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defnamesbuffer.hxx File Reference
#include "workbookhelper.hxx"
#include <oox/helper/binarystreambase.hxx>
#include <oox/helper/refvector.hxx>
#include <memory>
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struct  oox::xls::DefinedNameModel
class  oox::xls::DefinedNameBase
 Base class for defined names and external names. More...
class  oox::xls::DefinedName
class  oox::xls::DefinedNamesBuffer


namespace  oox
namespace  oox::xls


typedef std::shared_ptr< DefinedName > oox::xls::DefinedNameRef


const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_CONSOLIDATEAREA = '\x00'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_AUTOOPEN = '\x01'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_AUTOCLOSE = '\x02'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_EXTRACT = '\x03'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_DATABASE = '\x04'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_CRITERIA = '\x05'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_PRINTAREA = '\x06'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_PRINTTITLES = '\x07'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_RECORDER = '\x08'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_DATAFORM = '\x09'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_AUTOACTIVATE = '\x0A'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_AUTODEACTIVATE = '\x0B'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_SHEETTITLE = '\x0C'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_FILTERDATABASE = '\x0D'
const sal_Unicode oox::xls::BIFF_DEFNAME_UNKNOWN = '\x0E'