShadowColor () const
const ColorGetFontColor () const
const ColorGetFieldShadingsColor () const
const ColorGetSectionBoundColor () const
const ColorGetPageBreakColor () const
const ColorGetHeaderFooterMarkColor () const
bool IsAppearanceFlag (ViewOptFlags nFlag) const
bool IsDocBoundaries () const
bool IsObjectBoundaries () const
bool IsTableBoundaries () const
bool IsIndexShadings () const
bool IsLinks () const
bool IsVisitedLinks () const
bool IsFieldShadings () const
bool IsSectionBoundaries () const
bool IsShadow () const
void SetAppearanceFlag (ViewOptFlags nFlag, bool bSet, bool bSaveInConfig=false)
void SetDocBoundaries (bool bSet)
sal_Int32 GetDefaultAnchor () const
void SetDefaultAnchor (const sal_Int32 aFlag)
RndStdIds GetDefaultAnchorType () const

Private Attributes

SwFieldUpdateFlags m_eFieldUpdateFlags
sal_Int32 m_nLinkUpdateMode
FieldUnit m_eUserMetric
FieldUnit m_eHScrollMetric
bool m_bIsHScrollMetricSet
FieldUnit m_eVScrollMetric
bool m_bIsVScrollMetricSet
sal_Int32 m_nDefTabInMm100
bool m_bIsSquaredPageMode
bool m_bIsAlignMathObjectsToBaseline
SwContentViewConfig m_aContentConfig
SwLayoutViewConfig m_aLayoutConfig
SwGridConfig m_aGridConfig
SwCursorConfig m_aCursorConfig
std::unique_ptr< SwWebColorConfigm_pWebColorConfig
bool m_bApplyCharUnit


class SwContentViewConfig
class SwLayoutViewConfig
class SwGridConfig
class SwCursorConfig
class SwWebColorConfig

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwViewOption
static void Init (const OutputDevice *pWin)
static void SetInitialColorConfig (const SwViewColors &rColorConfig)
static sal_uInt16 GetPostItsWidth (const OutputDevice *pOut)
static bool IsIgnoreProtectedArea ()
static bool IsAutoCompleteWords ()
static void DrawRect (OutputDevice *pOut, const SwRect &rRect, ::Color nCol)
static void DrawRectPrinter (OutputDevice *pOut, const SwRect &rRect)
static const SwViewOptionGetCurrentViewOptions ()
- Static Public Attributes inherited from SwViewOption
static constexpr sal_uInt16 defDocumentBorder = 284
static constexpr sal_uInt16 defGapBetweenPages = 284
static constexpr sal_uInt16 minGapBetweenPages = 22

Detailed Description

Definition at line 123 of file usrpref.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwMasterUsrPref()

SwMasterUsrPref::SwMasterUsrPref ( bool  bWeb)

◆ ~SwMasterUsrPref()

SwMasterUsrPref::~SwMasterUsrPref ( )

Definition at line 78 of file usrpref.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetDefTabInMm100()

sal_Int32 SwMasterUsrPref::GetDefTabInMm100 ( ) const

Definition at line 244 of file usrpref.hxx.

References m_nDefTabInMm100.

Referenced by SwModule::CreateItemSet(), and SwLayoutViewConfig::ImplCommit().

◆ GetFieldUpdateFlags()

SwFieldUpdateFlags SwMasterUsrPref::GetFieldUpdateFlags ( ) const

Definition at line 188 of file usrpref.hxx.

References m_eFieldUpdateFlags.

Referenced by SwLoadOptPage::Reset().

◆ GetHScrollMetric()

FieldUnit SwMasterUsrPref::GetHScrollMetric ( ) const

◆ GetMetric()

FieldUnit SwMasterUsrPref::GetMetric ( ) const

◆ GetUpdateLinkMode()

sal_Int32 SwMasterUsrPref::GetUpdateLinkMode ( ) const

Definition at line 173 of file usrpref.hxx.

References m_nLinkUpdateMode.

Referenced by SwContentViewConfig::ImplCommit(), and SwLoadOptPage::Reset().

◆ GetVScrollMetric()

FieldUnit SwMasterUsrPref::GetVScrollMetric ( ) const

◆ IsAlignMathObjectsToBaseline()

bool SwMasterUsrPref::IsAlignMathObjectsToBaseline ( ) const

Definition at line 261 of file usrpref.hxx.

References m_bIsAlignMathObjectsToBaseline.

Referenced by SwLayoutViewConfig::ImplCommit().

◆ IsApplyCharUnit()

bool SwMasterUsrPref::IsApplyCharUnit ( ) const

◆ IsHScrollMetric()

bool SwMasterUsrPref::IsHScrollMetric ( ) const

Definition at line 216 of file usrpref.hxx.

References m_bIsHScrollMetricSet.

Referenced by SwModule::ApplyUserCharUnit(), and SwModule::ApplyUserMetric().

◆ IsSquaredPageMode()

bool SwMasterUsrPref::IsSquaredPageMode ( ) const

Definition at line 253 of file usrpref.hxx.

References m_bIsSquaredPageMode.

Referenced by SwLayoutViewConfig::ImplCommit().

◆ IsUpdateCharts()

bool SwMasterUsrPref::IsUpdateCharts ( ) const

Definition at line 206 of file usrpref.hxx.

References AUTOUPD_FIELD_AND_CHARTS, and m_eFieldUpdateFlags.

Referenced by SwContentViewConfig::ImplCommit().

◆ IsUpdateFields()

bool SwMasterUsrPref::IsUpdateFields ( ) const

Definition at line 186 of file usrpref.hxx.

References AUTOUPD_OFF, and m_eFieldUpdateFlags.

Referenced by SwContentViewConfig::ImplCommit().

◆ IsVScrollMetric()

bool SwMasterUsrPref::IsVScrollMetric ( ) const

Definition at line 224 of file usrpref.hxx.

References m_bIsVScrollMetricSet.

Referenced by SwModule::ApplyUserCharUnit(), and SwModule::ApplyUserMetric().

◆ SetAlignMathObjectsToBaseline()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetAlignMathObjectsToBaseline ( bool  bVal,
bool  noModify = false 

◆ SetApplyCharUnit()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetApplyCharUnit ( bool  bSet,
bool  noModify = false 

◆ SetDefaultPageMode()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetDefaultPageMode ( bool  bVal,
bool  bNoModify = false 

◆ SetDefTabInMm100()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetDefTabInMm100 ( sal_Int32  nSet,
bool  bNoModify = false 

◆ SetFieldUpdateFlags()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetFieldUpdateFlags ( SwFieldUpdateFlags  eSet)

◆ SetHScrollMetric()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetHScrollMetric ( FieldUnit  eSet)

◆ SetMetric()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetMetric ( FieldUnit  eSet,
bool  bNoModify = false 

◆ SetModified()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetModified ( )

◆ SetUpdateCharts()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetUpdateCharts ( bool  bSet)

Definition at line 195 of file usrpref.hxx.


Referenced by SwContentViewConfig::Load().

◆ SetUpdateFields()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetUpdateFields ( bool  bSet)

Definition at line 175 of file usrpref.hxx.

References AUTOUPD_FIELD_ONLY, AUTOUPD_OFF, and m_eFieldUpdateFlags.

Referenced by SwContentViewConfig::Load().

◆ SetUpdateLinkMode()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetUpdateLinkMode ( sal_Int32  nSet,
bool  bNoModify = false 

◆ SetUsrPref()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetUsrPref ( const SwViewOption rCopy)

Definition at line 37 of file usrpref.cxx.

Referenced by SwModule::ApplyUsrPref().

◆ SetVScrollMetric()

void SwMasterUsrPref::SetVScrollMetric ( FieldUnit  eSet)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ SwContentViewConfig

friend class SwContentViewConfig

Definition at line 125 of file usrpref.hxx.

◆ SwCursorConfig

friend class SwCursorConfig

Definition at line 128 of file usrpref.hxx.

◆ SwGridConfig

friend class SwGridConfig

Definition at line 127 of file usrpref.hxx.

◆ SwLayoutViewConfig

friend class SwLayoutViewConfig

Definition at line 126 of file usrpref.hxx.

◆ SwWebColorConfig

friend class SwWebColorConfig

Definition at line 129 of file usrpref.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aContentConfig

SwContentViewConfig SwMasterUsrPref::m_aContentConfig

Definition at line 144 of file usrpref.hxx.

Referenced by SetFieldUpdateFlags(), SetModified(), SetUpdateLinkMode(), and SwMasterUsrPref().

◆ m_aCursorConfig

SwCursorConfig SwMasterUsrPref::m_aCursorConfig

Definition at line 147 of file usrpref.hxx.

Referenced by SetModified(), and SwMasterUsrPref().

◆ m_aGridConfig

SwGridConfig SwMasterUsrPref::m_aGridConfig

Definition at line 146 of file usrpref.hxx.

Referenced by SetModified(), and SwMasterUsrPref().

◆ m_aLayoutConfig

SwLayoutViewConfig SwMasterUsrPref::m_aLayoutConfig

◆ m_bApplyCharUnit

bool SwMasterUsrPref::m_bApplyCharUnit

Definition at line 150 of file usrpref.hxx.

Referenced by IsApplyCharUnit(), and SetApplyCharUnit().

◆ m_bIsAlignMathObjectsToBaseline

bool SwMasterUsrPref::m_bIsAlignMathObjectsToBaseline

Definition at line 142 of file usrpref.hxx.

Referenced by IsAlignMathObjectsToBaseline(), and SetAlignMathObjectsToBaseline().

◆ m_bIsHScrollMetricSet

bool SwMasterUsrPref::m_bIsHScrollMetricSet

◆ m_bIsSquaredPageMode

bool SwMasterUsrPref::m_bIsSquaredPageMode

Definition at line 141 of file usrpref.hxx.

Referenced by IsSquaredPageMode(), and SetDefaultPageMode().

◆ m_bIsVScrollMetricSet

bool SwMasterUsrPref::m_bIsVScrollMetricSet

◆ m_eFieldUpdateFlags

SwFieldUpdateFlags SwMasterUsrPref::m_eFieldUpdateFlags

◆ m_eHScrollMetric

FieldUnit SwMasterUsrPref::m_eHScrollMetric

◆ m_eUserMetric

FieldUnit SwMasterUsrPref::m_eUserMetric

◆ m_eVScrollMetric

FieldUnit SwMasterUsrPref::m_eVScrollMetric

◆ m_nDefTabInMm100

sal_Int32 SwMasterUsrPref::m_nDefTabInMm100

Definition at line 139 of file usrpref.hxx.

Referenced by GetDefTabInMm100(), SetDefTabInMm100(), and SwMasterUsrPref().

◆ m_nLinkUpdateMode

sal_Int32 SwMasterUsrPref::m_nLinkUpdateMode

Definition at line 132 of file usrpref.hxx.

Referenced by GetUpdateLinkMode(), and SetUpdateLinkMode().

◆ m_pWebColorConfig

std::unique_ptr<SwWebColorConfig> SwMasterUsrPref::m_pWebColorConfig

Definition at line 148 of file usrpref.hxx.

Referenced by SetModified(), and SwMasterUsrPref().

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