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SwGlossaryHdl Class Reference

#include <gloshdl.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

void GlossaryDlg ()
size_t GetGroupCnt () const
OUString GetGroupName (size_t, OUString *pTitle)
void NewGroup (OUString &rGroupName, const OUString &rTitle)
bool DelGroup (const OUString &)
void RenameGroup (const OUString &rOld, OUString &rNew, const OUString &rNewTitle)
void SetCurGroup (const OUString &aGrp, bool bApi=false, bool bAlwaysCreateNew=false)
sal_uInt16 GetGlossaryCnt () const
OUString GetGlossaryName (sal_uInt16)
OUString GetGlossaryShortName (const OUString &rName)
OUString GetGlossaryShortName (sal_uInt16)
bool Rename (const OUString &rOldShortName, const OUString &rNewShortName, const OUString &rNewName)
bool HasShortName (const OUString &rShortName) const
bool NewGlossary (const OUString &rName, const OUString &rShortName, bool bApiCall=false, bool bNoAttr=false)
bool DelGlossary (const OUString &)
bool CopyToClipboard (SwWrtShell &rSh, const OUString &rShortName)
bool ExpandGlossary (weld::Window *pParent)
bool InsertGlossary (const OUString &rName)
void SetMacros (const OUString &rName, const SvxMacro *pStart, const SvxMacro *pEnd, SwTextBlocks *pGlossary=nullptr)
void GetMacros (const OUString &rShortName, SvxMacro &rStart, SvxMacro &rEnd, SwTextBlocks *pGlossary=nullptr)
bool IsReadOnly (const OUString *=nullptr) const
bool IsOld () const
bool FindGroupName (OUString &rGroup)
bool ImportGlossaries (const OUString &rName)
 SwGlossaryHdl (SfxViewFrame *pViewFrame, SwWrtShell *)
 ~SwGlossaryHdl ()

Private Member Functions

SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool Expand (weld::Window *pParent, const OUString &rShortName, SwGlossaries *pGlossaries, std::unique_ptr< SwTextBlocks > pGlossary)

Private Attributes

OUString m_aCurGrp
std::unique_ptr< SwTextBlocksm_pCurGrp

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file gloshdl.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwGlossaryHdl::SwGlossaryHdl ( SfxViewFrame pViewFrame,
SwWrtShell pSh 

Definition at line 586 of file gloshdl.cxx.

SwGlossaryHdl::~SwGlossaryHdl ( )

Definition at line 594 of file gloshdl.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

bool SwGlossaryHdl::CopyToClipboard ( SwWrtShell rSh,
const OUString &  rShortName 

Definition at line 654 of file gloshdl.cxx.

References SwGlossaries::GetGroupDoc(), m_aCurGrp, m_pCurGrp, and m_rStatGlossaries.

bool SwGlossaryHdl::DelGlossary ( const OUString &  rShortName)
bool SwGlossaryHdl::DelGroup ( const OUString &  rGrpName)
bool SwGlossaryHdl::Expand ( weld::Window pParent,
const OUString &  rShortName,
SwGlossaries pGlossaries,
std::unique_ptr< SwTextBlocks pGlossary 
bool SwGlossaryHdl::ExpandGlossary ( weld::Window pParent)
bool SwGlossaryHdl::FindGroupName ( OUString &  rGroup)
sal_uInt16 SwGlossaryHdl::GetGlossaryCnt ( ) const

Definition at line 216 of file gloshdl.cxx.

References m_pCurGrp.

Referenced by GetGlossaryName(), GetGlossaryShortName(), and SwGlossaryDlg::Init().

OUString SwGlossaryHdl::GetGlossaryName ( sal_uInt16  nId)

Definition at line 221 of file gloshdl.cxx.

References GetGlossaryCnt(), and m_pCurGrp.

Referenced by SwGlossaryDlg::Init().

OUString SwGlossaryHdl::GetGlossaryShortName ( const OUString &  rName)
OUString SwGlossaryHdl::GetGlossaryShortName ( sal_uInt16  nId)

Definition at line 227 of file gloshdl.cxx.

References GetGlossaryCnt(), and m_pCurGrp.

size_t SwGlossaryHdl::GetGroupCnt ( ) const
OUString SwGlossaryHdl::GetGroupName ( size_t  nId,
OUString *  pTitle 
void SwGlossaryHdl::GetMacros ( const OUString &  rShortName,
SvxMacro rStart,
SvxMacro rEnd,
SwTextBlocks pGlossary = nullptr 
void SwGlossaryHdl::GlossaryDlg ( )
bool SwGlossaryHdl::HasShortName ( const OUString &  rShortName) const
bool SwGlossaryHdl::ImportGlossaries ( const OUString &  rName)
bool SwGlossaryHdl::InsertGlossary ( const OUString &  rName)
bool SwGlossaryHdl::IsOld ( ) const

Definition at line 641 of file gloshdl.cxx.

References SwGlossaries::GetGroupDoc(), m_aCurGrp, m_pCurGrp, and m_rStatGlossaries.

bool SwGlossaryHdl::IsReadOnly ( const OUString *  pGrpNm = nullptr) const
bool SwGlossaryHdl::NewGlossary ( const OUString &  rName,
const OUString &  rShortName,
bool  bApiCall = false,
bool  bNoAttr = false 
void SwGlossaryHdl::NewGroup ( OUString &  rGroupName,
const OUString &  rTitle 
bool SwGlossaryHdl::Rename ( const OUString &  rOldShortName,
const OUString &  rNewShortName,
const OUString &  rNewName 
void SwGlossaryHdl::RenameGroup ( const OUString &  rOld,
OUString &  rNew,
const OUString &  rNewTitle 
void SwGlossaryHdl::SetCurGroup ( const OUString &  aGrp,
bool  bApi = false,
bool  bAlwaysCreateNew = false 
void SwGlossaryHdl::SetMacros ( const OUString &  rName,
const SvxMacro pStart,
const SvxMacro pEnd,
SwTextBlocks pGlossary = nullptr 

Member Data Documentation

OUString SwGlossaryHdl::m_aCurGrp
std::unique_ptr<SwTextBlocks> SwGlossaryHdl::m_pCurGrp
SfxViewFrame* SwGlossaryHdl::m_pViewFrame

Definition at line 39 of file gloshdl.hxx.

Referenced by GlossaryDlg().

SwWrtShell* SwGlossaryHdl::m_pWrtShell

Definition at line 40 of file gloshdl.hxx.

Referenced by Expand(), ExpandGlossary(), GlossaryDlg(), InsertGlossary(), and NewGlossary().

SwGlossaries& SwGlossaryHdl::m_rStatGlossaries

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