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18 */
20#pragma once
22#include <sal/types.h>
24#include <vector>
29const sal_Int32 CSV_POS_INVALID = -1;
35 typedef ::std::vector< sal_Int32 > ScSplitVector;
36 typedef ScSplitVector::const_iterator const_iterator;
41 // *** access by position *** ---------------------------------------------
45 bool Insert( sal_Int32 nPos );
48 bool Remove( sal_Int32 nPos );
50 void RemoveRange( sal_Int32 nPosStart, sal_Int32 nPosEnd );
52 void Clear();
55 bool HasSplit( sal_Int32 nPos ) const;
57 // *** access by index *** ------------------------------------------------
61 sal_uInt32 GetIndex( sal_Int32 nPos ) const;
63 sal_uInt32 LowerBound( sal_Int32 nPos ) const;
65 sal_uInt32 UpperBound( sal_Int32 nPos ) const;
68 sal_uInt32 Count() const
69 { return static_cast<sal_uInt32>(maVec.size()); }
71 sal_Int32 GetPos( sal_uInt32 nIndex ) const;
73 sal_Int32 operator[]( sal_uInt32 nIndex ) const
74 { return GetPos( nIndex ); }
78 sal_uInt32 GetIterIndex( const_iterator const & aIter ) const;
81/* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
A vector of column splits that supports inserting, removing and moving splits.
Definition: csvsplits.hxx:33
bool Remove(sal_Int32 nPos)
Removes a split by position.
Definition: csvsplits.cxx:43
sal_uInt32 Count() const
Returns the number of splits.
Definition: csvsplits.hxx:68
ScSplitVector::const_iterator const_iterator
Definition: csvsplits.hxx:36
sal_uInt32 GetIndex(sal_Int32 nPos) const
Searches for a split at position nPos.
Definition: csvsplits.cxx:71
bool Insert(sal_Int32 nPos)
The split container.
Definition: csvsplits.cxx:26
sal_uInt32 LowerBound(sal_Int32 nPos) const
Returns index of the first split greater than or equal to nPos.
Definition: csvsplits.cxx:77
sal_Int32 GetPos(sal_uInt32 nIndex) const
Returns the position of the specified split.
Definition: csvsplits.cxx:92
::std::vector< sal_Int32 > ScSplitVector
Definition: csvsplits.hxx:35
ScSplitVector maVec
Definition: csvsplits.hxx:38
void RemoveRange(sal_Int32 nPosStart, sal_Int32 nPosEnd)
Removes a range of splits in the given position range.
Definition: csvsplits.cxx:53
sal_Int32 operator[](sal_uInt32 nIndex) const
Returns the position of the specified split.
Definition: csvsplits.hxx:73
void Clear()
Removes all elements from the vector.
Definition: csvsplits.cxx:61
sal_uInt32 GetIterIndex(const_iterator const &aIter) const
Returns the vector index of an iterator.
Definition: csvsplits.cxx:97
sal_uInt32 UpperBound(sal_Int32 nPos) const
Returns index of the last split less than or equal to nPos.
Definition: csvsplits.cxx:82
bool HasSplit(sal_Int32 nPos) const
Returns true if at position nPos is a split.
Definition: csvsplits.cxx:66
const sal_uInt32 CSV_VEC_NOTFOUND
Constant for an invalid vector index.
Definition: csvsplits.hxx:27
const sal_Int32 CSV_POS_INVALID
Constant for an invalid ruler position.
Definition: csvsplits.hxx:29
sal_Int32 nIndex
#define SAL_MAX_UINT32