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ScNamedRangesObj Class Referenceabstract

#include <nameuno.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScNamedRangesObj (ScDocShell *pDocSh)
virtual ~ScNamedRangesObj () override
virtual void Notify (SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint) override
bool IsModifyAndBroadcast () const
virtual void SAL_CALL addNewByName (const OUString &aName, const OUString &aContent, const css::table::CellAddress &aPosition, sal_Int32 nType) override
 XNamedRanges. More...
virtual void SAL_CALL addNewFromTitles (const css::table::CellRangeAddress &aSource, css::sheet::Border aBorder) override
virtual void SAL_CALL removeByName (const OUString &aName) override
virtual void SAL_CALL outputList (const css::table::CellAddress &aOutputPosition) override
virtual css::uno::Any SAL_CALL getByName (const OUString &aName) override
 XNameAccess. More...
virtual css::uno::Sequence< OUString > SAL_CALL getElementNames () override
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL hasByName (const OUString &aName) override
virtual sal_Int32 SAL_CALL getCount () override
 XIndexAccess. More...
virtual css::uno::Any SAL_CALL getByIndex (sal_Int32 Index) override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::container::XEnumeration > SAL_CALL createEnumeration () override
 XEnumerationAccess. More...
virtual css::uno::Type SAL_CALL getElementType () override
 XElementAccess. More...
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL hasElements () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::beans::XPropertySetInfo > SAL_CALL getPropertySetInfo () override
 XPropertySet. More...
virtual void SAL_CALL setPropertyValue (const OUString &aPropertyName, const css::uno::Any &aValue) override
virtual css::uno::Any SAL_CALL getPropertyValue (const OUString &PropertyName) override
virtual void SAL_CALL addPropertyChangeListener (const OUString &aPropertyName, const css::uno::Reference< css::beans::XPropertyChangeListener > &xListener) override
virtual void SAL_CALL removePropertyChangeListener (const OUString &aPropertyName, const css::uno::Reference< css::beans::XPropertyChangeListener > &aListener) override
virtual void SAL_CALL addVetoableChangeListener (const OUString &PropertyName, const css::uno::Reference< css::beans::XVetoableChangeListener > &aListener) override
virtual void SAL_CALL removeVetoableChangeListener (const OUString &PropertyName, const css::uno::Reference< css::beans::XVetoableChangeListener > &aListener) override
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL isActionLocked () override
 XActionLockable. More...
virtual void SAL_CALL addActionLock () override
virtual void SAL_CALL removeActionLock () override
virtual void SAL_CALL setActionLocks (sal_Int16 nLock) override
virtual sal_Int16 SAL_CALL resetActionLocks () override
virtual OUString SAL_CALL getImplementationName () override
 XServiceInfo. More...
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL supportsService (const OUString &ServiceName) override
virtual css::uno::Sequence< OUString > SAL_CALL getSupportedServiceNames () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxListener
 SfxListener ()
 SfxListener (const SfxListener &rCopy)
virtual ~SfxListener () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
void StartListening (SfxBroadcaster &rBroadcaster, DuplicateHandling eDuplicateHanding=DuplicateHandling::Unexpected)
void EndListening (SfxBroadcaster &rBroadcaster, bool bRemoveAllDuplicates=false)
void EndListeningAll ()
bool IsListening (SfxBroadcaster &rBroadcaster) const
sal_uInt16 GetBroadcasterCount () const
SfxBroadcasterGetBroadcasterJOE (sal_uInt16 nNo) const
void RemoveBroadcaster_Impl (SfxBroadcaster &rBC)

Protected Member Functions

void lock ()
 called from the XActionLockable interface methods on initial locking More...
void unlock ()
 called from the XActionLockable interface methods on final unlock More...

Protected Attributes


Private Member Functions

virtual rtl::Reference< ScNamedRangeObjGetObjectByIndex_Impl (sal_uInt16 nIndex)=0
virtual rtl::Reference< ScNamedRangeObjGetObjectByName_Impl (const OUString &aName)=0
virtual ScRangeNameGetRangeName_Impl ()=0
virtual SCTAB GetTab_Impl ()=0

Private Attributes

bool mbModifyAndBroadcast
 if true, adding new name or modifying existing one will set the document 'modified' and broadcast the change. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 123 of file nameuno.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScNamedRangesObj::ScNamedRangesObj ( ScDocShell pDocSh)

Definition at line 438 of file nameuno.cxx.

References ScDocument::AddUnoObject(), ScDocShell::GetDocument(), and pDocShell.

ScNamedRangesObj::~ScNamedRangesObj ( )

Definition at line 445 of file nameuno.cxx.

References ScDocShell::GetDocument(), pDocShell, and ScDocument::RemoveUnoObject().

Member Function Documentation

void ScNamedRangesObj::addActionLock ( )
void SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::addNewByName ( const OUString &  aName,
const OUString &  aContent,
const css::table::CellAddress &  aPosition,
sal_Int32  nType 
void SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::addNewFromTitles ( const css::table::CellRangeAddress &  aSource,
css::sheet::Border  aBorder 

this cannot be an enum, because multiple bits can be set !!!

Definition at line 521 of file nameuno.cxx.

References Bottom, ScDocFunc::CreateNames(), ScUnoConversion::FillScRange(), ScDocShell::GetDocFunc(), GetTab_Impl(), Left, NONE, pDocShell, Right, and Top.

virtual void SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::addPropertyChangeListener ( const OUString &  aPropertyName,
const css::uno::Reference< css::beans::XPropertyChangeListener > &  xListener 
virtual void SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::addVetoableChangeListener ( const OUString &  PropertyName,
const css::uno::Reference< css::beans::XVetoableChangeListener > &  aListener 
uno::Reference< container::XEnumeration > SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::createEnumeration ( )


Definition at line 579 of file nameuno.cxx.

uno::Any SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::getByIndex ( sal_Int32  Index)

Definition at line 604 of file nameuno.cxx.

References GetObjectByIndex_Impl().

uno::Any SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::getByName ( const OUString &  aName)


Definition at line 655 of file nameuno.cxx.

sal_Int32 SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::getCount ( )


Definition at line 587 of file nameuno.cxx.

References GetRangeName_Impl(), lcl_UserVisibleName(), and pDocShell.

Referenced by getElementNames(), and hasElements().

uno::Sequence< OUString > SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::getElementNames ( )

Definition at line 665 of file nameuno.cxx.

References aSeq, getCount(), GetRangeName_Impl(), lcl_UserVisibleName(), and pDocShell.

uno::Type SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::getElementType ( )


Definition at line 614 of file nameuno.cxx.

References cppu::UnoType< class >::get().

virtual OUString SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::getImplementationName ( )


virtual rtl::Reference<ScNamedRangeObj> ScNamedRangesObj::GetObjectByIndex_Impl ( sal_uInt16  nIndex)
privatepure virtual

Implemented in ScLocalNamedRangesObj, and ScGlobalNamedRangesObj.

Referenced by getByIndex().

virtual rtl::Reference<ScNamedRangeObj> ScNamedRangesObj::GetObjectByName_Impl ( const OUString &  aName)
privatepure virtual
Reference< beans::XPropertySetInfo > SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::getPropertySetInfo ( )


Definition at line 626 of file nameuno.cxx.

References lcl_GetNamedRangesMap().

Any SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::getPropertyValue ( const OUString &  PropertyName)

Definition at line 642 of file nameuno.cxx.

References Any, mbModifyAndBroadcast, and SC_UNO_MODIFY_BROADCAST.

virtual ScRangeName* ScNamedRangesObj::GetRangeName_Impl ( )
privatepure virtual
virtual css::uno::Sequence< OUString > SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::getSupportedServiceNames ( )
virtual SCTAB ScNamedRangesObj::GetTab_Impl ( )
privatepure virtual
sal_Bool SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::hasByName ( const OUString &  aName)
sal_Bool SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::hasElements ( )

Definition at line 620 of file nameuno.cxx.

References getCount().

sal_Bool ScNamedRangesObj::isActionLocked ( )


Definition at line 718 of file nameuno.cxx.

References ScDocShell::GetDocument(), ScDocument::GetNamedRangesLockCount(), and pDocShell.

bool ScNamedRangesObj::IsModifyAndBroadcast ( ) const

Definition at line 160 of file nameuno.hxx.

References mbModifyAndBroadcast.

void ScNamedRangesObj::lock ( )

called from the XActionLockable interface methods on initial locking

Definition at line 705 of file nameuno.cxx.

References ScDocShell::GetDocument(), pDocShell, and ScDocument::PreprocessRangeNameUpdate().

Referenced by addActionLock(), and setActionLocks().

void ScNamedRangesObj::Notify ( SfxBroadcaster rBC,
const SfxHint rHint 

Reimplemented from SfxListener.

Definition at line 453 of file nameuno.cxx.

References SfxHint::GetId(), and pDocShell.

void SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::outputList ( const css::table::CellAddress &  aOutputPosition)

Definition at line 569 of file nameuno.cxx.

References ScDocShell::GetDocFunc(), ScDocFunc::InsertNameList(), and pDocShell.

void ScNamedRangesObj::removeActionLock ( )
void SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::removeByName ( const OUString &  aName)
virtual void SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::removePropertyChangeListener ( const OUString &  aPropertyName,
const css::uno::Reference< css::beans::XPropertyChangeListener > &  aListener 
virtual void SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::removeVetoableChangeListener ( const OUString &  PropertyName,
const css::uno::Reference< css::beans::XVetoableChangeListener > &  aListener 
sal_Int16 ScNamedRangesObj::resetActionLocks ( )
void ScNamedRangesObj::setActionLocks ( sal_Int16  nLock)
void SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::setPropertyValue ( const OUString &  aPropertyName,
const css::uno::Any &  aValue 

Definition at line 633 of file nameuno.cxx.

References mbModifyAndBroadcast, and SC_UNO_MODIFY_BROADCAST.

virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL ScNamedRangesObj::supportsService ( const OUString &  ServiceName)
void ScNamedRangesObj::unlock ( )

called from the XActionLockable interface methods on final unlock

Definition at line 711 of file nameuno.cxx.

References ScDocument::CompileHybridFormula(), ScDocShell::GetDocument(), and pDocShell.

Referenced by removeActionLock(), resetActionLocks(), and setActionLocks().

Member Data Documentation

bool ScNamedRangesObj::mbModifyAndBroadcast

if true, adding new name or modifying existing one will set the document 'modified' and broadcast the change.

We turn this off during import.

Definition at line 137 of file nameuno.hxx.

Referenced by addNewByName(), getPropertyValue(), IsModifyAndBroadcast(), removeByName(), and setPropertyValue().

ScDocShell* ScNamedRangesObj::pDocShell

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