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XclTabViewData Struct Reference

Contains all view settings for a single sheet. More...

#include <xlview.hxx>

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Public Types

typedef ::std::map< sal_uInt8, XclSelectionDataRefXclSelectionMap

Public Member Functions

bool IsDefaultTabBgColor () const
 Tab Color default = (COL_AUTO ) More...
 XclTabViewData ()
 palette color id More...
 ~XclTabViewData ()
void SetDefaults ()
 Sets Excel default view settings. More...
bool IsSplit () const
 Returns true, if the window is split in any direction. More...
bool HasPane (sal_uInt8 nPaneId) const
 Returns true, if the specified pane (EXC_PANE_*) is available. More...
const XclSelectionDataGetSelectionData (sal_uInt8 nPane) const
 Returns the selection data, if available, otherwise 0. More...
XclSelectionDataCreateSelectionData (sal_uInt8 nPane)
 Returns read/write access to the selection data of the specified pane. More...

Public Attributes

XclSelectionMap maSelMap
Color maGridColor
 Selections of all panes. More...
XclAddress maFirstXclPos
 Grid color. More...
XclAddress maSecondXclPos
 First visible cell. More...
sal_uInt16 mnSplitX
 First visible cell in additional panes. More...
sal_uInt32 mnSplitY
 Split X position, or number of frozen columns. More...
sal_uInt16 mnNormalZoom
 Split Y position, or number of frozen rows. More...
sal_uInt16 mnPageZoom
 Zoom factor for normal view. More...
sal_uInt16 mnCurrentZoom
 Zoom factor for pagebreak preview. More...
sal_uInt8 mnActivePane
 Zoom factor for current view. More...
bool mbSelected
 Active pane (with cell cursor). More...
bool mbDisplayed
 true = Sheet is selected. More...
bool mbMirrored
 true = Sheet is displayed (active). More...
bool mbFrozenPanes
 true = Mirrored (right-to-left) sheet. More...
bool mbPageMode
 true = Frozen panes; false = split window. More...
bool mbDefGridColor
 true = Pagebreak preview; false = Normal view. More...
bool mbShowFormulas
 true = Default grid color. More...
bool mbShowGrid
 true = Show formulas instead of results. More...
bool mbShowHeadings
 true = Show cell grid. More...
bool mbShowZeros
 true = Show column/row headings. More...
bool mbShowOutline
 true = Show zero value zells. More...
Color maTabBgColor
 true = Show outlines. More...
sal_uInt32 mnTabBgColorId

Detailed Description

Contains all view settings for a single sheet.

Definition at line 116 of file xlview.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ XclSelectionMap

Definition at line 118 of file xlview.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XclTabViewData()

XclTabViewData::XclTabViewData ( )

palette color id

Definition at line 38 of file xlview.cxx.

References SetDefaults().

◆ ~XclTabViewData()

XclTabViewData::~XclTabViewData ( )

Definition at line 45 of file xlview.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateSelectionData()

XclSelectionData & XclTabViewData::CreateSelectionData ( sal_uInt8  nPane)

Returns read/write access to the selection data of the specified pane.

Definition at line 95 of file xlview.cxx.

References maSelMap.

Referenced by XclExpTabViewSettings::CreateSelectionData(), and XclImpTabViewSettings::ReadSelection().

◆ GetSelectionData()

const XclSelectionData * XclTabViewData::GetSelectionData ( sal_uInt8  nPane) const

Returns the selection data, if available, otherwise 0.

Definition at line 89 of file xlview.cxx.

References maSelMap.

Referenced by XclImpTabViewSettings::Finalize(), and XclExpSelection::XclExpSelection().

◆ HasPane()

bool XclTabViewData::HasPane ( sal_uInt8  nPaneId) const

◆ IsDefaultTabBgColor()

bool XclTabViewData::IsDefaultTabBgColor ( ) const

Tab Color default = (COL_AUTO )

Definition at line 142 of file xlview.hxx.

References COL_AUTO(), and maTabBgColor.

Referenced by XclImpTabViewSettings::Finalize(), XclExpTabBgColor::WriteBody(), and XclExpTabViewSettings::WriteTabBgColor().

◆ IsSplit()

bool XclTabViewData::IsSplit ( ) const

Returns true, if the window is split in any direction.

Definition at line 71 of file xlview.cxx.

References mnSplitX, and mnSplitY.

Referenced by XclExpTabViewSettings::SaveXml(), XclExpTabViewSettings::WritePane(), XclExpPane::XclExpPane(), and XclExpTabViewSettings::XclExpTabViewSettings().

◆ SetDefaults()

void XclTabViewData::SetDefaults ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ maFirstXclPos

XclAddress XclTabViewData::maFirstXclPos

◆ maGridColor

Color XclTabViewData::maGridColor

◆ maSecondXclPos

XclAddress XclTabViewData::maSecondXclPos

◆ maSelMap

XclSelectionMap XclTabViewData::maSelMap

Definition at line 120 of file xlview.hxx.

Referenced by CreateSelectionData(), GetSelectionData(), and SetDefaults().

◆ maTabBgColor

Color XclTabViewData::maTabBgColor

◆ mbDefGridColor

bool XclTabViewData::mbDefGridColor

◆ mbDisplayed

bool XclTabViewData::mbDisplayed

◆ mbFrozenPanes

bool XclTabViewData::mbFrozenPanes

◆ mbMirrored

bool XclTabViewData::mbMirrored

◆ mbPageMode

bool XclTabViewData::mbPageMode

◆ mbSelected

bool XclTabViewData::mbSelected

◆ mbShowFormulas

bool XclTabViewData::mbShowFormulas

◆ mbShowGrid

bool XclTabViewData::mbShowGrid

◆ mbShowHeadings

bool XclTabViewData::mbShowHeadings

◆ mbShowOutline

bool XclTabViewData::mbShowOutline

◆ mbShowZeros

bool XclTabViewData::mbShowZeros

◆ mnActivePane

sal_uInt8 XclTabViewData::mnActivePane

◆ mnCurrentZoom

sal_uInt16 XclTabViewData::mnCurrentZoom

◆ mnNormalZoom

sal_uInt16 XclTabViewData::mnNormalZoom

◆ mnPageZoom

sal_uInt16 XclTabViewData::mnPageZoom

◆ mnSplitX

sal_uInt16 XclTabViewData::mnSplitX

◆ mnSplitY

sal_uInt32 XclTabViewData::mnSplitY

Split X position, or number of frozen columns.

Definition at line 125 of file xlview.hxx.

Referenced by XclImpTabViewSettings::Finalize(), HasPane(), IsSplit(), XclImpTabViewSettings::ReadPane(), SetDefaults(), and XclExpTabViewSettings::XclExpTabViewSettings().

◆ mnTabBgColorId

sal_uInt32 XclTabViewData::mnTabBgColorId

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