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ScUnoAddInCall Class Reference

#include <addincol.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScUnoAddInCall (ScUnoAddInCollection &rColl, const OUString &rName, tools::Long nParamCount)
 ~ScUnoAddInCall ()
bool NeedsCaller () const
void SetCaller (const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > &rInterface)
void SetCallerFromObjectShell (const SfxObjectShell *pSh)
bool ValidParamCount ()
ScAddInArgumentType GetArgType (tools::Long nPos)
void SetParam (tools::Long nPos, const css::uno::Any &rValue)
void ExecuteCall ()
void SetResult (const css::uno::Any &rNewRes)
FormulaError GetErrCode () const
bool HasString () const
bool HasMatrix () const
bool HasVarRes () const
double GetValue () const
const OUString & GetString () const
const ScMatrixRefGetMatrix () const
const css::uno::Reference< css::sheet::XVolatileResult > & GetVarRes () const

Private Member Functions

void ExecuteCallWithArgs (css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Any > &rCallArgs)

Private Attributes

const ScUnoAddInFuncDatapFuncData
css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Any > aArgs
css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Any > aVarArg
css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > xCaller
bool bValidCount
FormulaError nErrCode
bool bHasString
double fValue
OUString aString
ScMatrixRef xMatrix
css::uno::Reference< css::sheet::XVolatileResult > xVarRes

Detailed Description

Definition at line 184 of file addincol.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScUnoAddInCall::ScUnoAddInCall ( ScUnoAddInCollection rColl,
const OUString &  rName,
tools::Long  nParamCount 
ScUnoAddInCall::~ScUnoAddInCall ( )

Definition at line 1269 of file addincol.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void ScUnoAddInCall::ExecuteCall ( )
void ScUnoAddInCall::ExecuteCallWithArgs ( css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Any > &  rCallArgs)
ScAddInArgumentType ScUnoAddInCall::GetArgType ( tools::Long  nPos)
FormulaError ScUnoAddInCall::GetErrCode ( ) const

Definition at line 220 of file addincol.hxx.

References nErrCode.

const ScMatrixRef& ScUnoAddInCall::GetMatrix ( ) const

Definition at line 226 of file addincol.hxx.

References xMatrix.

const OUString& ScUnoAddInCall::GetString ( ) const

Definition at line 225 of file addincol.hxx.

References aString.

double ScUnoAddInCall::GetValue ( ) const

Definition at line 224 of file addincol.hxx.

References fValue.

const css::uno::Reference<css::sheet::XVolatileResult>& ScUnoAddInCall::GetVarRes ( ) const

Definition at line 228 of file addincol.hxx.

References xVarRes.

bool ScUnoAddInCall::HasMatrix ( ) const

Definition at line 222 of file addincol.hxx.

bool ScUnoAddInCall::HasString ( ) const

Definition at line 221 of file addincol.hxx.

References bHasString.

bool ScUnoAddInCall::HasVarRes ( ) const

Definition at line 223 of file addincol.hxx.

bool ScUnoAddInCall::NeedsCaller ( ) const

Definition at line 1291 of file addincol.cxx.

References ScUnoAddInFuncData::GetCallerPos(), pFuncData, and SC_CALLERPOS_NONE.

void ScUnoAddInCall::SetCaller ( const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > &  rInterface)

Definition at line 1296 of file addincol.cxx.

References xCaller.

Referenced by SetCallerFromObjectShell().

void ScUnoAddInCall::SetCallerFromObjectShell ( const SfxObjectShell pSh)

Definition at line 1301 of file addincol.cxx.

References SfxObjectShell::GetBaseModel(), and SetCaller().

void ScUnoAddInCall::SetParam ( tools::Long  nPos,
const css::uno::Any &  rValue 
void ScUnoAddInCall::SetResult ( const css::uno::Any &  rNewRes)
bool ScUnoAddInCall::ValidParamCount ( )

Definition at line 212 of file addincol.hxx.

References bValidCount.

Member Data Documentation

css::uno::Sequence<css::uno::Any> ScUnoAddInCall::aArgs

Definition at line 188 of file addincol.hxx.

Referenced by ExecuteCall(), ScUnoAddInCall(), and SetParam().

OUString ScUnoAddInCall::aString

Definition at line 196 of file addincol.hxx.

Referenced by GetString(), and SetResult().

css::uno::Sequence<css::uno::Any> ScUnoAddInCall::aVarArg

Definition at line 189 of file addincol.hxx.

Referenced by ExecuteCall(), ScUnoAddInCall(), and SetParam().

bool ScUnoAddInCall::bHasString

Definition at line 194 of file addincol.hxx.

Referenced by HasString(), and SetResult().

bool ScUnoAddInCall::bValidCount

Definition at line 191 of file addincol.hxx.

Referenced by ScUnoAddInCall(), and ValidParamCount().

double ScUnoAddInCall::fValue

Definition at line 195 of file addincol.hxx.

Referenced by GetValue(), and SetResult().

FormulaError ScUnoAddInCall::nErrCode

Definition at line 193 of file addincol.hxx.

Referenced by ExecuteCallWithArgs(), GetErrCode(), and SetResult().

const ScUnoAddInFuncData* ScUnoAddInCall::pFuncData
css::uno::Reference<css::uno::XInterface> ScUnoAddInCall::xCaller

Definition at line 190 of file addincol.hxx.

Referenced by ExecuteCall(), and SetCaller().

ScMatrixRef ScUnoAddInCall::xMatrix

Definition at line 197 of file addincol.hxx.

Referenced by GetMatrix(), and SetResult().

css::uno::Reference<css::sheet::XVolatileResult> ScUnoAddInCall::xVarRes

Definition at line 198 of file addincol.hxx.

Referenced by GetVarRes(), and SetResult().

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