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imapwrap.hxx File Reference
#include <sal/types.h>
#include <sfx2/frame.hxx>
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sal_uInt16 ScIMapChildWindowId ()
ImageMap const & ScIMapDlgGetMap (const SvxIMapDlg *pDlg)
void const * ScIMapDlgGetObj (const SvxIMapDlg *pDlg)
void ScIMapDlgSet (Graphic const &rGraphic, ImageMap const *pImageMap, TargetList const *pTargetList, void *pEditingObj)

Function Documentation

sal_uInt16 ScIMapChildWindowId ( )
ImageMap const& ScIMapDlgGetMap ( const SvxIMapDlg pDlg)

Definition at line 43 of file imapwrap.cxx.

References SvxIMapDlg::GetImageMap().

Referenced by ScTabViewShell::ExecImageMap().

void const* ScIMapDlgGetObj ( const SvxIMapDlg pDlg)
void ScIMapDlgSet ( Graphic const &  rGraphic,
ImageMap const *  pImageMap,
TargetList const *  pTargetList,
void pEditingObj