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SwAccessibleTableData_Impl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SwAccessibleTableData_Impl (SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap, const SwTabFrame *pTabFrame, bool bIsInPagePreview, bool bOnlyTableColumnHeader=false)
const Int32Set_ImplGetRows () const
const Int32Set_ImplGetColumns () const
Int32Set_Impl::const_iterator GetRowIter (sal_Int32 nRow) const
Int32Set_Impl::const_iterator GetColumnIter (sal_Int32 nCol) const
const SwFrameGetCell (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_Int32 nColumn, SwAccessibleTable *pThis) const
const SwFrameGetCellAtPos (sal_Int32 nLeft, sal_Int32 nTop) const
sal_Int32 GetRowCount () const
sal_Int32 GetColumnCount () const
bool CompareExtents (const SwAccessibleTableData_Impl &r) const
void GetSelection (sal_Int32 nStart, sal_Int32 nEnd, const SwSelBoxes &rSelBoxes, SwAccTableSelHandler_Impl &rSelHdl, bool bColumns) const
void CheckRowAndCol (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_Int32 nCol, SwAccessibleTable *pThis) const
const PointGetTablePos () const
void SetTablePos (const Point &rPos)

Private Member Functions

void CollectData (const SwFrame *pFrame)
bool FindCell (const Point &rPos, const SwFrame *pFrame, bool bExact, const SwFrame *&rFrame) const
void GetSelection (const Point &rTabPos, const SwRect &rArea, const SwSelBoxes &rSelBoxes, const SwFrame *pFrame, SwAccTableSelHandler_Impl &rSelHdl, bool bColumns) const
bool IncludeRow (const SwFrame &rFrame) const

Private Attributes

Int32Set_Impl maRows
Int32Set_Impl maColumns
Point maTabFramePos
const SwTabFramempTabFrame
bool mbIsInPagePreview
bool mbOnlyTableColumnHeader

Detailed Description

Definition at line 73 of file acctable.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwAccessibleTableData_Impl()

SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::SwAccessibleTableData_Impl ( SwAccessibleMap rAccMap,
const SwTabFrame pTabFrame,
bool  bIsInPagePreview,
bool  bOnlyTableColumnHeader = false 

Definition at line 358 of file acctable.cxx.

References CollectData(), mpTabFrame, and Pos.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CheckRowAndCol()

void SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::CheckRowAndCol ( sal_Int32  nRow,
sal_Int32  nCol,
SwAccessibleTable pThis 
) const

◆ CollectData()

void SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::CollectData ( const SwFrame pFrame)

◆ CompareExtents()

bool SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::CompareExtents ( const SwAccessibleTableData_Impl r) const

Definition at line 351 of file acctable.cxx.

References maColumns, and maRows.

◆ FindCell()

bool SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::FindCell ( const Point rPos,
const SwFrame pFrame,
bool  bExact,
const SwFrame *&  rFrame 
) const

◆ GetCell()

const SwFrame * SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::GetCell ( sal_Int32  nRow,
sal_Int32  nColumn,
SwAccessibleTable pThis 
) const

Definition at line 281 of file acctable.cxx.

References CheckRowAndCol(), GetCellAtPos(), GetColumnIter(), and GetRowIter().

Referenced by SwAccessibleTable::getAccessibleCellAt(), and SwAccessibleTable::isAccessibleSelected().

◆ GetCellAtPos()

const SwFrame * SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::GetCellAtPos ( sal_Int32  nLeft,
sal_Int32  nTop 
) const

◆ GetColumnCount()

sal_Int32 SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::GetColumnCount ( ) const

◆ GetColumnIter()

Int32Set_Impl::const_iterator SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::GetColumnIter ( sal_Int32  nCol) const

◆ GetColumns()

const Int32Set_Impl & SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::GetColumns ( ) const

Definition at line 107 of file acctable.cxx.

References maColumns.

Referenced by GetColumnIter().

◆ GetRowCount()

sal_Int32 SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::GetRowCount ( ) const

◆ GetRowIter()

Int32Set_Impl::const_iterator SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::GetRowIter ( sal_Int32  nRow) const

Definition at line 371 of file acctable.cxx.

References begin, and GetRows().

Referenced by GetCell().

◆ GetRows()

const Int32Set_Impl & SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::GetRows ( ) const

Definition at line 106 of file acctable.cxx.

References maRows.

Referenced by GetRowIter().

◆ GetSelection() [1/2]

void SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::GetSelection ( const Point rTabPos,
const SwRect rArea,
const SwSelBoxes rSelBoxes,
const SwFrame pFrame,
SwAccTableSelHandler_Impl &  rSelHdl,
bool  bColumns 
) const

◆ GetSelection() [2/2]

void SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::GetSelection ( sal_Int32  nStart,
sal_Int32  nEnd,
const SwSelBoxes rSelBoxes,
SwAccTableSelHandler_Impl &  rSelHdl,
bool  bColumns 
) const

◆ GetTablePos()

const Point & SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::GetTablePos ( ) const

Definition at line 129 of file acctable.cxx.

References maTabFramePos.

◆ IncludeRow()

bool SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::IncludeRow ( const SwFrame rFrame) const

Definition at line 94 of file acctable.cxx.

References SwTabFrame::IsInHeadline(), mbOnlyTableColumnHeader, and mpTabFrame.

Referenced by CollectData(), FindCell(), and GetSelection().

◆ SetTablePos()

void SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::SetTablePos ( const Point rPos)

Definition at line 130 of file acctable.cxx.

References maTabFramePos.

Referenced by SwAccessibleTable::InvalidatePosOrSize().

Member Data Documentation

◆ maColumns

Int32Set_Impl SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::maColumns

◆ maRows

Int32Set_Impl SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::maRows

◆ maTabFramePos

Point SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::maTabFramePos

Definition at line 78 of file acctable.cxx.

Referenced by CollectData(), GetTablePos(), and SetTablePos().

◆ mbIsInPagePreview

bool SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::mbIsInPagePreview

Definition at line 80 of file acctable.cxx.

Referenced by CollectData(), FindCell(), and GetSelection().

◆ mbOnlyTableColumnHeader

bool SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::mbOnlyTableColumnHeader

Definition at line 81 of file acctable.cxx.

Referenced by IncludeRow().

◆ mpTabFrame

const SwTabFrame* SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::mpTabFrame

Definition at line 79 of file acctable.cxx.

Referenced by GetCellAtPos(), GetSelection(), IncludeRow(), and SwAccessibleTableData_Impl().

◆ mrAccMap

SwAccessibleMap& SwAccessibleTableData_Impl::mrAccMap

Definition at line 75 of file acctable.cxx.

Referenced by CollectData(), FindCell(), and GetSelection().

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