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stylesbuffer.hxx File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <com/sun/star/awt/FontDescriptor.hpp>
#include <com/sun/star/table/CellHoriJustify.hpp>
#include <com/sun/star/table/CellOrientation.hpp>
#include <com/sun/star/table/BorderLine2.hpp>
#include <com/sun/star/util/CellProtection.hpp>
#include <oox/drawingml/color.hxx>
#include <oox/helper/graphichelper.hxx>
#include <oox/helper/refmap.hxx>
#include <oox/helper/refvector.hxx>
#include "numberformatsbuffer.hxx"
#include <editeng/svxenum.hxx>
#include <editeng/frmdir.hxx>
#include <docmodel/color/ComplexColor.hxx>
#include <attarray.hxx>
#include <vector>
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class  oox::xls::ExcelGraphicHelper
 Relative character height if escaped. More...
class  oox::xls::Color
class  oox::xls::ColorPalette
 Stores all colors of the color palette. More...
struct  oox::xls::FontModel
 Contains all XML font attributes, e.g. More...
struct  oox::xls::ApiFontUsedFlags
 Contains used flags for all API font attributes. More...
struct  oox::xls::ApiScriptFontName
 Contains API font name, family, and charset for a script type. More...
struct  oox::xls::ApiFontData
 Contains all API font attributes. More...
class  oox::xls::Font
struct  oox::xls::AlignmentModel
 Contains all XML cell alignment attributes, e.g. More...
struct  oox::xls::ApiAlignmentData
 Contains all API cell alignment attributes. More...
class  oox::xls::Alignment
struct  oox::xls::ProtectionModel
 Contains all XML cell protection attributes, e.g. More...
struct  oox::xls::ApiProtectionData
 Contains all API cell protection attributes. More...
class  oox::xls::Protection
struct  oox::xls::BorderLineModel
 Contains XML attributes of a single border line. More...
struct  oox::xls::BorderModel
 Contains XML attributes of a complete cell border. More...
struct  oox::xls::ApiBorderData
 Contains API attributes of a complete cell border. More...
class  oox::xls::Border
struct  oox::xls::PatternFillModel
 Contains XML pattern fill attributes from the patternFill element. More...
struct  oox::xls::GradientFillModel
 Contains XML gradient fill attributes from the gradientFill element. More...
struct  oox::xls::ApiSolidFillData
 Contains API fill attributes. More...
class  oox::xls::Fill
 Contains cell fill attributes, either a pattern fill or a gradient fill. More...
struct  oox::xls::XfModel
 Contains all data for a cell format or cell style. More...
class  oox::xls::Xf
 Represents a cell format or a cell style (called XF, extended format). More...
struct  oox::xls::Xf::AttrList
class  oox::xls::Dxf
struct  oox::xls::CellStyleModel
 Contains attributes of a cell style, e.g. More...
class  oox::xls::CellStyle
class  oox::xls::CellStyleBuffer
struct  oox::xls::AutoFormatModel
class  oox::xls::StylesBuffer


namespace  oox
namespace  oox::xls


typedef std::shared_ptr< Font > oox::xls::FontRef
typedef std::shared_ptr< Border > oox::xls::BorderRef
typedef std::shared_ptr< Fill > oox::xls::FillRef
typedef std::shared_ptr< Xf > oox::xls::XfRef
typedef std::shared_ptr< Dxf > oox::xls::DxfRef
typedef std::shared_ptr< CellStyle > oox::xls::CellStyleRef


SequenceInputStream & oox::xls::operator>> (SequenceInputStream &rStrm, Color &orColor)
bool oox::xls::operator== (const ApiAlignmentData &rLeft, const ApiAlignmentData &rRight)
bool oox::xls::operator== (const ApiProtectionData &rLeft, const ApiProtectionData &rRight)
bool oox::xls::operator== (const XfModel &rXfModel1, const XfModel &rXfModel2)
bool oox::xls::operator== (const Xf &rXf1, const Xf &rXf2)


const sal_Int32 oox::xls::OOX_COLOR_WINDOWTEXT3 = 24
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::OOX_COLOR_WINDOWBACK3 = 25
 System window text color (BIFF3-BIFF4). More...
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::OOX_COLOR_WINDOWTEXT = 64
 System window background color (BIFF3-BIFF4). More...
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::OOX_COLOR_WINDOWBACK = 65
 System window text color (BIFF5+). More...
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::OOX_COLOR_BUTTONBACK = 67
 System window background color (BIFF5+). More...
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::OOX_COLOR_CHWINDOWTEXT = 77
 System button background color (face color). More...
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::OOX_COLOR_CHWINDOWBACK = 78
 System window text color (BIFF8 charts). More...
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::OOX_COLOR_CHBORDERAUTO = 79
 System window background color (BIFF8 charts). More...
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::OOX_COLOR_NOTEBACK = 80
 Automatic frame border (BIFF8 charts). More...
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::OOX_COLOR_NOTETEXT = 81
 Note background color. More...
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::OOX_COLOR_FONTAUTO = 0x7FFF
 Note text color. More...
const sal_Int16 oox::xls::API_LINE_NONE = 0
 Font auto color (system window text color). More...
const sal_Int16 oox::xls::API_LINE_HAIR = 1
const sal_Int16 oox::xls::API_LINE_THIN = 15
const sal_Int16 oox::xls::API_LINE_MEDIUM = 35
const sal_Int16 oox::xls::API_LINE_THICK = 50
const sal_Int16 oox::xls::API_ESCAPE_NONE = 0
const sal_Int16 oox::xls::API_ESCAPE_SUPERSCRIPT = 101
 No escapement. More...
const sal_Int16 oox::xls::API_ESCAPE_SUBSCRIPT = -101
 Superscript: raise characters automatically (magic value 101). More...
const sal_Int8 oox::xls::API_ESCAPEHEIGHT_NONE = 100
 Subscript: lower characters automatically (magic value -101). More...
const sal_Int8 oox::xls::API_ESCAPEHEIGHT_DEFAULT = 58
 Relative character height if not escaped. More...