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SwViewColors Struct Reference

#include <viewopt.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwViewColors ()
 SwViewColors (const svtools::ColorConfig &rConfig)
bool operator== (const SwViewColors &rOther) const

Public Attributes

Color m_aDocColor
Color m_aDocBoundColor
Color m_aObjectBoundColor
Color m_aAppBackgroundColor
Color m_aTableBoundColor
Color m_aFontColor
Color m_aIndexShadingsColor
Color m_aLinksColor
Color m_aVisitedLinksColor
Color m_aTextGridColor
Color m_aSpellColor
Color m_aGrammarColor
Color m_aSmarttagColor
Color m_aFieldShadingsColor
Color m_aSectionBoundColor
Color m_aPageBreakColor
Color m_aScriptIndicatorColor
Color m_aShadowColor
Color m_aHeaderFooterMarkColor
ViewOptFlags m_nAppearanceFlags

Detailed Description

Definition at line 196 of file viewopt.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwViewColors() [1/2]

SwViewColors::SwViewColors ( )

◆ SwViewColors() [2/2]

SwViewColors::SwViewColors ( const svtools::ColorConfig rConfig)

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator==()

bool SwViewColors::operator== ( const SwViewColors rOther) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aAppBackgroundColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aAppBackgroundColor

◆ m_aDocBoundColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aDocBoundColor

Definition at line 224 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetDocBoundariesColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aDocColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aDocColor

Definition at line 223 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetDocColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aFieldShadingsColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aFieldShadingsColor

Definition at line 236 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetFieldShadingsColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aFontColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aFontColor

Definition at line 228 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetFontColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aGrammarColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aGrammarColor

Definition at line 234 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetGrammarColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aHeaderFooterMarkColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aHeaderFooterMarkColor

Definition at line 241 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetHeaderFooterMarkColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aIndexShadingsColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aIndexShadingsColor

Definition at line 229 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetIndexShadingsColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aLinksColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aLinksColor

Definition at line 230 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetLinksColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aObjectBoundColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aObjectBoundColor

Definition at line 225 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetObjectBoundariesColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aPageBreakColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aPageBreakColor

Definition at line 238 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetPageBreakColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aScriptIndicatorColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aScriptIndicatorColor

Definition at line 239 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by operator==(), SwViewOption::PaintPostIts(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aSectionBoundColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aSectionBoundColor

Definition at line 237 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetSectionBoundColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aShadowColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aShadowColor

Definition at line 240 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetShadowColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aSmarttagColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aSmarttagColor

Definition at line 235 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetSmarttagColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aSpellColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aSpellColor

Definition at line 233 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetSpellColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aTableBoundColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aTableBoundColor

Definition at line 227 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetTableBoundariesColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aTextGridColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aTextGridColor

Definition at line 232 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetTextGridColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_aVisitedLinksColor

Color SwViewColors::m_aVisitedLinksColor

Definition at line 231 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::GetVisitedLinksColor(), operator==(), and SwViewColors().

◆ m_nAppearanceFlags

ViewOptFlags SwViewColors::m_nAppearanceFlags

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