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1/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
3 * This file is part of the LibreOffice project.
4 *
5 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
6 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
7 * file, You can obtain one at
8 *
9 * This file incorporates work covered by the following license notice:
10 *
11 * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
12 * contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed
13 * with this work for additional information regarding copyright
14 * ownership. The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache
15 * License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
16 * except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
17 * the License at .
18 */
20#pragma once
22#include <memory>
23#include <optional>
24#include <svx/svdotext.hxx>
25#include <svx/svdglue.hxx>
26#include <svx/svxdllapi.h>
27#include <svx/xpoly.hxx>
30class SdrDragMethod;
31class SdrPageView;
33namespace sdr::properties {
34 class ConnectorProperties;
41 friend class SdrEdgeObj;
42 friend class ImpEdgeHdl;
43 friend class SdrCreateView;
45 Point aObjOfs; // set during dragging of a node
46 SdrObject* pObj; // referenced object
47 sal_uInt16 nConId; // connector number
49 bool bBestConn : 1; // true -> the best-matching connector is searched for
50 bool bBestVertex : 1; // true -> the best-matching vertex to connect is searched for
51 bool bAutoVertex : 1; // autoConnector at apex nCon
52 bool bAutoCorner : 1; // autoConnector at corner nCon
57 void ResetVars();
58 bool TakeGluePoint(SdrGluePoint& rGP) const;
60 void SetBestConnection( bool rB ) { bBestConn = rB; };
61 void SetBestVertex( bool rB ) { bBestVertex = rB; };
62 void SetAutoVertex( bool rB ) { bAutoVertex = rB; };
63 void SetConnectorId( sal_uInt16 nId ) { nConId = nId; };
65 bool IsBestConnection() const { return bBestConn; };
66 bool IsAutoVertex() const { return bAutoVertex; };
67 sal_uInt16 GetConnectorId() const { return nConId; };
68 SdrObject* GetObject() const { return pObj; }
78 // The 5 distances are set on dragging or via SetAttr and are
79 // evaluated by ImpCalcEdgeTrack. Only 0-3 longs are transported
80 // via Get/SetAttr/Get/SetStyleSh though.
87 // Following values are set by ImpCalcEdgeTrack
88 tools::Long nAngle1; // exit angle at Obj1
89 tools::Long nAngle2; // exit angle at Obj2
90 sal_uInt16 nObj1Lines; // 1..3
91 sal_uInt16 nObj2Lines; // 1..3
92 sal_uInt16 nMiddleLine; // 0xFFFF=none, otherwise point number of the beginning of the line
96 : nAngle1(0),
97 nAngle2(0),
98 nObj1Lines(0),
99 nObj2Lines(0),
100 nMiddleLine(0xFFFF)
101 {}
104 sal_uInt16 ImpGetPolyIdx(SdrEdgeLineCode eLineCode, const XPolygon& rXP) const;
105 bool ImpIsHorzLine(SdrEdgeLineCode eLineCode, const XPolygon& rXP) const;
106 void ImpSetLineOffset(SdrEdgeLineCode eLineCode, const XPolygon& rXP, tools::Long nVal);
107 tools::Long ImpGetLineOffset(SdrEdgeLineCode eLineCode, const XPolygon& rXP) const;
115 SdrObjConnection aCon1; // connection status of the beginning of the line
116 SdrObjConnection aCon2; // connection status of the end of the line
117 std::optional<XPolygon> pEdgeTrack;
118 bool bEdgeTrackDirty; // true -> connector track needs to be recalculated
124 virtual ~SdrEdgeObjGeoData() override;
132 // to allow sdr::properties::ConnectorProperties access to ImpSetAttrToEdgeInfo()
135 friend class SdrCreateView;
136 friend class ImpEdgeHdl;
138 virtual std::unique_ptr<sdr::contact::ViewContact> CreateObjectSpecificViewContact() override;
139 virtual std::unique_ptr<sdr::properties::BaseProperties> CreateObjectSpecificProperties() override;
141 SdrObjConnection aCon1; // Connection status of the beginning of the line
142 SdrObjConnection aCon2; // Connection status of the end of the line
144 std::optional<XPolygon> pEdgeTrack;
145 sal_uInt16 nNotifyingCount; // Locking
148 bool bEdgeTrackDirty : 1; // true -> Connection track needs to be recalculated
151 // Bool to allow suppression of default connects at object
152 // inside test (HitTest) and object center test (see ImpFindConnector())
155 // Flag value for avoiding infinite loops when calculating
156 // BoundRects from ring-connected connectors. A coloring algorithm
157 // is used here. When the GetCurrentBoundRect() calculation of a
158 // SdrEdgeObj is running, the flag is set, else it is always
159 // false.
162 // #i123048# need to remember if layouting was suppressed before to get
163 // to a correct state for first real layouting
164 bool mbSuppressed : 1;
167 // Interface to default connect suppression
168 void SetSuppressDefaultConnect(bool bNew) { mbSuppressDefaultConnect = bNew; }
169 bool GetSuppressDefaultConnect() const { return mbSuppressDefaultConnect; }
172 virtual void Notify(SfxBroadcaster& rBC, const SfxHint& rHint) override;
174 static XPolygon ImpCalcObjToCenter(const Point& rStPt, tools::Long nEscAngle, const tools::Rectangle& rRect, const Point& rCenter);
175 void ImpRecalcEdgeTrack(); // recalculation of the connection track
176 XPolygon ImpCalcEdgeTrack(const XPolygon& rTrack0, SdrObjConnection& rCon1, SdrObjConnection& rCon2, SdrEdgeInfoRec* pInfo) const;
177 XPolygon ImpCalcEdgeTrack(const Point& rPt1, tools::Long nAngle1, const tools::Rectangle& rBoundRect1, const tools::Rectangle& rBewareRect1,
178 const Point& rPt2, tools::Long nAngle2, const tools::Rectangle& rBoundRect2, const tools::Rectangle& rBewareRect2,
179 sal_uIntPtr* pnQuality, SdrEdgeInfoRec* pInfo) const;
180 static bool ImpFindConnector(const Point& rPt, const SdrPageView& rPV, SdrObjConnection& rCon, const SdrEdgeObj* pThis, OutputDevice* pOut=nullptr, SdrDragStat* pDragStat = nullptr);
181 static SdrEscapeDirection ImpCalcEscAngle(SdrObject const * pObj, const Point& aPt2);
182 void ImpSetTailPoint(bool bTail1, const Point& rPt);
183 void ImpUndirtyEdgeTrack(); // potential recalculation of the connection track
184 void ImpDirtyEdgeTrack(); // invalidate connector path, so it will be recalculated next time
185 void ImpSetAttrToEdgeInfo(); // copying values from the pool to aEdgeInfo
186 void ImpSetEdgeInfoToAttr(); // copying values from the aEdgeInfo to the pool
188 // protected destructor
189 virtual ~SdrEdgeObj() override;
192 SdrEdgeObj(SdrModel& rSdrModel);
193 // Copy constructor
194 SdrEdgeObj(SdrModel& rSdrModel, SdrEdgeObj const & rSource);
196 // react on model/page change
197 virtual void handlePageChange(SdrPage* pOldPage, SdrPage* pNewPage) override;
199 SdrObjConnection& GetConnection(bool bTail1) { return *(bTail1 ? &aCon1 : &aCon2); }
200 virtual void TakeObjInfo(SdrObjTransformInfoRec& rInfo) const override;
201 virtual SdrObjKind GetObjIdentifier() const override;
202 virtual const tools::Rectangle& GetCurrentBoundRect() const override;
203 virtual const tools::Rectangle& GetSnapRect() const override;
204 virtual SdrGluePoint GetVertexGluePoint(sal_uInt16 nNum) const override;
205 virtual SdrGluePoint GetCornerGluePoint(sal_uInt16 nNum) const override;
206 virtual const SdrGluePointList* GetGluePointList() const override;
207 virtual SdrGluePointList* ForceGluePointList() override;
209 // * for all of the below: bTail1=true: beginning of the line,
210 // otherwise end of the line
211 // * pObj=NULL: disconnect connector
212 void SetEdgeTrackDirty() { bEdgeTrackDirty=true; }
213 void ConnectToNode(bool bTail1, SdrObject* pObj) override;
214 void DisconnectFromNode(bool bTail1) override;
215 SdrObject* GetConnectedNode(bool bTail1) const override;
216 const SdrObjConnection& GetConnection(bool bTail1) const { return *(bTail1 ? &aCon1 : &aCon2); }
217 bool CheckNodeConnection(bool bTail1) const;
219 virtual void RecalcSnapRect() override;
220 virtual void TakeUnrotatedSnapRect(tools::Rectangle& rRect) const override;
221 virtual rtl::Reference<SdrObject> CloneSdrObject(SdrModel& rTargetModel) const override;
222 virtual OUString TakeObjNameSingul() const override;
223 virtual OUString TakeObjNamePlural() const override;
225 void SetEdgeTrackPath( const basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon& rPoly );
226 basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon GetEdgeTrackPath() const;
228 virtual basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon TakeXorPoly() const override;
229 virtual sal_uInt32 GetHdlCount() const override;
230 virtual void AddToHdlList(SdrHdlList& rHdlList) const override;
232 // special drag methods
233 virtual bool hasSpecialDrag() const override;
234 virtual bool beginSpecialDrag(SdrDragStat& rDrag) const override;
235 virtual bool applySpecialDrag(SdrDragStat& rDrag) override;
236 virtual OUString getSpecialDragComment(const SdrDragStat& rDrag) const override;
238 // FullDrag support
239 virtual rtl::Reference<SdrObject> getFullDragClone() const override;
241 virtual void NbcSetSnapRect(const tools::Rectangle& rRect) override;
242 virtual void NbcMove(const Size& aSize) override;
243 virtual void NbcResize(const Point& rRefPnt, const Fraction& aXFact, const Fraction& aYFact) override;
245 // #i54102# added rotate, mirror and shear support
246 virtual void NbcRotate(const Point& rRef, Degree100 nAngle, double sn, double cs) override;
247 virtual void NbcMirror(const Point& rRef1, const Point& rRef2) override;
248 virtual void NbcShear(const Point& rRef, Degree100 nAngle, double tn, bool bVShear) override;
250 // #102344# Added missing implementation
251 virtual void NbcSetAnchorPos(const Point& rPnt) override;
253 virtual bool BegCreate(SdrDragStat& rStat) override;
254 virtual bool MovCreate(SdrDragStat& rStat) override;
255 virtual bool EndCreate(SdrDragStat& rStat, SdrCreateCmd eCmd) override;
256 virtual bool BckCreate(SdrDragStat& rStat) override;
257 virtual void BrkCreate(SdrDragStat& rStat) override;
258 virtual basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon TakeCreatePoly(const SdrDragStat& rDrag) const override;
259 virtual PointerStyle GetCreatePointer() const override;
260 virtual rtl::Reference<SdrObject> DoConvertToPolyObj(bool bBezier, bool bAddText) const override;
262 virtual sal_uInt32 GetSnapPointCount() const override;
263 virtual Point GetSnapPoint(sal_uInt32 i) const override;
264 virtual bool IsPolyObj() const override;
265 virtual sal_uInt32 GetPointCount() const override;
266 virtual Point GetPoint(sal_uInt32 i) const override;
267 virtual void NbcSetPoint(const Point& rPnt, sal_uInt32 i) override;
269 virtual std::unique_ptr<SdrObjGeoData> NewGeoData() const override;
270 virtual void SaveGeoData(SdrObjGeoData& rGeo) const override;
271 virtual void RestoreGeoData(const SdrObjGeoData& rGeo) override;
277 void Reformat();
279 // helper methods for the StarOffice api
280 Point GetTailPoint( bool bTail ) const;
281 void SetTailPoint( bool bTail, const Point& rPt );
282 void setGluePointIndex( bool bTail, sal_Int32 nId = -1 );
283 sal_Int32 getGluePointIndex( bool bTail );
285 virtual bool TRGetBaseGeometry(basegfx::B2DHomMatrix& rMatrix, basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon& rPolyPolygon) const override;
286 virtual void TRSetBaseGeometry(const basegfx::B2DHomMatrix& rMatrix, const basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon& rPolyPolygon) override;
288 // for geometry access
289 ::basegfx::B2DPolygon getEdgeTrack() const;
291 // helper method for SdrDragMethod::AddConnectorOverlays. Adds an overlay polygon for
292 // this connector to rResult.
293 basegfx::B2DPolygon ImplAddConnectorOverlay(const SdrDragMethod& rDragMethod, bool bTail1, bool bTail2, bool bDetail) const;
296 // The following item parameters of the SdrItemPool are used to
297 // determine the actual connector line routing:
298 //
299 // sal_uInt16 EdgeFlowAngle default 9000 (= 90.00 deg), min 0, max 9000
300 // Clearance angle.
301 // The angle at which the connecting line may run.
302 //
303 // sal_uInt16 EdgeEscAngle default 9000 (= 90.00 Deg), min 0, max 9000
304 // Object exit angle.
305 // The angle at which the connection line may exit from the object.
306 //
307 // bool EdgeEscAsRay default false
308 // true -> the connecting line emerges from the object radially.
309 // Thus, angle specification by the line ObjCenter / connector.
310 //
311 // bool EdgeEscUseObjAngle default false
312 // Object rotation angle is considered
313 // true -> when determining the connector exit angle, angle for
314 // object rotation is taken as an offset.
315 //
316 // sal_uIntPtr EdgeFlowDefDist default 0, min 0, max ?
317 // This is the default minimum distance on calculation of the
318 // connection Line to the docked objects is in logical units.
319 // This distance is overridden within the object, as soon as the
320 // user drags on the lines. When docking onto a new object,
321 // however, this default is used again.
322 //
323 //
324 // General Information About Connectors:
325 //
326 // There are nodes and edge objects. Two nodes can be joined by an
327 // edge. If a connector is connected to a node only at one end, the
328 // other end is fixed to an absolute position in the document. It is
329 // of course also possible for a connector to be "free" at both ends,
330 // i.e. not connected to a node object on each side.
331 //
332 // A connector object can also theoretically be a node object at the
333 // same time. In the first version, however, this will not yet be
334 // realized.
335 //
336 // A connection between node and connector edge can be established by:
337 // - Interactive creation of a new edge object at the SdrView where
338 // the beginning or end point of the edge is placed on a connector
339 // (glueing point) of an already existing node object.
340 // - Interactive dragging of the beginning or end point of an
341 // existing connector edge object on the SdrView to a connector
342 // (glueing point) of an already existing node object.
343 // - Undo/Redo
344 // Moving node objects does not make any connections. Also not the
345 // direct shifting of edge endpoints on the SdrModel... Connections
346 // can also be established, if the connectors are not configured to
347 // be visible in the view.
348 //
349 // An existing connection between node and edge is retained for:
350 // - Dragging (Move/Resize/Rotate/...) of the node object
351 // - Moving a connector position in the node object
352 // - Simultaneous dragging (Move/Resize/Rotate/...) of the node and the
353 // edge
354 //
355 // A connection between node and edge can be removed by:
356 // - Deleting one of the objects
357 // - Dragging the edge object without simultaneously dragging the node
358 // - Deleting the connector at the node object
359 // - Undo/Redo/Repeat
360 // When dragging, the request to remove the connection must be
361 // requested from outside of the model (for example, from the
362 // SdrView). SdrEdgeObj::Move() itself does not remove the
363 // connection.
364 //
365 // Each node object can have connectors, so-called gluepoints. These
366 // are the geometric points at which the connecting edge object ends
367 // when the connection is established. By default, each object has no
368 // connectors. Nevertheless, one can dock an edge in certain view
369 // settings since then, e.g., connectors can be automatically
370 // generated at the 4 vertices of the node object when needed. Each
371 // object provides 2x4 so-called default connector positions, 4 at
372 // the vertices and 4 at the corner positions. In the normal case,
373 // these are located at the 8 handle positions; exceptions here are
374 // ellipses, parallelograms, ... . In addition, user-specific
375 // connectors can be set for each node object.
376 //
377 // Then there is also the possibility to dock an edge on an object
378 // with the attribute "bUseBestConnector". The best-matching
379 // connector position for the routing of the connection line is then
380 // used from the offering of connectors of the object or/and of the
381 // vertices. The user assigns this attribute by docking the node in
382 // its center (see, e.g., Visio).
383 // 09-06-1996: bUseBestConnector uses vertex gluepoints only.
384 //
385 // And here is some terminology:
386 // Connector : The connector object (edge object)
387 // Node : Any object to which a connector can be glued to, e.g., a rectangle,
388 // etc.
389 // Gluepoint: The point at which the connector is glued to the node object.
390 // There are:
391 // Vertex gluepoints: Each node object presents these glue
392 // points inherently. Perhaps there is already the option
393 // "automatically glue to object vertex" in Draw (default is
394 // on).
395 // Corner gluepoints: These gluepoints, too, are already
396 // auto-enabled on objects. Similar to the ones above,
397 // there may already be an option for them in Draw (default is
398 // off).
399 // In contrast to Visio, vertex gluepoints and corner glue
400 // points are not displayed in the UI; they are simply there (if
401 // the option is activated).
402 // Custom gluepoints: Any number of them are present on each
403 // node object. They can be made visible using the option
404 // (always visible when editing). At the moment, however, they
405 // are not yet fully implemented.
406 // Automatic gluepoint selection: If the connector is docked
407 // to the node object so that the black frame encompasses the
408 // entire object, then the connector tries to find the most
409 // convenient of the 4 vertex gluepoints (and only of those).
411/* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
virtual const tools::Rectangle & GetSnapRect() const override
Definition: svdoattr.cxx:49
virtual void Notify(SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint) override
Detects when a stylesheet is changed.
Definition: svdoattr.cxx:61
Utility class SdrEdgeInfoRec.
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:76
Point aObj1Line2
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:81
Point aObj2Line3
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:84
void ImpSetLineOffset(SdrEdgeLineCode eLineCode, const XPolygon &rXP, tools::Long nVal)
Definition: svdoedge.cxx:124
bool ImpIsHorzLine(SdrEdgeLineCode eLineCode, const XPolygon &rXP) const
Definition: svdoedge.cxx:112
sal_uInt16 nObj1Lines
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:90
Point aObj2Line2
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:83
Point & ImpGetLineOffsetPoint(SdrEdgeLineCode eLineCode)
Definition: svdoedge.cxx:88
sal_uInt16 nObj2Lines
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:91
Point aObj1Line3
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:82
sal_uInt16 nMiddleLine
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:92
Point aMiddleLine
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:85
tools::Long nAngle1
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:88
tools::Long nAngle2
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:89
sal_uInt16 ImpGetPolyIdx(SdrEdgeLineCode eLineCode, const XPolygon &rXP) const
Definition: svdoedge.cxx:100
tools::Long ImpGetLineOffset(SdrEdgeLineCode eLineCode, const XPolygon &rXP) const
Definition: svdoedge.cxx:131
Utility class SdrEdgeObjGeoData.
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:113
bool bEdgeTrackUserDefined
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:119
SdrObjConnection aCon1
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:115
virtual ~SdrEdgeObjGeoData() override
Definition: svdoedge.cxx:2487
SdrObjConnection aCon2
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:116
SdrEdgeInfoRec aEdgeInfo
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:120
std::optional< XPolygon > pEdgeTrack
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:117
Utility class SdrEdgeObj.
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:130
SdrObjConnection aCon2
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:142
bool bEdgeTrackDirty
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:148
SdrObjConnection aCon1
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:141
const SdrObjConnection & GetConnection(bool bTail1) const
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:216
SdrEdgeInfoRec aEdgeInfo
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:146
void SetSuppressDefaultConnect(bool bNew)
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:168
bool mbSuppressDefaultConnect
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:153
bool mbSuppressed
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:164
SdrObjConnection & GetConnection(bool bTail1)
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:199
bool bEdgeTrackUserDefined
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:149
bool mbBoundRectCalculationRunning
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:160
void SetEdgeTrackDirty()
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:212
sal_uInt16 nNotifyingCount
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:145
bool GetSuppressDefaultConnect() const
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:169
std::optional< XPolygon > pEdgeTrack
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:144
SdrObject * pObj
Definition: svdhdl.hxx:136
Utility class SdrObjConnection.
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:40
bool TakeGluePoint(SdrGluePoint &rGP) const
Definition: svdoedge.cxx:59
sal_uInt16 GetConnectorId() const
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:67
void SetBestConnection(bool rB)
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:60
void ResetVars()
Definition: svdoedge.cxx:49
void SetBestVertex(bool rB)
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:61
void SetAutoVertex(bool rB)
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:62
bool IsAutoVertex() const
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:66
sal_uInt16 nConId
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:47
bool IsBestConnection() const
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:65
SdrObject * GetObject() const
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:68
SdrObject * pObj
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:46
void SetConnectorId(sal_uInt16 nId)
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:63
All geometrical data of an arbitrary object for use in undo/redo.
Definition: svdobj.hxx:174
Provides information about various ZObject properties.
Definition: svdobj.hxx:196
Abstract DrawObject.
Definition: svdobj.hxx:260
virtual void NbcSetAnchorPos(const Point &rPnt)
Definition: svdobj.cxx:1635
virtual SdrGluePointList * ForceGluePointList()
Definition: svdobj.cxx:2319
virtual void NbcSetPoint(const Point &rPnt, sal_uInt32 i)
Definition: svdobj.cxx:1749
virtual bool beginSpecialDrag(SdrDragStat &rDrag) const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:1347
virtual Point GetPoint(sal_uInt32 i) const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:1735
virtual bool IsPolyObj() const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:1725
virtual const tools::Rectangle & GetCurrentBoundRect() const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:962
virtual void ConnectToNode(bool bTail1, SdrObject *pObj)
Definition: svdobj.cxx:2368
virtual const SdrGluePointList * GetGluePointList() const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:2312
virtual void DisconnectFromNode(bool bTail1)
Definition: svdobj.cxx:2372
virtual SdrObject * GetConnectedNode(bool bTail1) const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:2376
virtual SdrGluePoint GetCornerGluePoint(sal_uInt16 nNum) const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:2296
virtual SdrGluePoint GetVertexGluePoint(sal_uInt16 nNum) const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:2275
virtual sal_uInt32 GetPointCount() const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:1730
A SdrPage contains exactly one SdrObjList and a description of the physical page dimensions (size / m...
Definition: svdpage.hxx:379
virtual std::unique_ptr< sdr::properties::BaseProperties > CreateObjectSpecificProperties() override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:64
virtual rtl::Reference< SdrObject > CloneSdrObject(SdrModel &rTargetModel) const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1095
virtual std::unique_ptr< SdrObjGeoData > NewGeoData() const override
A derived class must override these 3 methods if it has own geometric data that must be saved for Und...
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1494
virtual OUString getSpecialDragComment(const SdrDragStat &rDrag) const override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:177
virtual void SaveGeoData(SdrObjGeoData &rGeo) const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1499
virtual void NbcMirror(const Point &rRef1, const Point &rRef2) override
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:238
virtual void NbcSetSnapRect(const tools::Rectangle &rRect) override
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:43
virtual void RestoreGeoData(const SdrObjGeoData &rGeo) override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1507
virtual void NbcShear(const Point &rRef, Degree100 nAngle, double tn, bool bVShear) override
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:214
virtual void NbcMove(const Size &rSiz) override
The methods Move, Resize, Rotate, Mirror, Shear, SetSnapRect and SetLogicRect call the corresponding ...
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:95
virtual void RecalcSnapRect() override
Snap is not done on the BoundRect but if possible on logic coordinates (i.e.
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1140
virtual bool applySpecialDrag(SdrDragStat &rDrag) override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:152
virtual bool MovCreate(SdrDragStat &rStat) override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:195
virtual sal_uInt32 GetHdlCount() const override
Via GetHdlCount the number of Handles can be retrieved.
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:36
virtual OUString TakeObjNameSingul() const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1018
virtual void TakeObjInfo(SdrObjTransformInfoRec &rInfo) const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:429
virtual bool BegCreate(SdrDragStat &rStat) override
Every object must be able to create itself interactively.
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:185
virtual OUString TakeObjNamePlural() const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1077
virtual PointerStyle GetCreatePointer() const override
get the cursor/pointer that signals creating this object
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:247
virtual void TRSetBaseGeometry(const basegfx::B2DHomMatrix &rMatrix, const basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon &rPolyPolygon) override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1689
virtual basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon TakeXorPoly() const override
The Xor-Polygon is required by the View to drag the object.
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1100
virtual void BrkCreate(SdrDragStat &rStat) override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:226
virtual basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon TakeCreatePoly(const SdrDragStat &rDrag) const override
Polygon dragged by the user when creating the object.
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:235
virtual std::unique_ptr< sdr::contact::ViewContact > CreateObjectSpecificViewContact() override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:70
virtual Point GetSnapPoint(sal_uInt32 i) const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1155
virtual void handlePageChange(SdrPage *pOldPage, SdrPage *pNewPage) override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:480
virtual sal_uInt32 GetSnapPointCount() const override
snap to special points of an Object (polygon points, center of circle)
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1150
virtual bool BckCreate(SdrDragStat &rStat) override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:230
virtual rtl::Reference< SdrObject > getFullDragClone() const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:2132
virtual void AddToHdlList(SdrHdlList &rHdlList) const override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:41
virtual SdrObjKind GetObjIdentifier() const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:453
virtual void TakeUnrotatedSnapRect(tools::Rectangle &rRect) const
Definition: svdotext.cxx:617
virtual rtl::Reference< SdrObject > DoConvertToPolyObj(bool bBezier, bool bAddText) const override
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:410
virtual void NbcResize(const Point &rRef, const Fraction &xFact, const Fraction &yFact) override
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:103
virtual bool EndCreate(SdrDragStat &rStat, SdrCreateCmd eCmd) override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:210
virtual bool TRGetBaseGeometry(basegfx::B2DHomMatrix &rMatrix, basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon &rPolyPolygon) const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1654
virtual bool hasSpecialDrag() const override
The standard transformations (Move,Resize,Rotate,Mirror,Shear) are taken over by the View (TakeXorPol...
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:70
virtual void NbcRotate(const Point &rRef, Degree100 nAngle, double sn, double cs) override
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:190
long Long
sal_Int16 nId
Definition: svdglue.hxx:35
Definition: svdobjkind.hxx:25
Definition: svdoedge.hxx:72
Definition: svdtypes.hxx:27
Definition: svxdllapi.h:35