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ScImportStringStream Class Reference

#include <impex.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScImportStringStream (const OUString &rStr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SvMemoryStream
 SvMemoryStream (void *pBuf, std::size_t nSize, StreamMode eMode)
 SvMemoryStream (std::size_t nInitSize=512, std::size_t nResize=64)
virtual ~SvMemoryStream () override
virtual void ResetError () override
sal_uInt64 GetSize ()
std::size_t GetEndOfData () const
const void * GetData ()
void * SwitchBuffer ()
void SetBuffer (void *pBuf, std::size_t nSize, std::size_t nEOF)
void ObjectOwnsMemory (bool bOwn)
void MakeReadOnly ()
void SetResizeOffset (std::size_t nNewResize)
virtual sal_uInt64 TellEnd () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SvStream
 SvStream ()
 SvStream (SvLockBytes *pLockBytes)
virtual ~SvStream ()
SvLockBytesGetLockBytes () const
ErrCode GetError () const
ErrCode const & GetErrorCode () const
void SetError (ErrCode nErrorCode)
virtual void ResetError ()
void SetEndian (SvStreamEndian SvStreamEndian)
SvStreamEndian GetEndian () const
bool IsEndianSwap () const
void SetCompressMode (SvStreamCompressFlags nNewMode)
SvStreamCompressFlags GetCompressMode () const
void SetCryptMaskKey (const OString &rCryptMaskKey)
void SetStreamCharSet (rtl_TextEncoding eCharSet)
rtl_TextEncoding GetStreamCharSet () const
void SetLineDelimiter (LineEnd eLineEnd)
LineEnd GetLineDelimiter () const
SvStreamReadUInt16 (sal_uInt16 &rUInt16)
SvStreamReadUInt32 (sal_uInt32 &rUInt32)
SvStreamReadUInt64 (sal_uInt64 &rUInt64)
SvStreamReadInt16 (sal_Int16 &rInt16)
SvStreamReadInt32 (sal_Int32 &rInt32)
SvStreamReadInt64 (sal_Int64 &rInt64)
SvStreamReadSChar (signed char &rChar)
SvStreamReadChar (char &rChar)
SvStreamReadUChar (unsigned char &rChar)
SvStreamReadUtf16 (sal_Unicode &rUtf16)
SvStreamReadCharAsBool (bool &rBool)
SvStreamReadFloat (float &rFloat)
SvStreamReadDouble (double &rDouble)
SvStreamReadStream (SvStream &rStream)
SvStreamWriteUInt16 (sal_uInt16 nUInt16)
SvStreamWriteUInt32 (sal_uInt32 nUInt32)
SvStreamWriteUInt64 (sal_uInt64 nuInt64)
SvStreamWriteInt16 (sal_Int16 nInt16)
SvStreamWriteInt32 (sal_Int32 nInt32)
SvStreamWriteInt64 (sal_Int64 nInt64)
SvStreamWriteUInt8 (sal_uInt8 nuInt8)
SvStreamWriteUnicode (sal_Unicode)
SvStreamWriteOString (std::string_view rStr)
SvStreamWriteStream (SvStream &rStream)
sal_uInt64 WriteStream (SvStream &rStream, sal_uInt64 nSize)
SvStreamWriteBool (bool b)
SvStreamWriteSChar (signed char nChar)
SvStreamWriteChar (char nChar)
SvStreamWriteUChar (unsigned char nChar)
SvStreamWriteFloat (float nFloat)
SvStreamWriteDouble (const double &rDouble)
SvStreamWriteNumberAsString (N n)
std::size_t ReadBytes (void *pData, std::size_t nSize)
std::size_t WriteBytes (const void *pData, std::size_t nSize)
sal_uInt64 Seek (sal_uInt64 nPos)
sal_uInt64 SeekRel (sal_Int64 nPos)
sal_uInt64 Tell () const
virtual sal_uInt64 TellEnd ()
sal_uInt64 remainingSize ()
void FlushBuffer ()
void Flush ()
bool SetStreamSize (sal_uInt64 nSize)
bool ReadLine (OStringBuffer &rStr, sal_Int32 nMaxBytesToRead=0xFFFE)
bool ReadLine (OString &rStr, sal_Int32 nMaxBytesToRead=0xFFFE)
bool WriteLine (std::string_view rStr)
bool ReadByteStringLine (OUString &rStr, rtl_TextEncoding eSrcCharSet, sal_Int32 nMaxBytesToRead=0xFFFE)
bool WriteByteStringLine (std::u16string_view rStr, rtl_TextEncoding eDestCharSet)
void StartWritingUnicodeText ()
void StartReadingUnicodeText (rtl_TextEncoding eReadBomCharSet)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ReadUniStringLine (OUString &rStr, sal_Int32 nMaxCodepointsToRead)
OUString ReadUniOrByteString (rtl_TextEncoding eSrcCharSet)
SvStreamWriteUniOrByteString (std::u16string_view rStr, rtl_TextEncoding eDestCharSet)
bool ReadUniOrByteStringLine (OUString &rStr, rtl_TextEncoding eSrcCharSet, sal_Int32 nMaxCodepointsToRead=0xFFFE)
bool WriteUnicodeOrByteText (std::u16string_view rStr, rtl_TextEncoding eDestCharSet)
bool WriteUnicodeOrByteText (std::u16string_view rStr)
bool WriteUniOrByteChar (sal_Unicode ch, rtl_TextEncoding eDestCharSet)
bool WriteUniOrByteChar (sal_Unicode ch)
void SetBufferSize (sal_uInt16 m_nBufSize)
sal_uInt16 GetBufferSize () const
void RefreshBuffer ()
bool IsWritable () const
StreamMode GetStreamMode () const
sal_Int32 GetVersion () const
void SetVersion (sal_Int32 n)
bool eof () const
bool bad () const
bool good () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SvMemoryStream
virtual std::size_t GetData (void *pData, std::size_t nSize) override
virtual std::size_t PutData (const void *pData, std::size_t nSize) override
virtual sal_uInt64 SeekPos (sal_uInt64 nPos) override
virtual void SetSize (sal_uInt64 nSize) override
virtual void FlushData () override
void AllocateMemory (std::size_t nSize)
bool ReAllocateMemory (tools::Long nDiff)
void FreeMemory ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SvStream
virtual std::size_t GetData (void *pData, std::size_t nSize)
virtual std::size_t PutData (const void *pData, std::size_t nSize)
virtual sal_uInt64 SeekPos (sal_uInt64 nPos)
virtual void FlushData ()
virtual void SetSize (sal_uInt64 nSize)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ClearError ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ClearBuffer ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE std::size_t CryptAndWriteBuffer (const void *pStart, std::size_t nLen)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void EncryptBuffer (void *pStart, std::size_t nLen) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from SvMemoryStream
std::size_t nSize
std::size_t nResize
std::size_t nPos
std::size_t nEndOfData
bool bOwnsData
- Protected Attributes inherited from SvStream
sal_uInt64 m_nBufFilePos
StreamMode m_eStreamMode
bool m_isWritable

Detailed Description

Definition at line 167 of file impex.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScImportStringStream()

ScImportStringStream::ScImportStringStream ( const OUString &  rStr)

Definition at line 2726 of file impex.cxx.

References getLength(), READ, SvStream::SetEndian(), and SvStream::SetStreamCharSet().

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