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ScMyAddress Class Reference

#include <AccessibleSpreadsheet.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScMyAddress (SCCOL nColP, SCROW nRowP, SCTAB nTabP)
 ScMyAddress (const ScAddress &rAddress)
bool operator< (const ScMyAddress &rAddress) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ScAddress
 ScAddress ()
 ScAddress (SCCOL nColP, SCROW nRowP, SCTAB nTabP)
 ScAddress (Uninitialized)
 coverity[uninit_member] - Yes, it is what it seems to be: Uninitialized. More...
 ScAddress (InitializeInvalid)
 ScAddress (const ScAddress &rAddress)
ScAddressoperator= (const ScAddress &rAddress)
void Set (SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, SCTAB nTab)
SCROW Row () const
SCCOL Col () const
SCTAB Tab () const
void SetRow (SCROW nRowP)
void SetCol (SCCOL nColP)
void SetTab (SCTAB nTabP)
void SetInvalid ()
bool IsValid () const
void PutInOrder (ScAddress &rAddress)
void IncRow (SCROW nDelta=1)
void IncCol (SCCOL nDelta=1)
void IncTab (SCTAB nDelta=1)
void GetVars (SCCOL &nColP, SCROW &nRowP, SCTAB &nTabP) const
SC_DLLPUBLIC ScRefFlags Parse (const OUString &, const ScDocument &, const Details &rDetails=detailsOOOa1, ExternalInfo *pExtInfo=nullptr, const css::uno::Sequence< css::sheet::ExternalLinkInfo > *pExternalLinks=nullptr, sal_Int32 *pSheetEndPos=nullptr, const OUString *pErrRef=nullptr)
SC_DLLPUBLIC void Format (OStringBuffer &r, ScRefFlags nFlags, const ScDocument *pDocument=nullptr, const Details &rDetails=detailsOOOa1) const
SC_DLLPUBLIC OUString Format (ScRefFlags nFlags, const ScDocument *pDocument=nullptr, const Details &rDetails=detailsOOOa1) const
SC_DLLPUBLIC bool Move (SCCOL nDeltaX, SCROW nDeltaY, SCTAB nDeltaZ, ScAddress &rErrorPos, const ScDocument &rDoc)
bool operator== (const ScAddress &rAddress) const
bool operator!= (const ScAddress &rAddress) const
bool operator< (const ScAddress &rAddress) const
 Less than ordered by tab,col,row. More...
bool operator<= (const ScAddress &rAddress) const
bool lessThanByRow (const ScAddress &rAddress) const
 Less than ordered by tab,row,col as needed by row-wise import/export. More...
size_t hash () const
OUString GetColRowString () const
 Create a human-readable string representation of the cell address. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ScAddress
enum  Uninitialized { UNINITIALIZED }
enum  InitializeInvalid { INITIALIZE_INVALID }
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ScAddress
static SC_DLLPUBLIC const Details detailsOOOa1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file AccessibleSpreadsheet.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScMyAddress() [1/2]

ScMyAddress::ScMyAddress ( SCCOL  nColP,

Definition at line 38 of file AccessibleSpreadsheet.hxx.

◆ ScMyAddress() [2/2]

ScMyAddress::ScMyAddress ( const ScAddress rAddress)

Definition at line 39 of file AccessibleSpreadsheet.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator<()

bool ScMyAddress::operator< ( const ScMyAddress rAddress) const

Definition at line 41 of file AccessibleSpreadsheet.hxx.

References ScAddress::Col(), and ScAddress::Row().

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