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ScSheetSourceDesc Class Reference

This class contains authoritative information on the internal reference used as the data source for datapilot table. More...

#include <dpshttab.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScSheetSourceDesc ()=delete
SC_DLLPUBLIC ScSheetSourceDesc (ScDocument *pDoc)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void SetSourceRange (const ScRange &rRange)
SC_DLLPUBLIC const ScRangeGetSourceRange () const
 Get the range that contains the source data. More...
SC_DLLPUBLIC void SetRangeName (const OUString &rName)
const OUString & GetRangeName () const
bool HasRangeName () const
void SetQueryParam (const ScQueryParam &rParam)
const ScQueryParamGetQueryParam () const
bool operator== (const ScSheetSourceDesc &rOther) const
SC_DLLPUBLIC const ScDPCacheCreateCache (const ScDPDimensionSaveData *pDimData) const
TranslateId CheckSourceRange () const
 Check the sanity of the data source range. More...

Private Attributes

ScRange maSourceRange
OUString maRangeName
ScQueryParam maQueryParam

Detailed Description

This class contains authoritative information on the internal reference used as the data source for datapilot table.

The range name takes precedence over the source range when it's non-empty. When the range name is empty, the source range gets used.

Definition at line 39 of file dpshttab.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScSheetSourceDesc() [1/2]

ScSheetSourceDesc::ScSheetSourceDesc ( )

◆ ScSheetSourceDesc() [2/2]

ScSheetSourceDesc::ScSheetSourceDesc ( ScDocument pDoc)

Definition at line 221 of file dpshttab.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CheckSourceRange()

TranslateId ScSheetSourceDesc::CheckSourceRange ( ) const

Check the sanity of the data source range.

nullptr if the source range is sane, otherwise an error message ID is returned.

Definition at line 307 of file dpshttab.cxx.

References ScRange::aEnd, ScRange::aStart, ScAddress::Col(), GetSourceRange(), ScRange::IsValid(), mpDoc, and ScAddress::Row().

Referenced by CreateCache(), ScCellShell::ExecuteDataPilotDialog(), ScDPCollection::ReloadCache(), and ScPivotLayoutDialog::UpdateSourceRange().

◆ CreateCache()

const ScDPCache * ScSheetSourceDesc::CreateCache ( const ScDPDimensionSaveData pDimData) const

◆ GetQueryParam()

const ScQueryParam & ScSheetSourceDesc::GetQueryParam ( ) const

◆ GetRangeName()

const OUString & ScSheetSourceDesc::GetRangeName ( ) const

◆ GetSourceRange()

const ScRange & ScSheetSourceDesc::GetSourceRange ( ) const

◆ HasRangeName()

bool ScSheetSourceDesc::HasRangeName ( ) const

◆ operator==()

bool ScSheetSourceDesc::operator== ( const ScSheetSourceDesc rOther) const

Definition at line 275 of file dpshttab.cxx.

References maQueryParam, maRangeName, and maSourceRange.

◆ SetQueryParam()

void ScSheetSourceDesc::SetQueryParam ( const ScQueryParam rParam)

◆ SetRangeName()

void ScSheetSourceDesc::SetRangeName ( const OUString &  rName)

◆ SetSourceRange()

void ScSheetSourceDesc::SetSourceRange ( const ScRange rRange)

Member Data Documentation

◆ maQueryParam

ScQueryParam ScSheetSourceDesc::maQueryParam

Definition at line 79 of file dpshttab.hxx.

Referenced by GetQueryParam(), operator==(), and SetQueryParam().

◆ maRangeName

OUString ScSheetSourceDesc::maRangeName

◆ maSourceRange

ScRange ScSheetSourceDesc::maSourceRange

Definition at line 77 of file dpshttab.hxx.

Referenced by GetSourceRange(), operator==(), and SetSourceRange().

◆ mpDoc

ScDocument* ScSheetSourceDesc::mpDoc

Definition at line 80 of file dpshttab.hxx.

Referenced by CheckSourceRange(), CreateCache(), and GetSourceRange().

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