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ScImportOptions Class Reference

#include <imoptdlg.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 ScImportOptions (std::u16string_view rStr)
 ScImportOptions (sal_Unicode nFieldSep, sal_Unicode nTextSep, rtl_TextEncoding nEnc)
ScImportOptionsoperator= (const ScImportOptions &rCpy)=default
OUString BuildString () const
void SetTextEncoding (rtl_TextEncoding nEnc)

Public Attributes

sal_Unicode nFieldSepCode
sal_Unicode nTextSepCode
OUString aStrFont
rtl_TextEncoding eCharSet
bool bFixedWidth
bool bSaveAsShown
bool bQuoteAllText
bool bSaveNumberAsSuch
bool bSaveFormulas
bool bRemoveSpace
bool bEvaluateFormulas
bool bIncludeBOM
sal_Int32 nSheetToExport

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file imoptdlg.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScImportOptions() [1/2]

ScImportOptions::ScImportOptions ( std::u16string_view  rStr)

◆ ScImportOptions() [2/2]

ScImportOptions::ScImportOptions ( sal_Unicode  nFieldSep,
sal_Unicode  nTextSep,
rtl_TextEncoding  nEnc 

Definition at line 31 of file imoptdlg.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ BuildString()

OUString ScImportOptions::BuildString ( ) const

◆ operator=()

ScImportOptions & ScImportOptions::operator= ( const ScImportOptions rCpy)

◆ SetTextEncoding()

void ScImportOptions::SetTextEncoding ( rtl_TextEncoding  nEnc)

Definition at line 133 of file imoptdlg.cxx.

References aStrFont, eCharSet, and ScGlobal::GetCharsetString().

Referenced by ScImportOptionsDlg::GetImportOptions().

Member Data Documentation

◆ aStrFont

OUString ScImportOptions::aStrFont

◆ bEvaluateFormulas

bool ScImportOptions::bEvaluateFormulas

Definition at line 54 of file imoptdlg.hxx.

Referenced by BuildString(), and ScImportOptions().

◆ bFixedWidth

bool ScImportOptions::bFixedWidth

◆ bIncludeBOM

bool ScImportOptions::bIncludeBOM

◆ bQuoteAllText

bool ScImportOptions::bQuoteAllText

Definition at line 50 of file imoptdlg.hxx.

Referenced by BuildString(), ScImportOptionsDlg::GetImportOptions(), and ScImportOptions().

◆ bRemoveSpace

bool ScImportOptions::bRemoveSpace

Definition at line 53 of file imoptdlg.hxx.

Referenced by BuildString(), and ScImportOptions().

◆ bSaveAsShown

bool ScImportOptions::bSaveAsShown

◆ bSaveFormulas

bool ScImportOptions::bSaveFormulas

◆ bSaveNumberAsSuch

bool ScImportOptions::bSaveNumberAsSuch

Definition at line 51 of file imoptdlg.hxx.

Referenced by ScDocShell::AsciiSave(), BuildString(), and ScImportOptions().

◆ eCharSet

rtl_TextEncoding ScImportOptions::eCharSet

◆ nFieldSepCode

sal_Unicode ScImportOptions::nFieldSepCode

◆ nSheetToExport

sal_Int32 ScImportOptions::nSheetToExport

Definition at line 58 of file imoptdlg.hxx.

Referenced by BuildString(), ScDocShell::ConvertTo(), and ScImportOptions().

◆ nTextSepCode

sal_Unicode ScImportOptions::nTextSepCode

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