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ScConflictsFinder Class Referencefinal

#include <conflictsdlg.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScConflictsFinder (ScChangeTrack *pTrack, sal_uLong nStartShared, sal_uLong nEndShared, sal_uLong nStartOwn, sal_uLong nEndOwn, ScConflictsList &rConflictsList)
 ~ScConflictsFinder ()
bool Find ()

Private Member Functions

ScConflictsListEntryGetIntersectingEntry (const ScChangeAction *pAction) const
ScConflictsListEntryGetEntry (sal_uLong nSharedAction, const std::vector< sal_uLong > &rOwnActions)

Static Private Member Functions

static bool DoActionsIntersect (const ScChangeAction *pAction1, const ScChangeAction *pAction2)

Private Attributes

sal_uLong mnStartShared
sal_uLong mnEndShared
sal_uLong mnStartOwn
sal_uLong mnEndOwn

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file conflictsdlg.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScConflictsFinder::ScConflictsFinder ( ScChangeTrack pTrack,
sal_uLong  nStartShared,
sal_uLong  nEndShared,
sal_uLong  nStartOwn,
sal_uLong  nEndOwn,
ScConflictsList rConflictsList 

Definition at line 120 of file conflictsdlg.cxx.

ScConflictsFinder::~ScConflictsFinder ( )

Definition at line 131 of file conflictsdlg.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

bool ScConflictsFinder::DoActionsIntersect ( const ScChangeAction pAction1,
const ScChangeAction pAction2 

Definition at line 135 of file conflictsdlg.cxx.

References ScChangeAction::GetBigRange(), and ScBigRange::Intersects().

Referenced by Find(), and GetIntersectingEntry().

bool ScConflictsFinder::Find ( )
ScConflictsListEntry & ScConflictsFinder::GetEntry ( sal_uLong  nSharedAction,
const std::vector< sal_uLong > &  rOwnActions 
ScConflictsListEntry * ScConflictsFinder::GetIntersectingEntry ( const ScChangeAction pAction) const

Definition at line 140 of file conflictsdlg.cxx.

References DoActionsIntersect(), ScChangeTrack::GetAction(), mpTrack, and mrConflictsList.

Referenced by GetEntry().

Member Data Documentation

sal_uLong ScConflictsFinder::mnEndOwn

Definition at line 76 of file conflictsdlg.hxx.

Referenced by Find().

sal_uLong ScConflictsFinder::mnEndShared

Definition at line 74 of file conflictsdlg.hxx.

Referenced by Find().

sal_uLong ScConflictsFinder::mnStartOwn

Definition at line 75 of file conflictsdlg.hxx.

Referenced by Find().

sal_uLong ScConflictsFinder::mnStartShared

Definition at line 73 of file conflictsdlg.hxx.

Referenced by Find().

ScChangeTrack* ScConflictsFinder::mpTrack

Definition at line 72 of file conflictsdlg.hxx.

Referenced by Find(), GetEntry(), and GetIntersectingEntry().

ScConflictsList& ScConflictsFinder::mrConflictsList

Definition at line 77 of file conflictsdlg.hxx.

Referenced by Find(), GetEntry(), and GetIntersectingEntry().

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