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xestream.hxx File Reference
#include <map>
#include <stack>
#include <string_view>
#include <rtl/strbuf.hxx>
#include <oox/core/xmlfilterbase.hxx>
#include <sax/fshelper.hxx>
#include <tools/stream.hxx>
#include <formula/errorcodes.hxx>
#include "ftools.hxx"
#include <types.hxx>
#include <filter/msfilter/mscodec.hxx>
#include <vector>
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class  XclExpStream
 This class is used to export Excel record streams. More...
class  XclExpBiff8Encrypter
class  XclXmlUtils
class  XclExpXmlStream


namespace  com
namespace  com::sun
namespace  com::sun::star
namespace  com::sun::star::beans
namespace  sc
 CAUTION! The following defines must be in the same namespace as the respective type.


#define XESTRING_TO_PSZ(s)    (s.Len() && s.GetChar( 0 ) != 0 ? XclXmlUtils::ToOString( s ).getStr() : nullptr)


typedef std::shared_ptr< XclExpBiff8EncrypterXclExpEncrypterRef

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#define XESTRING_TO_PSZ (   s)     (s.Len() && s.GetChar( 0 ) != 0 ? XclXmlUtils::ToOString( s ).getStr() : nullptr)

Definition at line 232 of file xestream.hxx.

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◆ XclExpEncrypterRef

typedef std::shared_ptr< XclExpBiff8Encrypter > XclExpEncrypterRef

Definition at line 48 of file xestream.hxx.