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ScRangePairList Class Referencefinal

#include <rangelst.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~ScRangePairList () override
ScRangePairListClone () const
void Append (const ScRangePair &rRangePair)
void Join (const ScRangePair &, bool bIsInList=false)
void UpdateReference (UpdateRefMode, const ScDocument *, const ScRange &rWhere, SCCOL nDx, SCROW nDy, SCTAB nDz)
void DeleteOnTab (SCTAB nTab)
ScRangePairFind (const ScAddress &)
ScRangePairFind (const ScRange &)
std::vector< const ScRangePair * > CreateNameSortedArray (ScDocument &) const
void Remove (size_t nPos)
void Remove (const ScRangePair &rAdr)
size_t size () const
ScRangePairoperator[] (size_t idx)
const ScRangePairoperator[] (size_t idx) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SvRefBase
 SvRefBase ()
 SvRefBase (const SvRefBase &)
SvRefBaseoperator= (const SvRefBase &)
void RestoreNoDelete ()
void AddNextRef ()
void AddFirstRef ()
void ReleaseRef ()
unsigned int GetRefCount () const

Private Attributes

::std::vector< ScRangePairmaPairs

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SvRefBase

Detailed Description

Definition at line 131 of file rangelst.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScRangePairList::~ScRangePairList ( )

Definition at line 1191 of file rangelst.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void ScRangePairList::Append ( const ScRangePair rRangePair)

Definition at line 136 of file rangelst.hxx.

Referenced by Clone(), Join(), and XclImpLabelranges::ReadLabelranges().

ScRangePairList * ScRangePairList::Clone ( ) const
std::vector< const ScRangePair * > ScRangePairList::CreateNameSortedArray ( ScDocument rDoc) const

Definition at line 1518 of file rangelst.cxx.

References i, and maPairs.

Referenced by ScColRowNameRangesDlg::UpdateNames().

void ScRangePairList::DeleteOnTab ( SCTAB  nTab)

Definition at line 1269 of file rangelst.cxx.

References ScRange::aEnd, ScRange::aStart, maPairs, and ScAddress::Tab().

Referenced by ScDocument::DeleteTab(), and ScDocument::DeleteTabs().

ScRangePair * ScRangePairList::Find ( const ScAddress rAdr)

Definition at line 1279 of file rangelst.cxx.

References maPairs.

Referenced by ScLabelRangeObj::GetData_Impl(), and ScColRowNameRangesDlg::UpdateRangeData().

ScRangePair * ScRangePairList::Find ( const ScRange rRange)

Definition at line 1289 of file rangelst.cxx.

References maPairs.

void ScRangePairList::Join ( const ScRangePair r,
bool  bIsInList = false 
ScRangePair & ScRangePairList::operator[] ( size_t  idx)

Definition at line 1214 of file rangelst.cxx.

References maPairs.

const ScRangePair & ScRangePairList::operator[] ( size_t  idx) const

Definition at line 1219 of file rangelst.cxx.

References maPairs.

void ScRangePairList::Remove ( size_t  nPos)

Definition at line 1195 of file rangelst.cxx.

References maPairs.

Referenced by Join(), and ScLabelRangesObj::removeByIndex().

void ScRangePairList::Remove ( const ScRangePair rAdr)

Definition at line 1203 of file rangelst.cxx.

References maPairs.

size_t ScRangePairList::size ( ) const
void ScRangePairList::UpdateReference ( UpdateRefMode  eUpdateRefMode,
const ScDocument pDoc,
const ScRange rWhere,

Member Data Documentation

::std::vector< ScRangePair > ScRangePairList::maPairs

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