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interpr5.cxx File Reference
#include <rtl/math.hxx>
#include <string.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <unotools/bootstrap.hxx>
#include <svl/zforlist.hxx>
#include <tools/duration.hxx>
#include <interpre.hxx>
#include <global.hxx>
#include <formulacell.hxx>
#include <document.hxx>
#include <dociter.hxx>
#include <scmatrix.hxx>
#include <globstr.hrc>
#include <scresid.hxx>
#include <cellkeytranslator.hxx>
#include <formulagroup.hxx>
#include <vcl/svapp.hxx>
#include <vector>
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static int lcl_LUP_decompose (ScMatrix *mA, const SCSIZE n, ::std::vector< SCSIZE > &P)
static void lcl_LUP_solve (const ScMatrix *mLU, const SCSIZE n, const ::std::vector< SCSIZE > &P, const ::std::vector< double > &B, ::std::vector< double > &X)
static SCSIZE lcl_GetMinExtent (SCSIZE n1, SCSIZE n2)
 Minimum extent of one result matrix dimension. More...
static ScMatrixRef lcl_MatrixCalculation (const ScMatrix &rMat1, const ScMatrix &rMat2, ScInterpreter *pInterpreter, ScMatrix::CalculateOpFunction Op)
static void lcl_GetDiffDateTimeFmtType (SvNumFormatType &nFuncFmt, SvNumFormatType nFmt1, SvNumFormatType nFmt2)

Function Documentation

◆ lcl_GetDiffDateTimeFmtType()

static void lcl_GetDiffDateTimeFmtType ( SvNumFormatType nFuncFmt,
SvNumFormatType  nFmt1,
SvNumFormatType  nFmt2 

Definition at line 1185 of file interpr5.cxx.

Referenced by ScInterpreter::CalculateAddSub().

◆ lcl_GetMinExtent()

static SCSIZE lcl_GetMinExtent ( SCSIZE  n1,

Minimum extent of one result matrix dimension.

For a row or column vector to be replicated the larger matrix dimension is returned, else the smaller dimension.

Definition at line 1141 of file interpr5.cxx.

References n1, and n2.

Referenced by lcl_MatrixCalculation(), and ScInterpreter::MatConcat().

◆ lcl_LUP_decompose()

static int lcl_LUP_decompose ( ScMatrix mA,
const SCSIZE  n,
::std::vector< SCSIZE > &  P 

Definition at line 765 of file interpr5.cxx.

References ScMatrix::GetDouble(), i, n, and ScMatrix::PutDouble().

Referenced by ScInterpreter::ScMatDet(), and ScInterpreter::ScMatInv().

◆ lcl_LUP_solve()

static void lcl_LUP_solve ( const ScMatrix mLU,
const SCSIZE  n,
const ::std::vector< SCSIZE > &  P,
const ::std::vector< double > &  B,
::std::vector< double > &  X 

Definition at line 866 of file interpr5.cxx.

References B, KahanSum::get(), ScMatrix::GetDouble(), i, n, SCSIZE_MAX, and X.

Referenced by ScInterpreter::ScMatInv().

◆ lcl_MatrixCalculation()

static ScMatrixRef lcl_MatrixCalculation ( const ScMatrix rMat1,
const ScMatrix rMat2,
ScInterpreter pInterpreter,
ScMatrix::CalculateOpFunction  Op