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SwFlyCntPortion Class Referenceabstract

This portion represents an as-character anchored fly (shape, frame, etc.) More...

#include <porfly.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwFlyCntPortion ()
 Use the dimensions of pFly->OutRect() More...
const PointGetRefPoint () const
bool IsMax () const
bool IsDeleted () const
void SetAuthor (size_t nAuthor)
size_t GetAuthor () const
sw::LineAlign GetAlign () const
void SetAlign (sw::LineAlign eAlign)
void SetMax (bool bMax)
void SetDeleted (bool bDeleted)
void SetBase (const SwTextFrame &rFrame, const Point &rBase, tools::Long nLnAscent, tools::Long nLnDescent, tools::Long nFlyAscent, tools::Long nFlyDescent, AsCharFlags nFlags)
 After setting the RefPoints, the ascent needs to be recalculated because it is dependent on RelPos. More...
virtual bool Format (SwTextFormatInfo &rInf) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwLinePortion
 SwLinePortion (const SwLinePortion &rPortion)
virtual ~SwLinePortion ()
SwLinePortionGetNextPortion () const
SwLinePortionoperator= (const SwLinePortion &rPortion)
TextFrameIndex GetLen () const
void SetLen (TextFrameIndex const nLen)
void SetNextPortion (SwLinePortion *pNew)
SwTwipsGetAscent ()
SwTwips GetAscent () const
void SetAscent (const SwTwips nNewAsc)
void PrtWidth (SwTwips nNewWidth)
SwTwips PrtWidth () const
void AddPrtWidth (const SwTwips nNew)
void SubPrtWidth (const SwTwips nNew)
SwTwips ExtraBlankWidth () const
void ExtraBlankWidth (const SwTwips nNew)
SwTwips GetHangingBaseline () const
void SetHangingBaseline (const SwTwips nNewBaseline)
virtual SwLinePortionInsert (SwLinePortion *pPortion)
virtual SwLinePortionAppend (SwLinePortion *pPortion)
SwLinePortionCut (SwLinePortion *pVictim)
void Truncate ()
virtual SwLinePortionCompress ()
void SetWhichPor (const PortionType nNew)
PortionType GetWhichPor () const
bool InTextGrp () const
bool InGlueGrp () const
bool InTabGrp () const
bool InHyphGrp () const
bool InNumberGrp () const
bool InFixGrp () const
bool InFieldGrp () const
bool InToxRefGrp () const
bool InToxRefOrFieldGrp () const
bool InExpGrp () const
bool InFixMargGrp () const
bool InSpaceGrp () const
bool IsGrfNumPortion () const
bool IsFlyCntPortion () const
bool IsBlankPortion () const
bool IsBreakPortion () const
bool IsErgoSumPortion () const
bool IsQuoVadisPortion () const
bool IsTabLeftPortion () const
bool IsTabRightPortion () const
bool IsTabCenterPortion () const
bool IsTabDecimalPortion () const
bool IsFootnoteNumPortion () const
bool IsFootnotePortion () const
bool IsDropPortion () const
bool IsLayPortion () const
bool IsParaPortion () const
bool IsMarginPortion () const
bool IsFlyPortion () const
bool IsHolePortion () const
bool IsSoftHyphPortion () const
bool IsPostItsPortion () const
bool IsCombinedPortion () const
bool IsTextPortion () const
bool IsHangingPortion () const
bool IsKernPortion () const
bool IsArrowPortion () const
bool IsMultiPortion () const
bool IsNumberPortion () const
bool IsControlCharPortion () const
SwLinePortionFindPrevPortion (const SwLinePortion *pRoot)
SwLinePortionFindLastPortion ()
virtual TextFrameIndex GetModelPositionForViewPoint (sal_uInt16 nOfst) const
 the parameter is actually SwTwips apparently? More...
virtual SwPosSize GetTextSize (const SwTextSizeInfo &rInfo) const
void CalcTextSize (const SwTextSizeInfo &rInfo)
virtual void Paint (const SwTextPaintInfo &rInf) const =0
void PrePaint (const SwTextPaintInfo &rInf, const SwLinePortion *pLast) const
virtual bool Format (SwTextFormatInfo &rInf)
virtual void FormatEOL (SwTextFormatInfo &rInf)
void Move (SwTextPaintInfo &rInf)
virtual bool GetExpText (const SwTextSizeInfo &rInf, OUString &rText) const
virtual sal_uInt16 GetViewWidth (const SwTextSizeInfo &rInf) const
virtual tools::Long CalcSpacing (tools::Long nSpaceAdd, const SwTextSizeInfo &rInf) const
virtual void HandlePortion (SwPortionHandler &rPH) const
bool GetJoinBorderWithPrev () const
bool GetJoinBorderWithNext () const
void SetJoinBorderWithPrev (const bool bJoinPrev)
void SetJoinBorderWithNext (const bool bJoinNext)
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter, const OUString &rText, TextFrameIndex &rOffset) const
void dumpAsXmlAttributes (xmlTextWriterPtr writer, std::u16string_view rText, TextFrameIndex nOffset) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwPosSize
 SwPosSize (const SwTwips nW=0, const SwTwips nH=0)
 SwPosSize (const Size &rSize)
virtual ~SwPosSize ()
 SwPosSize (SwPosSize const &)=default
 SwPosSize (SwPosSize &&)=default
SwPosSizeoperator= (SwPosSize const &)=default
SwPosSizeoperator= (SwPosSize &&)=default
SwTwips Height () const
virtual void Height (const SwTwips nNew, const bool=true)
SwTwips Width () const
void Width (const SwTwips nNew)
Size SvLSize () const
void SvLSize (const Size &rSize)
void SvXSize (const Size &rSize)
SwPosSizeoperator= (const Size &rSize)

Private Member Functions

virtual SdrObjectGetSdrObj (const SwTextFrame &)=0

Private Attributes

Point m_aRef
bool m_bMax
bool m_bDeleted
size_t m_nAuthor
sw::LineAlign m_eAlign

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwLinePortion
 SwLinePortion ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwLinePortion
TextFrameIndex mnLineLength
SwTwips mnAscent
SwTwips mnHangingBaseline

Detailed Description

This portion represents an as-character anchored fly (shape, frame, etc.)

Definition at line 44 of file porfly.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwFlyCntPortion()

SwFlyCntPortion::SwFlyCntPortion ( )

Use the dimensions of pFly->OutRect()

Definition at line 272 of file porfly.cxx.

References FlyCnt, SwLinePortion::mnLineLength, NONE, and SwLinePortion::SetWhichPor().

Member Function Documentation

◆ Format()

bool SwFlyCntPortion::Format ( SwTextFormatInfo rInf)

◆ GetAlign()

sw::LineAlign SwFlyCntPortion::GetAlign ( ) const

Definition at line 61 of file porfly.hxx.

References m_eAlign.

Referenced by SwLineLayout::CalcLine().

◆ GetAuthor()

size_t SwFlyCntPortion::GetAuthor ( ) const

Definition at line 60 of file porfly.hxx.

References m_nAuthor.

Referenced by sw::FlyContentPortion::Paint().

◆ GetRefPoint()

const Point & SwFlyCntPortion::GetRefPoint ( ) const

Definition at line 56 of file porfly.hxx.

References m_aRef.

◆ GetSdrObj()

virtual SdrObject * SwFlyCntPortion::GetSdrObj ( const SwTextFrame )
privatepure virtual

◆ IsDeleted()

bool SwFlyCntPortion::IsDeleted ( ) const

Definition at line 58 of file porfly.hxx.

References m_bDeleted.

Referenced by sw::FlyContentPortion::Paint().

◆ IsMax()

bool SwFlyCntPortion::IsMax ( ) const

Definition at line 57 of file porfly.hxx.

References m_bMax.

◆ SetAlign()

void SwFlyCntPortion::SetAlign ( sw::LineAlign  eAlign)

Definition at line 62 of file porfly.hxx.

References m_eAlign.

◆ SetAuthor()

void SwFlyCntPortion::SetAuthor ( size_t  nAuthor)

Definition at line 59 of file porfly.hxx.

References m_nAuthor.

◆ SetBase()

void SwFlyCntPortion::SetBase ( const SwTextFrame rFrame,
const Point rBase,
tools::Long  nLnAscent,
tools::Long  nLnDescent,
tools::Long  nFlyAsc,
tools::Long  nFlyDesc,
AsCharFlags  nFlags 

◆ SetDeleted()

void SwFlyCntPortion::SetDeleted ( bool  bDeleted)

Definition at line 64 of file porfly.hxx.

References m_bDeleted.

◆ SetMax()

void SwFlyCntPortion::SetMax ( bool  bMax)

Definition at line 63 of file porfly.hxx.

References m_bMax.

Referenced by SwLineLayout::CalcLine().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aRef

Point SwFlyCntPortion::m_aRef

Definition at line 46 of file porfly.hxx.

Referenced by GetRefPoint().

◆ m_bDeleted

bool SwFlyCntPortion::m_bDeleted

Definition at line 48 of file porfly.hxx.

Referenced by IsDeleted(), and SetDeleted().

◆ m_bMax

bool SwFlyCntPortion::m_bMax

Definition at line 47 of file porfly.hxx.

Referenced by IsMax(), and SetMax().

◆ m_eAlign

sw::LineAlign SwFlyCntPortion::m_eAlign

Definition at line 50 of file porfly.hxx.

Referenced by GetAlign(), and SetAlign().

◆ m_nAuthor

size_t SwFlyCntPortion::m_nAuthor

Definition at line 49 of file porfly.hxx.

Referenced by GetAuthor(), and SetAuthor().

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