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dpdimsave.hxx File Reference
#include <tools/long.hxx>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <string_view>
#include "dpitemdata.hxx"
#include "dpnumgroupinfo.hxx"
#include "scdllapi.h"
#include "dptypes.hxx"
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class  ScDPSaveGroupItem
 Classes to save Data Pilot settings that create new dimensions (fields). More...
class  ScDPSaveGroupDimension
 Represents a new group dimension whose dimension ID is higher than the highest source dimension ID. More...
class  ScDPSaveNumGroupDimension
 Represents a group dimension that introduces a new hierarchy for an existing dimension. More...
class  ScDPDimensionSaveData
 This class has to do with handling exclusively grouped dimensions? TODO: Find out what this class does and document it here. More...


typedef ::std::vector< ScDPSaveGroupItemScDPSaveGroupItemVec

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◆ ScDPSaveGroupItemVec

typedef ::std::vector<ScDPSaveGroupItem> ScDPSaveGroupItemVec

Definition at line 84 of file dpdimsave.hxx.