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ScOrcusFactory Class Reference

#include <orcusinterface.hxx>

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struct  CellStoreToken

Public Member Functions

 ScOrcusFactory (ScDocument &rDoc, bool bSkipDefaultStyles=false)
virtual orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_sheet * append_sheet (orcus::spreadsheet::sheet_t sheet_index, std::string_view sheet_name) override
virtual orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_sheet * get_sheet (std::string_view sheet_name) override
virtual orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_sheet * get_sheet (orcus::spreadsheet::sheet_t sheet_index) override
virtual orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_global_settings * get_global_settings () override
virtual orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_shared_strings * get_shared_strings () override
virtual orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_named_expression * get_named_expression () override
virtual orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_styles * get_styles () override
virtual orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_reference_resolver * get_reference_resolver (orcus::spreadsheet::formula_ref_context_t cxt) override
virtual void finalize () override
ScDocumentImportgetDoc ()
size_t appendString (const OUString &rStr)
size_t addString (const OUString &rStr)
const OUString * getString (size_t nIndex) const
void pushCellStoreAutoToken (const ScAddress &rPos, const OUString &rVal)
void pushCellStoreToken (const ScAddress &rPos, uint32_t nStrIndex)
void pushCellStoreToken (const ScAddress &rPos, double fValue)
void pushCellStoreToken (const ScAddress &rPos, const OUString &rFormula, formula::FormulaGrammar::Grammar eGrammar)
void pushFillDownCellsToken (const ScAddress &rPos, uint32_t nFillSize)
void pushSharedFormulaToken (const ScAddress &rPos, uint32_t nIndex)
void pushMatrixFormulaToken (const ScAddress &rPos, const OUString &rFormula, formula::FormulaGrammar::Grammar eGrammar, uint32_t nRowRange, uint32_t nColRange)
void pushFormulaResult (const ScAddress &rPos, double fValue)
void pushFormulaResult (const ScAddress &rPos, const OUString &rValue)
void incrementProgress ()
void setStatusIndicator (const css::uno::Reference< css::task::XStatusIndicator > &rIndicator)
const ScOrcusGlobalSettingsgetGlobalSettings () const

Private Types

typedef std::unordered_map< OUString, size_t > StringHashType
typedef std::vector< CellStoreTokenCellStoreTokensType

Private Attributes

ScDocumentImport maDoc
std::vector< OUString > maStrings
StringHashType maStringHash
CellStoreTokensType maCellStoreTokens
ScOrcusGlobalSettings maGlobalSettings
ScOrcusRefResolver maRefResolver
ScOrcusSharedStrings maSharedStrings
ScOrcusNamedExpression maNamedExpressions
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< ScOrcusSheet > > maSheets
ScOrcusStyles maStyles
int mnProgress
css::uno::Reference< css::task::XStatusIndicator > mxStatusIndicator

Detailed Description

Definition at line 664 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ CellStoreTokensType

Definition at line 700 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

◆ StringHashType

typedef std::unordered_map<OUString, size_t> ScOrcusFactory::StringHashType

Definition at line 699 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScOrcusFactory()

ScOrcusFactory::ScOrcusFactory ( ScDocument rDoc,
bool  bSkipDefaultStyles = false 

Definition at line 310 of file interface.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addString()

size_t ScOrcusFactory::addString ( const OUString &  rStr)

Definition at line 570 of file interface.cxx.

References appendString(), and maStringHash.

Referenced by ScOrcusSharedStrings::add(), and ScOrcusSharedStrings::commit_segments().

◆ append_sheet()

orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_sheet * ScOrcusFactory::append_sheet ( orcus::spreadsheet::sheet_t  sheet_index,
std::string_view  sheet_name 

◆ appendString()

size_t ScOrcusFactory::appendString ( const OUString &  rStr)

Definition at line 561 of file interface.cxx.

References maStringHash, maStrings, and nPos.

Referenced by addString(), and ScOrcusSharedStrings::append().

◆ finalize()

void ScOrcusFactory::finalize ( )

◆ get_global_settings()

orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_global_settings * ScOrcusFactory::get_global_settings ( )

Definition at line 393 of file interface.cxx.

References maGlobalSettings.

◆ get_named_expression()

orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_named_expression * ScOrcusFactory::get_named_expression ( )

Definition at line 403 of file interface.cxx.

References maNamedExpressions.

◆ get_reference_resolver()

os::iface::import_reference_resolver * ScOrcusFactory::get_reference_resolver ( orcus::spreadsheet::formula_ref_context_t  cxt)

Definition at line 413 of file interface.cxx.

References maRefResolver.

◆ get_shared_strings()

orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_shared_strings * ScOrcusFactory::get_shared_strings ( )

Definition at line 398 of file interface.cxx.

References maSharedStrings.

◆ get_sheet() [1/2]

orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_sheet * ScOrcusFactory::get_sheet ( orcus::spreadsheet::sheet_t  sheet_index)

Definition at line 377 of file interface.cxx.

References maDoc, and maSheets.

◆ get_sheet() [2/2]

orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_sheet * ScOrcusFactory::get_sheet ( std::string_view  sheet_name)

◆ get_styles()

orcus::spreadsheet::iface::import_styles * ScOrcusFactory::get_styles ( )

Definition at line 408 of file interface.cxx.

References maStyles.

◆ getDoc()

ScDocumentImport & ScOrcusFactory::getDoc ( )

◆ getGlobalSettings()

const ScOrcusGlobalSettings & ScOrcusFactory::getGlobalSettings ( ) const

◆ getString()

const OUString * ScOrcusFactory::getString ( size_t  nIndex) const

Definition at line 580 of file interface.cxx.

References maStrings, and nIndex.

◆ incrementProgress()

void ScOrcusFactory::incrementProgress ( )

Definition at line 683 of file interface.cxx.

References mnProgress, mxStatusIndicator, and ScResId().

Referenced by ScOrcusSheet::cellInserted(), and finalize().

◆ pushCellStoreAutoToken()

void ScOrcusFactory::pushCellStoreAutoToken ( const ScAddress rPos,
const OUString &  rVal 

Definition at line 585 of file interface.cxx.

References ScOrcusFactory::CellStoreToken::Auto, and maCellStoreTokens.

Referenced by ScOrcusSheet::set_auto().

◆ pushCellStoreToken() [1/3]

void ScOrcusFactory::pushCellStoreToken ( const ScAddress rPos,
const OUString &  rFormula,
formula::FormulaGrammar::Grammar  eGrammar 

Definition at line 601 of file interface.cxx.

References maCellStoreTokens.

◆ pushCellStoreToken() [2/3]

void ScOrcusFactory::pushCellStoreToken ( const ScAddress rPos,
double  fValue 

Definition at line 596 of file interface.cxx.

References maCellStoreTokens.

◆ pushCellStoreToken() [3/3]

void ScOrcusFactory::pushCellStoreToken ( const ScAddress rPos,
uint32_t  nStrIndex 

◆ pushFillDownCellsToken()

void ScOrcusFactory::pushFillDownCellsToken ( const ScAddress rPos,
uint32_t  nFillSize 

◆ pushFormulaResult() [1/2]

void ScOrcusFactory::pushFormulaResult ( const ScAddress rPos,
const OUString &  rValue 

◆ pushFormulaResult() [2/2]

void ScOrcusFactory::pushFormulaResult ( const ScAddress rPos,
double  fValue 

◆ pushMatrixFormulaToken()

void ScOrcusFactory::pushMatrixFormulaToken ( const ScAddress rPos,
const OUString &  rFormula,
formula::FormulaGrammar::Grammar  eGrammar,
uint32_t  nRowRange,
uint32_t  nColRange 

◆ pushSharedFormulaToken()

void ScOrcusFactory::pushSharedFormulaToken ( const ScAddress rPos,
uint32_t  nIndex 

◆ setStatusIndicator()

void ScOrcusFactory::setStatusIndicator ( const css::uno::Reference< css::task::XStatusIndicator > &  rIndicator)

Member Data Documentation

◆ maCellStoreTokens

CellStoreTokensType ScOrcusFactory::maCellStoreTokens

◆ maDoc

ScDocumentImport ScOrcusFactory::maDoc

Definition at line 702 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

Referenced by append_sheet(), finalize(), get_sheet(), and getDoc().

◆ maGlobalSettings

ScOrcusGlobalSettings ScOrcusFactory::maGlobalSettings

◆ maNamedExpressions

ScOrcusNamedExpression ScOrcusFactory::maNamedExpressions

Definition at line 711 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

Referenced by get_named_expression().

◆ maRefResolver

ScOrcusRefResolver ScOrcusFactory::maRefResolver

Definition at line 709 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

Referenced by get_reference_resolver().

◆ maSharedStrings

ScOrcusSharedStrings ScOrcusFactory::maSharedStrings

Definition at line 710 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

Referenced by get_shared_strings().

◆ maSheets

std::vector<std::unique_ptr<ScOrcusSheet> > ScOrcusFactory::maSheets

Definition at line 712 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

Referenced by append_sheet(), finalize(), and get_sheet().

◆ maStringHash

StringHashType ScOrcusFactory::maStringHash

Definition at line 705 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

Referenced by addString(), and appendString().

◆ maStrings

std::vector<OUString> ScOrcusFactory::maStrings

Definition at line 704 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

Referenced by appendString(), finalize(), and getString().

◆ maStyles

ScOrcusStyles ScOrcusFactory::maStyles

Definition at line 713 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

Referenced by get_styles().

◆ mnProgress

int ScOrcusFactory::mnProgress

Definition at line 715 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

Referenced by incrementProgress().

◆ mxStatusIndicator

css::uno::Reference<css::task::XStatusIndicator> ScOrcusFactory::mxStatusIndicator

Definition at line 717 of file orcusinterface.hxx.

Referenced by finalize(), incrementProgress(), and setStatusIndicator().

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