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ScSubTotalParam Struct Reference

#include <subtotalparam.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 ScSubTotalParam ()
 ScSubTotalParam (const ScSubTotalParam &r)
ScSubTotalParamoperator= (const ScSubTotalParam &r)
bool operator== (const ScSubTotalParam &r) const
void Clear ()
void SetSubTotals (sal_uInt16 nGroup, const SCCOL *ptrSubTotals, const ScSubTotalFunc *ptrFunctions, sal_uInt16 nCount)

Public Attributes

 selected area More...
sal_uInt16 nUserIndex
 index into list More...
bool bRemoveOnly:1
bool bReplace:1
 replace existing results More...
bool bPagebreak:1
 page break at change of group More...
bool bCaseSens:1
bool bDoSort:1
 presort More...
bool bAscending:1
 sort ascending More...
bool bUserDef:1
 sort user defined More...
bool bIncludePattern:1
 sort formats More...
bool bGroupActive [MAXSUBTOTAL]
 active groups More...
 associated field More...
 number of SubTotals More...
std::unique_ptr< SCCOL[]> pSubTotals [MAXSUBTOTAL]
 array of columns to be calculated More...
std::unique_ptr< ScSubTotalFunc[]> pFunctions [MAXSUBTOTAL]
 array of associated functions More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file subtotalparam.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScSubTotalParam::ScSubTotalParam ( )

Definition at line 14 of file subtotalparam.cxx.

References Clear(), i, MAXSUBTOTAL, nSubTotals, pFunctions, and pSubTotals.

ScSubTotalParam::ScSubTotalParam ( const ScSubTotalParam r)

Definition at line 26 of file subtotalparam.cxx.

References bGroupActive, i, MAXSUBTOTAL, nField, nSubTotals, pFunctions, and pSubTotals.

Member Function Documentation

void ScSubTotalParam::Clear ( )
ScSubTotalParam & ScSubTotalParam::operator= ( const ScSubTotalParam r)
bool ScSubTotalParam::operator== ( const ScSubTotalParam r) const
void ScSubTotalParam::SetSubTotals ( sal_uInt16  nGroup,
const SCCOL ptrSubTotals,
const ScSubTotalFunc ptrFunctions,
sal_uInt16  nCount 

Definition at line 167 of file subtotalparam.cxx.

References i, MAXSUBTOTAL, nSubTotals, pFunctions, and pSubTotals.

Referenced by ScTpSubTotalGroup::DoFillItemSet().

Member Data Documentation

bool ScSubTotalParam::bAscending
bool ScSubTotalParam::bCaseSens
bool ScSubTotalParam::bDoSort
bool ScSubTotalParam::bGroupActive[MAXSUBTOTAL]
bool ScSubTotalParam::bIncludePattern
bool ScSubTotalParam::bPagebreak
bool ScSubTotalParam::bRemoveOnly
bool ScSubTotalParam::bReplace
bool ScSubTotalParam::bUserDef
SCCOL ScSubTotalParam::nCol1
SCCOL ScSubTotalParam::nCol2
SCCOL ScSubTotalParam::nField[MAXSUBTOTAL]
SCROW ScSubTotalParam::nRow1
SCROW ScSubTotalParam::nRow2
SCCOL ScSubTotalParam::nSubTotals[MAXSUBTOTAL]
sal_uInt16 ScSubTotalParam::nUserIndex
std::unique_ptr<ScSubTotalFunc[]> ScSubTotalParam::pFunctions[MAXSUBTOTAL]
std::unique_ptr<SCCOL[]> ScSubTotalParam::pSubTotals[MAXSUBTOTAL]

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