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ScPassHashHelper Namespace Reference


bool needsPassHashRegen (const ScDocument &rDoc, ScPasswordHash eHash1, ScPasswordHash eHash2=PASSHASH_UNSPECIFIED)
 Check for the compatibility of all password hashes. More...
OUString getHashURI (ScPasswordHash eHash)
ScPasswordHash getHashTypeFromURI (const OUString &rURI)

Function Documentation

ScPasswordHash ScPassHashHelper::getHashTypeFromURI ( const OUString &  rURI)
OUString ScPassHashHelper::getHashURI ( ScPasswordHash  eHash)
bool ScPassHashHelper::needsPassHashRegen ( const ScDocument rDoc,
ScPasswordHash  eHash1,
ScPasswordHash  eHash2 = PASSHASH_UNSPECIFIED 

Check for the compatibility of all password hashes.

If there is at least one hash that needs to be regenerated, it returns true. If all hash values are compatible with the specified hash type, then it returns false.

Definition at line 41 of file tabprotection.cxx.

References ScDocument::GetDocProtection(), ScDocument::GetTableCount(), ScDocument::GetTabProtection(), ScDocProtection::hasPasswordHash(), ScTableProtection::hasPasswordHash(), i, ScDocument::IsDocProtected(), ScDocProtection::isPasswordEmpty(), ScTableProtection::isPasswordEmpty(), ScTableProtection::isProtected(), and p.

Referenced by ScDocShell::ConvertTo(), and ScDocShell::SaveAs().