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oox::xls::Color Class Reference

#include <stylesbuffer.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

void setAuto ()
 Sets the color to automatic. More...
void setRgb (::Color nRgbValue, double fTint=0.0)
 Sets the color to the passed RGB value. More...
void setTheme (sal_Int32 nThemeIdx, double fTint=0.0)
 Sets the color to the passed theme index. More...
void setIndexed (sal_Int32 nPaletteIdx, double fTint=0.0)
 Sets the color to the passed palette index. More...
void importColor (const AttributeList &rAttribs)
 Imports the color from the passed attribute list. More...
void importColor (SequenceInputStream &rStrm)
 Imports a 64-bit color from the passed binary stream. More...
void importColorId (SequenceInputStream &rStrm)
 Imports a 32-bit palette color identifier from the passed BIFF12 stream. More...
bool isAuto () const
 Returns true, if the color is set to automatic. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from oox::drawingml::Color
 Color ()
void setUnused ()
void setSrgbClr (sal_Int32 nRgb)
void setSrgbClr (::Color nRgb)
void setScrgbClr (sal_Int32 nR, sal_Int32 nG, sal_Int32 nB)
void setHslClr (sal_Int32 nHue, sal_Int32 nSat, sal_Int32 nLum)
void setPrstClr (sal_Int32 nToken)
void setHighlight (sal_Int32 nToken)
void setSchemeClr (sal_Int32 nToken)
void setSchemeName (const OUString &sSchemeName)
void setSysClr (sal_Int32 nToken, sal_Int32 nLastRgb)
void setPaletteClr (sal_Int32 nPaletteIdx)
void addTransformation (sal_Int32 nElement, sal_Int32 nValue=-1)
void addChartTintTransformation (double fTint)
void addExcelTintTransformation (double fTint)
void clearTransformations ()
void clearTransparence ()
void assignIfUsed (const Color &rColor)
bool isUsed () const
bool isPlaceHolder () const
::Color getColor (const GraphicHelper &rGraphicHelper, ::Color nPhClr=API_RGB_TRANSPARENT) const
bool hasTransparency () const
sal_Int16 getTransparency () const
const OUString & getSchemeColorName () const
sal_Int16 getSchemeColorIndex () const
sal_Int16 getTintOrShade () const
sal_Int16 getLumMod () const
sal_Int16 getLumOff () const
model::ThemeColorType getThemeColorType () const
model::ComplexColor createComplexColor (const GraphicHelper &rGraphicHelper, sal_Int16 nPhClrTheme) const
const css::uno::Sequence< css::beans::PropertyValue > & getTransformations () const
bool equals (const Color &rOther, const GraphicHelper &rGraphicHelper, ::Color nPhClr) const
model::ComplexColor getComplexColor () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from oox::drawingml::Color
::Color getDmlPresetColor (sal_Int32 nToken, ::Color nDefaultRgb)
::Color getVmlPresetColor (sal_Int32 nToken, ::Color nDefaultRgb)
::Color getHighlightColor (sal_Int32 nToken, ::Color nDefaultRgb)
static OUString getColorTransformationName (sal_Int32 nElement)
static sal_Int32 getColorTransformationToken (std::u16string_view sName)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 88 of file stylesbuffer.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ importColor() [1/2]

void Color::importColor ( const AttributeList rAttribs)

◆ importColor() [2/2]

void Color::importColor ( SequenceInputStream rStrm)

Imports a 64-bit color from the passed binary stream.

Definition at line 297 of file stylesbuffer.cxx.

References nIndex, rStrm, SAL_MAX_INT16, SAL_MIN_INT16, setAuto(), setIndexed(), setRgb(), and setTheme().

◆ importColorId()

void Color::importColorId ( SequenceInputStream rStrm)

Imports a 32-bit palette color identifier from the passed BIFF12 stream.

Definition at line 336 of file stylesbuffer.cxx.

References rStrm, and setIndexed().

Referenced by oox::xls::SheetViewSettings::importSheetView().

◆ isAuto()

bool oox::xls::Color::isAuto ( ) const

Returns true, if the color is set to automatic.

Definition at line 109 of file stylesbuffer.hxx.

References oox::drawingml::Color::isPlaceHolder().

Referenced by oox::xls::WorksheetSettings::finalizeImport().

◆ setAuto()

void Color::setAuto ( )

Sets the color to automatic.

Definition at line 244 of file stylesbuffer.cxx.

References oox::drawingml::Color::clearTransformations(), and oox::drawingml::Color::setSchemeClr().

Referenced by oox::xls::Fill::finalizeImport(), and importColor().

◆ setIndexed()

void Color::setIndexed ( sal_Int32  nPaletteIdx,
double  fTint = 0.0 

◆ setRgb()

void Color::setRgb ( ::Color  nRgbValue,
double  fTint = 0.0 

◆ setTheme()

void Color::setTheme ( sal_Int32  nThemeIdx,
double  fTint = 0.0 

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