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sc::opencl::CheckVariables Class Reference

#include <opbase.hxx>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void GenTmpVariables (std::stringstream &ss, const SubArguments &vSubArguments)
static void CheckSubArgumentIsNan (std::stringstream &ss, SubArguments &vSubArguments, int argumentNum)
static void CheckAllSubArgumentIsNan (std::stringstream &ss, SubArguments &vSubArguments)
static void CheckSubArgumentIsNan2 (std::stringstream &ss, SubArguments &vSubArguments, int argumentNum, const std::string &p)
static void UnrollDoubleVector (std::stringstream &ss, const std::stringstream &unrollstr, const formula::DoubleVectorRefToken *pCurDVR, int nCurWindowSize)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from sc::opencl::OpBase
static std::string Gen (std::vector< std::string > &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from sc::opencl::SlidingFunctionBase
typedef std::vector< DynamicKernelArgumentRefSubArguments
- Public Member Functions inherited from sc::opencl::Normal
virtual void GenSlidingWindowFunction (std::stringstream &ss, const std::string &sSymName, SubArguments &vSubArguments) override
virtual bool takeString () const override
virtual bool takeNumeric () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from sc::opencl::OpBase
virtual std::string GetBottom ()
virtual std::string Gen2 (const std::string &, const std::string &) const
virtual std::string BinFuncName () const
virtual void BinInlineFun (std::set< std::string > &, std::set< std::string > &)
virtual bool canHandleMultiVector () const
virtual bool ZeroReturnZero ()
virtual ~OpBase ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 228 of file opbase.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

void sc::opencl::CheckVariables::CheckAllSubArgumentIsNan ( std::stringstream &  ss,
SubArguments vSubArguments 

Definition at line 300 of file opbase.cxx.

References CheckSubArgumentIsNan(), and i.

void sc::opencl::CheckVariables::CheckSubArgumentIsNan ( std::stringstream &  ss,
SubArguments vSubArguments,
int  argumentNum 
void sc::opencl::CheckVariables::CheckSubArgumentIsNan2 ( std::stringstream &  ss,
SubArguments vSubArguments,
int  argumentNum,
const std::string &  p 
void sc::opencl::CheckVariables::GenTmpVariables ( std::stringstream &  ss,
const SubArguments vSubArguments 
void sc::opencl::CheckVariables::UnrollDoubleVector ( std::stringstream &  ss,
const std::stringstream &  unrollstr,
const formula::DoubleVectorRefToken pCurDVR,
int  nCurWindowSize 

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