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xeview.hxx File Reference
#include "xerecord.hxx"
#include "xlview.hxx"
#include "xeroot.hxx"
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class  XclExpWindow1
 Represents the WINDOW1 record containing global workbook view settings. More...
class  XclExpWindow2
 Represents a WINDOW2 record with general view settings for a sheet. More...
class  XclExpScl
 Represents an SCL record for the zoom factor of the current view of a sheet. More...
class  XclExpPane
 Represents a PANE record containing settings for split/frozen windows. More...
class  XclExpSelection
 Represents a SELECTION record with selection data for a pane. More...
class  XclExpTabBgColor
class  XclExpTabViewSettings
 Contains all view settings records for a single sheet. More...