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ScDPOutLevelData Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 ScDPOutLevelData (tools::Long nDim, tools::Long nHier, tools::Long nLevel, tools::Long nDimPos, sal_uInt32 nSrcNumFmt, const uno::Sequence< sheet::MemberResult > &aResult, const OUString &aName, const OUString &aCaption, bool bHasHiddenMember, bool bDataLayout, bool bPageDim)

Public Attributes

tools::Long mnDim
tools::Long mnHier
tools::Long mnLevel
tools::Long mnDimPos
sal_uInt32 mnSrcNumFmt
uno::Sequence< sheet::MemberResult > maResult
 Prevailing number format used in the source data. More...
OUString maName
OUString maCaption
 Name is the internal field name. More...
bool mbHasHiddenMember:1
 Caption is the name visible in the output table. More...
bool mbDataLayout:1
bool mbPageDim:1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 81 of file dpoutput.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScDPOutLevelData()

ScDPOutLevelData::ScDPOutLevelData ( tools::Long  nDim,
tools::Long  nHier,
tools::Long  nLevel,
tools::Long  nDimPos,
sal_uInt32  nSrcNumFmt,
const uno::Sequence< sheet::MemberResult > &  aResult,
const OUString &  aName,
const OUString &  aCaption,
bool  bHasHiddenMember,
bool  bDataLayout,
bool  bPageDim 

Definition at line 95 of file dpoutput.cxx.

References aName.

Member Data Documentation

◆ maCaption

OUString ScDPOutLevelData::maCaption

Name is the internal field name.

Definition at line 90 of file dpoutput.cxx.

◆ maName

OUString ScDPOutLevelData::maName

Definition at line 89 of file dpoutput.cxx.

◆ maResult

uno::Sequence<sheet::MemberResult> ScDPOutLevelData::maResult

Prevailing number format used in the source data.

Definition at line 88 of file dpoutput.cxx.

◆ mbDataLayout

bool ScDPOutLevelData::mbDataLayout

Definition at line 92 of file dpoutput.cxx.

◆ mbHasHiddenMember

bool ScDPOutLevelData::mbHasHiddenMember

Caption is the name visible in the output table.

Definition at line 91 of file dpoutput.cxx.

◆ mbPageDim

bool ScDPOutLevelData::mbPageDim

Definition at line 93 of file dpoutput.cxx.

◆ mnDim

tools::Long ScDPOutLevelData::mnDim

Definition at line 83 of file dpoutput.cxx.

◆ mnDimPos

tools::Long ScDPOutLevelData::mnDimPos

Definition at line 86 of file dpoutput.cxx.

◆ mnHier

tools::Long ScDPOutLevelData::mnHier

Definition at line 84 of file dpoutput.cxx.

◆ mnLevel

tools::Long ScDPOutLevelData::mnLevel

Definition at line 85 of file dpoutput.cxx.

◆ mnSrcNumFmt

sal_uInt32 ScDPOutLevelData::mnSrcNumFmt

Definition at line 87 of file dpoutput.cxx.

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